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Good research paper introduction paragraph

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Writing an Introduction for a Psychology Research Paper

Best practices for writing the introduction of an APA-style empirical paper.

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Good research paper introduction paragraph

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bush george resume Tuesday August 3, 2004 - 22:35. Good Research Introduction? Past work experience: Ran for congress and lost. Produced a Hollywood slasher B movie. Bought an oil company, but couldn#8217;t find any oil in Texas, company went bankrupt shortly after he sold all his stock. Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using tax-payer money. Biggest move: Traded Sammy Sosa to Chicago.

With fathers help (and his name) was elected Governor of Texas. Accomplishments: Changed pollution laws for power and oil companies and on science and society and the brain, made Texas the most polluted state in America. Replaced Los Angeles with Houston as the most smog-ridden city in the U.S. Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas government to the tune of billions in borrowed money. Set record for research most executions by any Governor in American history. Accomplishments as president: First president in US history to enter office with a criminal record.

In his first two years in office over 2 million Americans lost their job. Research Paper Topics? Members of good Bush cabinet are the essays and society artistic and the brain, richest administration in history. (the #8217;poorest#8217; multi-millionaire, Condoleeza Rice has a Chevron oil tanker named after her). Spent the surplus and good research paper introduction paragraph, bankrupted the brainstorming worksheet, treasury. Shattered record for biggest annual deficit in good history. Set economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period. Set all-time record for biggest drop in the history of the teaching argumentative essay esl, stock market. Good Research Paper Introduction? First year in office set the all-time record for most days on vacation by any president in US history. After taking the entire month of August off for essays on guns vacation, presided over good research paper paragraph the worst security failure in US history.

Cut unemployment benefits for more out of work Americans than any president in US history. Set the all-time record for most foreclosures in a 12 month period. Appointed more convicted criminals to administration positions than any president in US history. Signed more laws and executive orders amending the Constitution than any president in US history. Cut healthcare benefits for war veterans. Dissolved more international treaties than any president in artistic creativity and the brain US history. Good Research Paragraph? Presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the world. Set the all-time record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any president in US history. Of Pages In A Research Paper? Withdrew from the World Court of Law.

Refused to allow inspectors access to US prisoners of war and by default no longer abide by the Geneva Conventions. First president in research introduction US history to refuse United Nations election inspectors (during the 2002 US elections). All-time US (and world) record holder for most corporate campaign donations. Order In A Research? First president in US history to unilaterally attack a sovereign nation against the will of the good introduction, United Nations and the world community. Different Paper Topics? First president to run and hide when the US came under attack (and then lied saying the enemy had the code to Air Force 1) First US president to establish a secret shadow government. Took the biggest world sympathy for the US after 911, and in less than a year made the US the most resented country in the world (possibly the biggest diplomatic failure in US and world history). Fist US president in history to have a majority of the people of Europe (71%) view his presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and stability.

Changed US policy to allow convicted criminals to be awarded government contracts. Set all-time record for number of administration appointees who violated US law by not selling huge investments in corporations bidding for government contracts. Good Research Paper Introduction? Failed to fulfill pledge to get Osama Bin Laden #8217;dead or alive#8217;. Failed to essays on guns, capture the anthrax killer who tried to murder the leaders of our country at good introduction the United States Capitol building. After 18 months there are no leads or suspects. In the 18 months following the on science brain, 911 attacks he has successfully prevented any public investigation into the biggest security failure in the history of the United States. Entered office with the good research, strongest economy in US history and in less than two years turned every single economic category heading straight down. Paper Term Term Topic? Records and References: At least one conviction for drunk driving in Maine (Texas driving record has been erased and is not available). AWOL from National Guard and Deserted the military during a time of war. Refuse to take drug test or even answer any questions about paper introduction paragraph, drug use. All records of tenure as governor of different research Texas have been spirited away to his fathers library, sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.

Tuesday August 3 - 23:48 - Posted by 5e8bf5468449d500. The AWOL and deserter bits are getting more interesting. Raw Story ( has been performing ongoing coverage that is getting more and more revealing. Good Introduction? Wednesday August 4 - 09:37 - Posted by different paper, 1cd424c0cc70d3f7. And the American people are split 50/50 on his rehire. You have to leave this country. and listen those all over the world Who know and understand our idiot. Actually I#8217;m staying to defeat The Monkey. Wednesday August 4 - 18:56 - Posted by 7e50ba99a3b02972.

To the paper introduction paragraph, 71% of essays on guns Europeans that believe Bush is the biggest threat: ask the thousands of families in Iraq and Afghanistan who lived under a brutal regime for decades, have family members in mass graves that are no longer being filled, and live in relative squalor due the good research paper paragraph, hording of their countries wealth by their leaders if Bush is different research a threat. He is their reason for hope. Hope of a government that has the interest of the people at heart. France has no legitimate complaints. Their complicity with Iraq reminds me of their cowardice, barring the underground movement, during WWII. It is well known of the financial dealings with Saddam#8217;s Iraq knowing full well of the sanctions in place put there by their beloved UN. Who has France ever liberated? Who has the UN for that matter without the help of the US military?

So, please, concentrate on research introduction your own shortcomings before delving into the realm of real democratic, free societies. Is France still barring the wearing of muslim headwear? Hypocrisy at its finest. Oh, and by the way, you#8217;re welcome. It is because of the US that you are not speaking German right now. Wednesday August 4 - 20:19 - Posted by order of pages in a, 7138ae5c8f0cdb6c. Sheesh. No wonder Americans are perceived as rude. They are. ^^^ Wednesday August 4 - 20:59 - Posted by 7e50ba99a3b02972.

To: Sheesh. No wonder Americans are perceived as rude. Good Paper Introduction? They are. On Science Creativity? ^^^ Where was I rude. Read the other posts and research introduction, see the words idiot, monkey, retarded, stupid, lazy-ass, etc. I made my point without the use of pejorative terms, which seem to be the stock in trade of the progressives Wednesday August 4 - 21:20 - Posted by 7138ae5c8f0cdb6c. Essays Artistic? Your attack should have been based wholly on the dems and libs. Instead you also chose to attack the French as a people.

You#8217;re way off base and completely out of good introduction paragraph line. Essays And Society Brain? Like most compassionate conservatives. Put that in your pipe and good introduction, smoke it. Thursday August 5 - 02:17 - Posted by 061ee47432b69443. Going to paper term term topic, war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion. I would rather have a German division in front of good paragraph me than a French one behind me. #8212; General George S. Patton. As far as I#8217;m concerned, war always means failure #8212; Jacques Chirac, President of France. As far as France is concerned, you#8217;re right. The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee. The last time the of pages in a research, French asked for #8217;more proof#8217; it came marching into Paris under a German flag.

I don#8217;t know why people are surprised that France won#8217;t help us get Saddam out of Iraq. After all, France wouldn#8217;t help us get the Germans out of introduction paragraph France! Going to war without France is like going duck hunting without your accordian #8212; Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense. The only way the French are going in essays on guns is if we tell them we found truffles in Iraq. French troops arrived in Afghanistan last week and not a minute too soon: the French are acting as advisers to the remaining Taliban, to teach them how to surrender properly. Good Research? They#8217;ve taken their own precautions against al-Qa#8217;ida. To prepare for an attack, each Frenchman is urged to keep duct tape, a white flag, and a three-day supply of mistresses in the house.

What do you expect from different research paper a culture and good research paper paragraph, a nation that exerted more of on science and society artistic brain its national will fighting against DisneyWorld and Big Macs than against the Nazis? After what they say was an exhaustive investigation, the research introduction, Defense Minister of France said today that Osama bin Laden is either still in hiding in Afghanistan, he may have escaped to Pakistan, or he may be dead. Hey, France, thanks a lot. Custom Paper Paper Term Term Topic? We#8217;ll take it from here. Hard to research paper paragraph, believe they were invaded twice. Essays On Science And Society Artistic? - Thursday August 5 - 02:21 - Posted by 061ee47432b69443. The Complete Military History of France. Gallic Wars - Lost. In a war whose ending foreshadows the next 2000 years of French history, France is conquered by of all things, an introduction paragraph Italian. Hundred Years War - Mostly lost, saved at last by female schizophrenic who inadvertently creates The First Rule of French Warfare; France#8217;s armies are victorious only when not led by a Frenchman. Italian Wars - Lost.

France becomes the persuasive essay worksheet, first and only country to good introduction, ever lose two wars when fighting Italians. Wars of of pages Religion - France goes 0-5-4 against the Huguenots. Good Paragraph? Thirty Years War - France is worksheet technically not a participant, but manages to get invaded anyway. Claims a tie on the basis that eventually the other participants started ignoring her. Good Paragraph? War of Devolution - Tied.

Frenchmen take to wearing red flowerpots as chapeaux. Custom Paper Paper Term? The Dutch War - Tied. War of the Augsburg League/King William#8217;s War/French and Indian War - Lost, but claimed as a tie. Three ties in a row induces deluded Frogophiles the world over to label the period as the height of French military power. War of the Spanish Succession - Lost. Paragraph? The War also gave the persuasive essay brainstorming, French their first taste of a Marlborough, which they have loved every since. American Revolution - In a move that will become quite familiar to future Americans, France claims a win even though the English colonists saw far more action. This is research introduction later known as de Gaulle Syndrome, and leads to the Second Rule of French Warfare; France only wins when America does most of the fighting. French Revolution - Won, primarily due the fact that the opponent was also French.

The Napoleonic Wars - Lost. Temporary victories (remember the First Rule!) due to teaching, leadership of a Corsican, who ended up being no match for a British footwear designer. The Franco-Prussian War - Lost. Germany first plays the role of good research introduction drunk Frat boy to France#8217;s ugly girl home alone on essays on guns a Saturday night. World War I - Tied and on the way to losing, France is saved by the United States. Thousands of French women find out what it#8217;s like to not only good research paper introduction sleep with a winner, but one who doesn#8217;t call her Fraulein. Sadly, widespread use of on science artistic and the brain condoms by American forces forestalls any improvement in the French bloodline. World War II - Lost. Conquered French liberated by the United States and Britain just as they finish learning the Horst Wessel Song. War in Indochina - Lost.

French forces plead sickness, take to bed with the Dien Bien Flu. Algerian Rebellion - Lost. Loss marks the first defeat of paper paragraph a western army by a Non-Turkic Muslim force since the Crusades, and custom paper paper term topic, produces the good paper introduction paragraph, First Rule of Muslim Warfare; We can always beat the French. This rule is identical to the First Rules of the Italians, Russians, Germans, English, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese and Esquimaux. War on Terrorism - France, keeping in mind its recent history, surrenders to Germans and Muslims just to be safe. Attempts to surrender to Vietnamese ambassador fail after he takes refuge in a McDonald#8217;s.

Let#8217;s face it. When it comes to war, France gets rolled more often than a Parisian prostitute with a visible mustache. Monday August 9 - 05:06 - Posted by 540500cf2fedfc48. Ho Hum, yes french bashing in typicaly unsophisticated and paper paper term topic, myopic style, people in glass houses mate. Good? when losing hand over fist it makes no sense to be critical but rather pays to be humble, u know that word? humble? and topics, yes im afraid losing you are. again. smart bombs, dumb war. Saturday August 7 - 06:32 - Posted by good research paper introduction, 8668bf432e14e216. IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK AND QUACKS LIKE A DUCK .. WE CALL IT A DUCK AND BUSH IS A LAME DUCK GOING DOWN. Thursday August 5 - 04:48 - Posted by 63d1bef4e62602ad. and essays on science and the brain, if it wasnt for FRANCE america would still be a BRITISH commonwealth . if your going to paper paragraph, quote history do it right. Thursday August 5 - 08:53 - Posted by bca18d97c945f351.

It is time for the French to elect a President who can once again regain the respect of the world. Custom Paper Term Term Topic? Because of good paper paragraph his stubborn position on the Iraq war Jacques Chirac has proved that he is not a leader who can be trusted. A majority of Frenchmen now think he lied about Iraq. Many Americans hate us, said Pierre (not his real name) a foreign exchange student living in Alabama, They laugh at us and say we are stupid, like Jerry Lewis. I want to be proud of our country once again. Order In A Research Paper? Wine sales are down because of Chirac! He is a fool. said Adrienne, an research unemployed wine merchant. Research? Many French people now wish their president had been bold enough to good research introduction, withstand the pressure from Germany and support the English and American liberation effort.

Iraq will soon be a wonderful place, and we cant go there and not remember what we have done.said Didiere. We are once again called #8217;frogs#8217; and worse by our friends, the Americans. after all, they liberated us, the least we could do is help them liberate the Iraqi people. Not everyone is in agreement however, several film stars and musicians have staunchly supported President Jacques Chirac. The ARM (Americans Are Mean) is a group of French artists who have banded together to order of pages research paper, support their struggling leader. We did the right thing in Iraq, Saddam was a nice man who gave candy to children. Maurice Moore a filmaker who loves candy, stated, People say that Jacques Chirac had financial ties with Saddam, but it is clearly the conspiratorial ravings of the good research paper paragraph, ignorant masses. Whatever side the French take however, France is in teaching esl trouble. Research Paper Introduction? No longer the superpower it once was, it has lost the prestige and honor it once commanded on research the world stage. Throughout France one can now find bumper stickers on Fiats an Renaults which say Chirac is a Sissy Poodle

Is there anything more foolish that a country that builds a Supercarrier class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier that can not go fast enough to launch airplanes? LOL. Thursday August 5 - 13:47 - Posted by paper introduction, 3a16e7ed44ac1da5. I am from Europe ,living in essay brainstorming Canada,(ESL).It is obvious to the World that Bush is threat for the World peace.Your country has played significant part in the Second World War but also taken many benefits after that.It is easy to good paper, support Bush if ones house is not burning and someones elses children are dying for a program blood for oil. Preemptive wars guided by Mr. Bush and his Advisers are helping terrorists organizations like Al Quida to term term, get more power and influence in the Muslim world.We are dealing now with escalation of terror.Talking about mass graves ,they are still being filled,Bosnia,Rwanda,and Im afraid more is to follow.And please stop using that cynic word liberated.Ask people in Iraq,(not the pupet goverment),have they been liberated, or taken out of their homes at night,bombed on their wedings,tortured in prisons etc.I am not French but I dont think that French are cowards like you say,it is paper introduction absurd to call milions of people cowards.I think they thank US for on science and society creativity and the 1944 but they dont want to participate in a war that is not justified.And many other countries do the same.Remember ,Germans were mad at good research paper paragraph Italians for IIWW. They have called them cowards. I want to see Bush go but I dont think that comming elections are going to change lot .He may go but people that are responsible for long term policy will stay invisible for us, to continue.They are playing good cop,bad cop with voters every 4 or 8 years in US already for a long time.Money talks,we just cant hear it.I dont travel to US .I dont want to feel like criminal being fingerprinted,questioned,photographed. as a tourist.I hope that American voters are going to vote smart,so that can change. Thursday August 5 - 19:21 - Posted by 3deed749703ad130.

Here, here! I totally agree. Mind your own country#8217;s business and most of alll, get your stinking facts straight. Essays On Guns? Saturday August 7 - 02:55 - Posted by 5155d2a7cb08e5f0. Research Paper Introduction Paragraph? ask the thousands of families in Iraq and Afghanistan who lived under a brutal regime for decades, have family members in essays on science brain mass graves that are no longer being filled, and good introduction, live in relative squalor due the hording of their countries wealth by their leaders if Bush is a threat. Different Research? He is their reason for hope. Hope of a government that has the interest of the people at heart. They have been asked in several polls conducted by the US govt. and 80%plus view America as occupiers, not liberators. and 59% want them out.. even though they say they would be less safe. 90% feel the Americans are NOT protecting them.

Wednesday August 11 - 22:30 - Posted by 6fc5259042c8fe79. Oh, Yes all those families in good research introduction Afganistan, must be truely happy that instead of the Taliban tormenting and killing them they now have a new set of American supported warlards doing it instead and brainstorming worksheet, any semplence of an infrastructure that they once had is good research introduction now completely destroyed. As for the iraq#8217;s, they must be truely happy! they have replaced a failing infrastructure and a brutal dictator, with a destroyed infrastructure Literally tens of paper paper term term topic thousands of paper introduction collateral deaths and more continue mayhem, murder and torture at the hands of their liberators and foriegn terrorists. And to that a pupet government for a people who veiw them as savages. Better off indeed! So yes you 71% of europeans think of how much better the lives of thousands of families in Iraq and Afganistan! I would also add that the united states is essays on guns not a democracy, If it was we would have a different president right now.

And a free society? Stem cell research ban, Anti-Gay marriage constiutional amdements, the orwellian Patriot Act. Let#8217;s not start rating how free our societies are. Wednesday August 4 - 13:28 - Posted by 061ee47432b69443. In spite of all this, Bush will be re-elected. Deep down the research, American people know that they can trust Bush to protect them for increasing threat from terrorists. Wednesday August 4 - 15:53 - Posted by 7138ae5c8f0cdb6c. Bush will *not* be re-elected. Republicans will vote in normal numbers this November. Lazy, ass-sitting, never-voted-in-my-life, Bush-haters, however, will show up at the polls in DROVES to vote this numb nut out of custom paper paper term term topic office in 2004. The GOP will be very sad, while the rest of research paragraph America will rejoice.

Mark my words, the incumbent will be unseated, deservedly so. Wednesday August 4 - 16:14 - Posted by 69f546ef0646bd51. Kerry does not stand a chance. Order Of Pages In A? He got no bounce from the convention, and introduction, is faring worse at this stage of the game than Dukakis did. Anybody but Bush is not going to essays on guns, get him elected. Wednesday August 4 - 16:25 - Posted by 7138ae5c8f0cdb6c. I think you mean Bush is faring worse at this stage of the game than any US President in history. I#8217;m sorry, but your boys are already losing. Good Luck this November! Thursday August 5 - 17:06 - Posted by bb0ccd2ef4db498d. Kerry does not stand a chance.

He got no bounce from the convention, and is faring worse at paper introduction paragraph this stage of the game than Dukakis did. Essays And The? Is it possible that part of what contributed to the lack of bounce from the convention has more to do with a) only 8% in this country are lazy and stupid enough not to have made up their minds yet and probably were watching anything else but the news or convention coverage, and b) Tom Ridge quashed the potential for good paragraph any bounce by argumentative essay esl, coming out with an elevated terror alert based primarily on data from introduction paragraph BEFORE 9-11? How can the Right#8217;s pundits continue to essays on science and society creativity, claim that the good paper introduction, Left is politicizing our nation#8217;s security when Bush#8217;s campaign is essay worksheet based almost entirely on his making us safer from terror than Kerry could and tax cuts? If you needed more proof that the Right are the ones capitalizing on good paper our fears and the War on Terror, how about research paper, Tom Ridge coming right out and saying in his announcement that the paper paragraph, recent Terror Alert (right after the Dems convention) is essay brainstorming based on information resulting from Bush#8217;s leadership. You can call Dean a hysteric, but every time there is something negative in the news about Bush, like Tenet resigning, we get a terror alert.

Bush gets to play both cards, that he has made us safer than anyone else could, but not safe enough to consider not voting for research introduction paragraph him in the fall. Give me a break. This election isn#8217;t a referandum on Bush#8217;s stupdity, but our own. And by essays on guns, the way, the Democratic Platform is a lot bigger than anybody but Bush. Sure, the Right Wing talk show voices on the radio would like to make you think that, but I#8217;m not going to good, be voting against Bush, but rather against his policies and for custom paper paper topic topic the basic planks of the democratic party. Thursday August 5 - 04:29 - Posted by b92d76ef159ff0a1. how can you dumbocraps ever get a breath of introduction fresh air you must haveyour head so far up the orfice .beliving in kerry is like beliving in the tooth should rush out and buy the new band aid its called the flip flop a purple heart on one side and a medal of honor on essays the other. good for covering small cuts. three purple hearts bull he put in for them himself.

Saturday August 7 - 06:37 - Posted by 8668bf432e14e216. APPARENTLY YOU WERE NOT IN THE MILATARY EITHER LIKE YOUR FATHER BUSH. THESE MEDALS ARE EARNED AND GIVEN - NOT PUT IN FOR AND RECIEVED. BETTER A FLIP FLOP THAN A FLOP FLOP . Tuesday August 10 - 23:44 - Posted by 3e0160029bb45bfc. Perfect example of a naive republican. Bush and the boys have stolen hundreds of billions with the huge tax cuts for the rich they are the paper paragraph, richest bunch ever in the Whitehouse . They#8217;re raping the environment , invaded the wrong country Iraq instead of Afganistan and are a bunch of cowards who never served in the military but who send poor men and essays on guns, women to fight to make themselves richer from Iraq.

Wise up and educate yourself. Wednesday August 11 - 22:44 - Posted by 6fc5259042c8fe79. Yes, I would much rather have a guy who used his daddies name to get out of fighting at good research introduction all, and then didn#8217;t even bother to do that right. Wednesday August 4 - 18:56 - Posted by 7c9acd3110a20891. Wednesday August 4 - 22:36 - Posted by faaa36c5c7b3e74f. The only threat of order of pages paper terrorists is from the research introduction paragraph, present administration. Yes America wants a change but still money rules and the Republicans. wrap themselves with money.

We now have lost our media after the convention. coverage was one sided to the right. Shame on paper paper paper term term CNN. Wednesday August 4 - 22:42 - Posted by 8b5b5c41bfc89ac5. Good Paper Introduction Paragraph? I cringe for the future of my sad, blind nation. I can#8217;t do it for another 4 years. Everywhere I go I meet people whom our right wing media and paper, the administrations propaganda machine have convinced that Bush has done a great job and research introduction, is a great president. I hope that the nation will come to its senses in November and we can begin the long and dificult process of repairing what he has ruined. However, there is a dark premonition that tells me that the prosperous, peacful, and powerful days of this country are behind us. It tells me that Bush will be re-elected and our national discourse will be pushed further to the right. It tells me our civil liberties will be gradually limited in the name of the war on essays on guns terror and the wealth of good paper introduction this once great nation will be furthur consolidated into the hands of the new aristocracy.

I fervently pray that I am wrong. God help us all if I am right. Essays On Guns? Thursday August 5 - 06:14 - Posted by 90dfa6434512dd99. I wonder if there will be an increase in the number of Americans immigrating to Canada if Bush steals the election again. Good Research Paper Paragraph? I question the legality of the current presidency. If the naughty, little boy from Texas and Dark Vader are re-elected, then we will be living the dire predictions of 1984. Mind control will be a thing of the order of pages in a research paper, present while King George II pushes the clock back, depriving the people of hard-won liberties and good research paper introduction paragraph, rights. Essay Esl? Thursday August 5 - 17:57 - Posted by 8b5b5c41bfc89ac5. I#8217;m definitely considering immigration if Bush wins re-election.

I don#8217;t want to leave my home, but if this nation can#8217;t see why another 4 years of paragraph this nightmare is unaccepable, I don#8217;t know if I can continue to be a part of it. Thursday August 5 - 19:25 - Posted by 3deed749703ad130. Why would Americans want to teaching essay, go to Canada? Haven#8217;t you heard idiot, Canada is on the verge of becoming another Islamic country. Check out your news why don#8217;t you. Islam wants to rule your country too! Wake up you idiots. Tuesday August 10 - 19:08 - Posted by 8b5b5c41bfc89ac5.

Wow, that#8217;s amazing. Here I thought it was only the introduction, radical extremists followers of Islam that wanted us dead. Now that I know that it#8217;s all Islamic people involved in custom paper term term term a massive and effective conspiracy to take over the world, I#8217;ll certainly vote for Bush out of fear for research introduction my safety and religious values. I was going to go to Canada because I have always read that their public policy leaned toward prudence and essays on guns, tollerance rather than reactionary religious values, they are committed to universal health care, and they don#8217;t have an imperialist agenda for global affairs. But now that I know about all the evil Islamic people waiting to paper, attack me when I cross the border, I have a renewed sense of patriotism which can only manifest itself in unquestioning support for George Bush. Thank you, kind sir, for opening my eyes.

Wednesday August 11 - 00:07 - Posted by 3e0160029bb45bfc. Who#8217;s the persuasive essay worksheet, idiot? I am Canadian and this country is not on paper paragraph the verge of becoming an Islamic country. Tune in to PBS or the CBC and get yor facts straight. Ignorance is not bliss! As a Christian I am apalled at the so called Christian Right in America. There is becoming little difference between them and the rulers of Iran.

They have removed themselves so far from the teachings of Christ. Blessed are the peacemakers , not war mongers! Wednesday August 11 - 22:42 - Posted by 6fc5259042c8fe79. Verge of an Islamic country? Are you really that stupid. The largest Minority group in Canada by a huge margin are the Chinese. They make up 3.5% of the population. Not Asians, but Chinese! If anything it is essay going to be a godless socialist republic. If you add in good research paper introduction paragraph all asians the number jobs to persuasive essay, 10% of the population, dwarfing all other miorities by huge margins.

In contrast only paper paragraph .9% or 256,000 candians are musliom. Essays On Guns? I think you off by a order of magnitude. Wednesday August 4 - 19:07 - Posted by 7c9acd3110a20891. hi. Good Research Paper Introduction? yeah I am the teaching argumentative esl, peron who said bullcrap. and i wsa saying it to the idiots who are still defending bush. and what the hell are they doing on this site anyway? makes you wonder if theyre eally retarded or jsut plain stupid. and thats who is defending the republican party. lmao! Thursday August 5 - 02:34 - Posted by 061ee47432b69443. If you only listen to those who agree with you, you will never know the truth. Years ago, I remember people everywhere were saying, I don#8217;t know anyone who voted for Nixon. This was after Nixon won by a landslide. Research Paper Introduction Paragraph? We are just trying to argumentative essay, prepare you for November 3. After that you just be one of those people who say,I don#8217;t know anyone who voted for Bush. Introduction? Widen you circle of argumentative essay esl friends. You might learn something. Wednesday August 4 - 22:34 - Posted by 011a0e3da3926d84.

Hmm.. Research Paper? No sources listed for in a research these assertions. No worries. clearly they were gleaned from the latest offering from Micheal Moore. People say France is a beautiful place. Maybe after the paragraph, election those who dislike Bush will relocate to France, where they can enjoy wine, cheese and essays artistic, Bush-bashing all day long. Wednesday August 4 - 22:56 - Posted by 7e50ba99a3b02972. So now that there is a largely American to French debate. Lets think romantically about some real world, if not historically accurate debate. Lets talk about research paper introduction, Le Perspective de la Francais.

Your 19th century Imperial Ruler was a Megalomanic at its finest. Teaching? But the word most often used to describe the current United States president, in Eastern Europe, is good research introduction Megalomaniac. In A Research Paper? It seems to me that Napoleon never liberated anyone, let alone did not learn from history in general, and paper, still marched his troops into the Alps. More people died from your revered dictators lack of different judgement, than Bush has ever been at fault for killing. Can we suffice to say that we live in a largely globaly dramatic world climate?

I think that Colonial America and France had a disagreement about the same time as the Declaration of Independence. Two countries that differ largely in political perspective, should have enough sense to take into account the research introduction, short falls of their own country, rather than crossing the Atlantic to stir up a debate that is ultimately nowhere near the control. And to whomever said that Americans were rude- Never in all of my life, have I completely offended someone in America from France that did not speak my language. But I seem to recall walking under L#8217;arc De Triumphe and being completely amazed at how poorly, I as an essays on guns American was received. Paragraph? So when the day comes that the world needs help, and esl, once again, the research introduction paragraph, French hold their pacifism in the name of essays on guns Honor, Love and Arrogance.

Recall that the earlier comment is ultimately true, you aren#8217;t speaking German now thanks to June 6th, 1944. Lets remember all of the american Lives that were lost saving a people, who ultimately have no respect for paper the countries that liberated them. But I digress, no one will answer this with real debate, only essays and society creativity brain with a remark to speak of good paper introduction paragraph how rude I am. Wednesday August 4 - 23:49 - Posted by 8b5b5c41bfc89ac5. I am constantly amazed when Americans (from whom I find myself increasingly alienated) reach back into history to WWII to justify all subsequent imperialist foreign policy decisions. Their arguement seems to be: We helped Europe in 1944, so they should shut up and go along with whatever we say from now on. Let me spare everyone the esl, debate and agree that every nation currently in power has some blemishes in its past. Unfortunately these same Americans who point to Normandy as the shining proof of America#8217;s righteousness also seem to be able to introduction paragraph, convince themselves that the paper topics, USA has been on the side of goodness and truth in every foriegn policy decision since. My advice: It#8217;s not worth trying to show them the truth. They#8217;re blinded by years of propaganda and jingoist history that props up their ideology. Good Introduction? Thursday August 5 - 00:16 - Posted by 4d1259a9fd06c5ad.

It#8217;s no wonder that Republicans are already losing this election. Historically, they#8217;ve been able to stay on message and clobber the Dems by forceful unity of their core beliefs. But this time around, as illustrated by a couple of zealous posters here today, they#8217;re skirting issues by citing a largely American to French debate and any other pie in the sky thing they can think of apparently so as not to have to defend Mr. Bush#8217;s lousy record. Please try and focus on what matters here, that is Mr. Bush#8217;s lousy record. Thursday August 5 - 04:27 - Posted by persuasive essay brainstorming, fe629e99638fce5e. Consider the REALITY that FASCISM, with our stupid American cowboy grinning aggression, has installed itself NOT BY CHANCE, but by a century of careful and RUTHLESS strategizing. into the WHITE Haus with a supremacy even HITLER would have envied!

As a US military veteran, we#8217;ve long been warning the world, our fellow American are asleep under the paper paragraph, wheels of the NAZI COWBOYS from Texas, the same who assassinated JFK, who launched countless wars in the Americas, in Asia, who jam their OIL and DRUGS down our throats, who named the CIA HeadQuarter GEorge Bush Center for Intelligence (damned OxyMorons from Hell!). Not a metaphor, no--- ACTUAL NeoNazism (call the National Security state Nasi if you like) with the OLD Prescott/Kaiser/Reich investors having gotten their rotten wishes fulfilled from their (still active) communities in Austria, Bolivia, Argentina. Now the essays on guns, Nazis have overshadowed any rational discussion with hatred and bombings, beating the citizens into good research introduction, a dull submission thanks to paper paper term topic, their overlords like Aussie media czar Murdoch. Abandon hope, all who have been dragged through the gates of Hell in the bombed out craters of Babylon. their demons have been fed and unleashed to trash your world. Roman Eagles screaming fro fresh flesh and flames as the coins drop in paragraph countless video blasters.

Thursday August 5 - 06:02 - Posted by 90dfa6434512dd99. Here is a poem I wrote about W. TODAY, W WAS ENRAPT, FINALLY, HE HAD CRAPPED. Persuasive Essay Brainstorming? BREAKING WIND, HE SCARED THE DOW; A JOBLESS RECOVERY WAS IT FOR NOW. HE RAVED ABOUT THE GDP; THE TOILET WAS OUTSOURCING, HEE-HEE!

Thursday August 5 - 06:39 - Posted by 90dfa6434512dd99. I have long thought that the greatest threat to world security is sitting in the White House. Sadam Hussein did not maim and murder as many Iraqis as Bush did. Theoretically, Bush should be launching preemptive strikes all over the globe to wipe out good paper introduction, dictatorships. Essays? Where are the WMD? What about introduction, N. Custom Paper Paper? Korea? No oil and a disciplined (if famished) army.

Mr. Bush wouldn#8217;t dare attack N. Good Research Paper Introduction Paragraph? Korea. Only a bully attacks someone that is weaker. Iraq is weaker and it has oil! Thursday August 5 - 10:14 - Posted by 9aee5665172f3e98. Goodness, that was a long winded diatribe of of unfounded facts and baised opinion taken from a completly askew angle.

Take for instance Presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the essays on guns, world. He makes it seem that Bush was in charge of the companies and good paper introduction, there misdeads, when in truth, their crimes far preceeded the Bush presidency. It all started well into the Clinton erea and argumentative essay esl, even into Bush#8217;s fathers. So in good paper introduction fact, it was Bush#8217;s team that recoginised the transgressors. And from which crediable resourse comes the teaching argumentative, statement Estlablish a shadow government? In all my countless hours of good paragraph listing to NPR I have heard nothing. Are we refering to the Department of Homeland Security and of pages research, Tom Ridge?

The same department that was today criticised for being to good introduction paragraph, open with the reason for raising the alert level in New Your security? I must say, with all our these unfounded facts and figures this person must make a full time job out of finding anything, reguardless of how befudled, out of debasing this one indivudal. I have sceen psyco thrillers about guys like this. Finally, being a huge Sammy Sosa fan, let us all remember that durring his time with the Texas Rangers, He sucked! Thursday August 5 - 16:21 - Posted by 7138ae5c8f0cdb6c. I must say, with all our these unfounded facts and argumentative esl, figures this person must make a full time job out of finding anything, reguardless of paper how befudled, out of debasing this one indivudal.

I have sceen psyco thrillers about guys like this. This Republican started out okay, debating a couple of essays and society artistic creativity points with a hint of intelligence, but I think they got tired or frustrated when faced with the task of really having to defend the bulk of research paragraph their president#8217;s record. So instead, they resorted to calling the person someone who must make a full time job out of finding anything, reguardless [sic] of how befudled [sic], out of debasing this one indivudal [sic]. Custom Paper Paper Topic Topic? And then they basically said whoever would write this, is a psyco [sic]. GOPers In supporting Bush, you MUST SAY WHY you are supporting him to have an effective argument. This resume is definitely inflammatory, but if you honestly feel it is unfounded, you MUST ALSO go out on the world-wide-web and find some facts that support your arguement that what has been written, is not true. Otherwise, you will continue to look paranoid, defensive, and uninformed.

Now, real fact-finding would be a good exercise for copy and paste posters, unlike my buddy (way up there ^^^) who still seems intent on bashing the French point of view rather than actually defending his president. Friday August 6 - 04:30 - Posted by b6ea3d04b69a4b7d. Rumor has it that George W. Good Research Paper Introduction? Bush suffers from teaching essay a severe case of research cerebral hemorrhoids. Saturday August 7 - 21:41 - Posted by ec6550ec71f410f7. This Resume has been debunked on different research paper topics the internet here: Thursday August 5 - 17:03 - Posted by 8b0c89bb092d6f78. Go take a peek at a website a friend of good paper paragraph mine started, He is sincerely interested in loyal Bush supporters opinions. Our country is on science and the divided and is spreading our internal conflict throughout the good paragraph, rest of the world. Four years ago, when Bush was elected, I had hope that he would be a good president.

I voted for order in a research Gore, but was ambivalent about the good research paper introduction, election overall. My husband#8217;s job was secure, my kids school was doing great and the country was not at war. Since then, everything has changed - my husband narrowly dodged a lay off last week (his company has laid off 25,000 in the last two years) and he had to lay off a guy under him earlier this week. Many of the lay offs were due to positions being shifted to India. My property taxes have gone up dramatically to keep my kids school from essay worksheet having class sizes above the state guidelines and to keep from laying off teachers. Iraq has simply not gone well.

The arguments trying to justify our invasion have crumbled during our occupancy of the country. Yesterday I read an article about how Sadr City#8217;s water supply is contaminated and causing rampant cases of typhoid and good research paper, Hepatitis E. Ask a parent of a child who has just died from persuasive brainstorming contaminated water how liberated they are feeling today. You are obviously a politically involved person and more well informed than myself. I am just a suburban housewife and good paper, mother of three. However, the fact that someone like me is order of pages in a paper writing in a response should be a wake up call to the Bush campaign. Bush#8217;s resume does not sound appealing to me and I will not vote for him. Friday August 6 - 21:15 - Posted by c6a95a65b2af158a. Wow, Interesting Resume, just follow the money and learn. Has anyone looked into where the money came to research paper paragraph, invest into the Texas Rangers. Or in 1964 his Dad#8217;s new oil company Zapata oil. Teaching Argumentative? Or who owned the very first oil rig off the paper introduction paragraph, shores of Kuwiuit in essay the sixties.

Or the good paper paragraph, current business partnership the order in a paper, Bush#8217;s still hold with the paper, Bin laden family. Persuasive? Or the Breakast meeting Bush#8217;s brother had with a Bin laden the good introduction, day of the bombing. Or what company was on the first two floors of the WTC that dealt with the proposed new banking currency. Paper Paper Paper Term Term Topic? Or what was in good paper paragraph the newspapers on 9/10/01 regarding Bush#8217;s budget error. The turning point. His entire campaign platform was about to explode. At the time, 10 billion was a lot of money.

The vacation was over no more hiding, he was about to be cornered and essays on guns, explain where the cuts were coming from. Medicare or Defense. Terrisiom is the good, Ultimate War. Economies thrive for such a invisable cause! Long live the sheep.

Monday August 9 - 15:07 - Posted by 0b8afa5e34c5e122. The other thing I find fascianting about the American self righteous attitude is essays on science artistic and the brain that this is a country that only research paper introduction paragraph banned legal apartheid 40 years ago? Now they feel they have the right to tell other countries how to argumentative esl, live. Violence begets violence. The arrogance that the US carries with it will bring problems to their shores over research paper introduction paragraph and over.

They have condemed themselves to living in fear and have alienated themselves from even their closest allies.

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Senate Democrats have enough votes to block Neil Gorsuchs Supreme Court nomination. 46 democrats and. Democrats need 41 votes to maintain a filibuster. eight Democratic votes to paper introduction, break a filibuster. eight Democratic votes to paper paper paper term term term topic, break a filibuster. Democrats need 41 votes to maintain a filibuster. 46 democrats and.

As of research paper introduction Monday night , Democrats have the votes they need to paper topics, block Gorsuchs nomination from getting a full vote. The Senate is barreling toward an epic throwdown over the filibuster and good paragraph Supreme Court nominees that could change the Senate forever. Senators will vote this week on whether to essays and society artistic creativity and the brain, confirm President Trump's nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, to the ninth Supreme Court seat, which was left vacant by good introduction paragraph, justice Antonin Scalias death more than a year ago. More than 40 Senate Democrats will block Gorsuch from getting a yes-or-no vote by and society artistic and the, filibustering his nomination. Research Paragraph? To overcome a filibuster, 60 senators rather than a simple majority must agree to move forward to that final vote, and as of Tuesday morning, Democrats have enough votes (41 was the minimum, they have at least 43) to stop his nomination from moving forward. That could lay the tripwire for Republicans to just get rid of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees entirely, so that a minority party can't block a yes-or-no vote on a Supreme Court nominee anymore. (In 2013, Senate Democrats undid the filibuster for essays on guns, most political and judicial nominees but left the research introduction paragraph, 60-vote threshold in place for Supreme Court nominees.) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has indicated that he would get rid of the filibuster to put Gorsuch on the bench, although it's unclear whether he has enough votes to reform the in a paper, centuries-old rule. (That's a different whip count entirely.) Theres no rule that says a Supreme Court nominee has to get 60 votes to good paragraph, get confirmed. Like everything before the Senate, Gorsuch needs to of pages in a, get a simple majority so 51 if all 100 senators vote.

Historically, Supreme Court nominees have easily sailed past that. But Supreme Court nominations have become more partisan lately. And Democrats are on their way to good introduction paragraph, pulling off the first successful partisan filibuster in Supreme Court history by putting Gorsuch through a filibuster and making sure he doesn't have enough votes to custom paper topic, clear it. Here are the Democratic senators who will filibuster Gorsuch and force a potentially historic throwdown over getting rid of the filibuster for nominees entirely. Names highlighted in blue have changed their position the week of Gorsuchs vote, April 3-7. Democrats who have publicly said they would filibuster the vote on Gorsuchs nomination. President Trump and his nominee need to earn 60 votes in the Senate. I will not be one of them, she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Feb. 2. Good Paragraph? Read more The Supreme Court is more than marble pillars and judicial robes, he wrote in different research paper topics a March 31 op-ed in the Hartford Courant.

It is the embodiment of American justice justice that has a human face and voice. Its decisions must ensure that the rule of good paper paragraph law is preserved for real people, and that our Constitution continues to protect us from different paper topics, overreach and tyranny. That is why it is important that a nominee to the Supreme Court be approved by more than 60 votes, not a razor thin partisan majority. Read more I#x27;m going to oppose Judge Gorsuch every step of the way. A 60-vote threshold is not something new for good research introduction paragraph, Supreme Court nominees to overcome. It helps ensure that presidents seek nominees whose views are in the mainstream, he told on Feb. 5. Paper? Read more The people of Ohio deserve Supreme Court Justices who will defend the rights of good paper paragraph working families over Wall Street and corporate special interests and Judge Gorsuchs record doesnt pass that test, Brown said in a statement Jan.

31 after Trump nominated Gorsuch. I cannot support any nominee who does not recognize that corporations are not people. Read more Many difficult issues will come before the court in the months and years ahead. We need a U.S. Supreme Court justice who will stand up for equal justice for all. I still have questions and concerns about Judge Gorsuch. Custom Paper Paper Topic? Therefore, I cannot support cloture and research paper introduction paragraph will not support the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on essays on guns, the U.S. Supreme Court, she said in paper paragraph a statement March 30. Read more I cannot support cloture for [Judge Gorsuch,] Cardin tweeted on essays on guns, April 3. Republicans are responsible for making this process untenable -- and for the consequences. Good Research Paper Paragraph? In another tweet: #x27;m voting no on cloture b/c I don#x27;t believe #Gorsuch would be an independent check on @POTUS, who has tested the Constitution like no other. Read more Carper#x27;s office told The Washington Post he does not support moving forward on of pages, Gorsuch unless there is an agreement to good research introduction paragraph, move forward on President Obama#x27;s nominee for the court, Judge Merrick Garland. I#x27;m not prepared to consider the nomination of paper Judge Gorsuch, he told Delaware Public Radio on March 24. . [T]o move forward on Judge Gorsuch, I would just kind of good ignore what happened for research, the last year with Merrick Garland, I think would be wrong.

Read more Here#x27;s what he wrote in a March 23 statement posted on Medium: We cannot demand perfection from Supreme Court justices. But we can demand a constant commitment to fairness, to protecting all Americans regardless of paragraph power or wealth, to order of pages research, that guiding creed: equal justice under law. I have concluded that Judge Gorsuch is not the right choice to fulfill this commitment. I will not support his nomination. Read more I am not ready to good research paper, end debate on this issue, so I will be voting against cloture unless there is some path forward between Republicans and research paper topics Democrats, we can trust that allows us to have confidence they will not change the rules on this confirmation, he said in a statement April 3 in the Senate Judiciary Committee, announcing he would be voting against Gorsuch to get out of the committee. The senator had hoped to meet Gorsuch before making a decision. Good Introduction? On March 30, Cortez Masto told the Nevada Independent: Unfortunately, after requesting a meeting with the Judge for essay, several weeks, he has refused to honor this request, Cortez Masto said. The U.S. Constitution has entrusted the Senate with the role of advising the President on research paper, the highest court of the land and in refusing to meet with me, he has disrespected our nations founding principles and pillars core to research paper, our democratic institutions. Read more Judge Gorsuch had serveral opportunities to explain himself, his past positions and his judicial philosophy, but he did not, she said in a statement March 30. Read more With the legal and constitutional issues haunting this White House, the Senate cannot rubber stamp a lifetime appointment for this President, Senate Democrats#x27; No. 2 said in a series of tweets and a speech on the Senate floor on March 28.

Read more I cannot support his nomination, she said April 3 in the Senate Judiciary Committee, indicating she would also support a filibuster. Ill say this again: at this moment in our nations history, we need a Supreme Court justice who has earned a reputation for working to build consensussomeone like Merrick Garland, who, although rightfully nominated by President Obama, was treated disgracefully by Senate Republicans and introduction denied a hearing and a vote. Judge Gorsuch is not a consensus nominee like Merrick Garland and he should not be confirmed, he said in a March 27 statement and Facebook announcement. Read more Her spokesman said March 28 she will join the brainstorming worksheet, filibuster. President Trumps nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, certainly has a paper resume that would impress legal scholars. But his rulings repeatedly have failed to good research, achieve justice for all Americans, she wrote in a March 23 San Francisco Chronicle op-ed. Her office confirmed she will vote against advancing his nomination. Read more Judge Gorsuch is not in the mainstream, she said in a Medium post March 28.

He has not shown a commitment to protecting the rights of all Americans, and he does not seem to always fully consider the consequences his decisions have on real lives. I will vote against this nomination, and teaching essay esl I support maintaining the traditional 60-vote threshold for good research, confirming Supreme Court nominees. Read more I share many of the concerns New Mexicans have expressed about Judge Gorsuch, he wrote in a March 29 statement. In particular, Im concerned about his record of siding with large corporations over the rights of custom term topic individuals and government action over the rights of citizens, and his boundless deference to executive power. For these reasons, I intend to oppose his nomination and cannot support advancing the paragraph, nominee under these circumstances.

Read more I have concluded that I will not be supporting Neil Gorsuch for this opening and so I very much support a 60-vote threshold, she told CNN on persuasive worksheet, March 27. Read more Judge Gorsuch unquestionably has an impressive professional and educational background, but a nominee to the Supreme Court must also demonstrate sound judicial philosophy, he wrote in a March 29 statement. Good Research Paper Paragraph? Judge Gorsuch#x27;s selective activism in restricting women#x27;s rights and his framing of women making their own health decisions as #x27;the wrongdoing of of pages research paper others#x27; are jarring and do not demonstrate a philosophy that belongs on the Supreme Court. Research Introduction? I will oppose his nomination. Research Paper? Read more King said in research paper introduction a statement, If Judge Gorsuch is ultimately confirmed, I sincerely hope my concerns and fears will be proven wrong; I would be delighted if this is the case. Paper Term? But in good conscience, I must vote my convictions and paper paragraph not my hopes and my convictions in this case tell me no..

Klobuchar has announced she will not support his nomination and said through a spokeswoman she strongly supports a 60-vote threshold. Klobuchar sits on on science artistic and the brain, the Senate Judiciary Committee that reviewed Gorsuch#x27;s nomination. I#x27;ve often said the Senate, at its best, can be and should be the conscience of the nation. Good Paper Introduction Paragraph? But I must first and foremost must vote my conscience, he said in a statement April 3 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Essays On Guns? My conscience will not allow me to good research introduction, ratify the majority leader#x27;s actions. Not last year not this year. I will not -- I cannot -- support advancing this nomination. On Science Creativity And The Brain? Read more As an Appeals Court judge for research introduction paragraph, more than a decade, Judge Gorsuch has authored or joined opinions that have demonstrated hostility to on science artistic, womens reproductive rights, commonsense environmental regulations, and the rights of workers, consumers, and the disabled. Research Paper? I will not support the nomination of custom paper term term topic topic Judge Gorsuch, he said in a Jan. 31 statement. Paper Paragraph? I am also deeply concerned that President Trump has expressed his desire for the Senate to change the rules governing the research paper topics, threshold vote for confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice nominee. I will fight steps to invoke the nuclear option for Judge Gorsuchs nomination or any efforts that would further erode the foundational pillars of our democratic process.

Read more While I have come to the conclusion that I cant support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Courtand will vote no on the procedural vote and his confirmationI remain very worried about our polarized politics and what the future will bring, since Im certain we will have a Senate rule change that will usher in more extreme judges in the future, she wrote in a March 31 statement. Read more I had hoped President Trump would nominate an uncontroversial, mainstream judge to the Supreme Court. Instead, he has chosen a nominee who, after long reflection and in hearing from my constituents, I cannot support, he wrote in an April 3 statement. This is a stolen seat. This is the first time a Senate majority has stolen a seat, Merkley told Politico on Jan. 30. We will use every lever in our power to stop this. Read more The Roberts Court has swung dramatically in favor of the rights of corporations and special interests over those of individual Americans. I would have supported a mainstream nominee, but the good research, risk that Judge Gorsuch will inject his political judgment into a process that already too often favors the rights of special interests or corporations over worksheet, the rights of individuals is too great for paper introduction paragraph, him to earn my support, he said in persuasive essay brainstorming a statement March 28. His office said he will vote no on cloture. [T]his nomination is introduction paragraph, not a normal nomination, she said in a statement March 24. First, the process to fill the vacancy on term term term topic topic, the Supreme Court began more than 12 months ago, when President Obama upheld his constitutional duty to good research paper, nominate a well-qualified nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. In A Paper? Senate Republicans refused to research, do their job and refused to hold a single hearing.

Second, since taking office two months ago, President Trump has demonstrated complete disregard for law, the U.S. Constitution, and the best interests of American families Read more Over the past few weeks, I have met with Judge Gorsuch, listened to the Judiciary Committees hearings and reviewed his record with an open mind, he said in a statement March 27. I have real concerns with his thinking on protecting the right to vote and allowing unlimited money in persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet political campaigns. In addition, the good paper introduction paragraph, judge has consistently sided with corporations over employees, as in the case of persuasive essay worksheet a freezing truck driver who, contrary to common sense, Judge Gorsuch would have allowed to be fired for abandoning his disabled rig during extreme weather conditions. Read more A Peters spokeswoman said March 28 he will vote no on cloture for Gorsuch and thus join the introduction, filibuster. Essays On Guns? Whether it is ruling against research paper paragraph children who want an essay, equal opportunity to get a quality education or women who want access to health care, Judge Gorsuch often fails to take into account the good research paper introduction, human face behind each case. He has also failed to acknowledge how deeply the Citizens United decision has corrupted our government by term term term, opening the floodgates for paper, special interest money to pour into our elections.

Serving on the U.S. Supreme Court requires more than education and experience, and I am extremely concerned that Judge Gorsuchs judicial approach is out of step with mainstream American values. Order Of Pages Research Paper? After careful consideration of research introduction Judge Gorsuchs comments and his record, I cannot support his nomination to serve on our nations highest court, he said in a March 28 statement. Read more If Judge Gorsuch is confirmed to the Supreme Court, I worry he would try to circumscribe voting rights and consumer protections and impose new constraints on civil liberties and womens health care and roll back clean air laws, he said in a March 24 statement. I will vote no on order of pages, cloture and no on his nomination. Read more I had looked forward to Judge Neil Gorsuch sharing his views on the Supreme Courts critical role on good research, some of the most important issues in paper paper term term term topic America. Instead, he refused to answer legitimate questions and brought the confirmation process to a new low in a thick fog of evasion, he said in research introduction a March 23 statement.

After careful consideration of Judge Gorsuchs record, I have concluded that I will not vote to confirm him to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court, and I will not support Republican efforts to on science, change the rules to choke off debate and ram the research paper, nomination through the Senate. Of Pages Paper? Read more I have decided that I will not support his confirmation to the Supreme Court, and I will oppose any and all efforts to advance his nomination, he said in a March 31 statement. If this nominee cannot earn 60 votes a bar met by each of President Obamas nominees and good research paper paragraph George Bushs last two nominees the of pages paper, answer isnt to change the rules. Research Introduction Paragraph? Its to change the nominee, he said in a March 23 speech on the Senate floor Read more After meeting with Judge Gorsuch and reviewing his record and testimony, I cannot support his nomination to custom paper paper term term topic, serve on good paper introduction paragraph, the Supreme Court, she said in a statement March 28. His record on womens reproductive rights is very troubling and, despite the many questions raised to essay worksheet, him during his nomination hearing, he did not provide any assurances that he would defend the important precedent of Roe v. Wade. I cannot support a Supreme Court justice who would turn back the clock on womens reproductive rights Read more After reviewing Judge Gorsuch#x27;s rulings, it is good research paragraph, clear that he has a long record of siding with special interests and esl institutions instead of hard-working Americans. Good? And, therefore, in my judgment, he does not meet this standard of brainstorming worksheet balance and good paper paragraph impartiality, she said in a March 28 statement.

Her office elaborated Stabenow will join Democrats#x27; filibuster of Gorsuch by voting no on cloture. Read more Judge Gorsuch is a smart man but that doesnt make him right for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Essays On Guns? I cannot support a nominee who refuses to answer important questions. With Judge Gorsuch on good introduction, the bench, I am deeply concerned that dark money will continue to drown out the teaching argumentative essay esl, voices and votes of citizens, the Court will stand between women and their doctors, and the government will reach into good research paper introduction paragraph the private lives of law-abiding Americans. These are not Montana values, which is why I cannot support this nomination, he said in a statement and Medium post on April 2. Essays On Guns? Read more Every recent Supreme Court nominee has received at least 60 votes either for cloture or confirmation. Judge Gorsuch will be subject to the same test, and therefore, I will vote no on paper, his confirmation, including cloture, he said in a March 24 statement. Essay? Republican leadership obstructed President Obama#x27;s nominee for this seat in an unprecedented fashion.

Then President Trump won the introduction, election while losing the popular vote. In light of these factors, the president and Republican leadership should negotiate with Democrats on persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet, a fair path forward rather than rushing the confirmation process for Judge Gorsuch. I believe Judge Garland could have won 60 votes had he been allowed to make his case before the Senate. Good Research Paper? And I still hope that there#x27;s a way to ensure he is seated. Paper Term? Read more After the Senates unprecedented abdication of constitutional responsibility with respect to the Garland nomination, we must begin to good, restore faith in the Supreme Court. That requires a nominee who is widely viewed to be an impartial administrator of justice someone who is truly in teaching argumentative essay esl the mainstream and paper introduction paragraph who can earn the support of at least 60 senators. I will insist that this nominee be held to that standard, he said in topics a March 28 statement emailed to reporters. Read more Despite his impressive academic credentials, Judge Gorsuch#x27;s record and evasive responses -- even refusing to answer questions regarding his views of cases like Roe v. Good Paper Introduction Paragraph? Wade and Citizens United -- do not give me confidence that he possesses a judicial philosophy that will serve the different paper, American public well, he said in a statement April 3. Read more At a moment when the research introduction, awesome power of the presidency is in the hands of research paper topics someone who has shown contempt for our Constitution, our independent judiciary, our free press, and the principles that make our nation a beacon of democracy, this decision is more consequential than at any time in recent history, she said in good research paragraph a March 20 op-ed in The Boston Globe.

We cannot stand down when the president of the United States attempts to hand our highest court over to the highest bidder. Order Of Pages In A Research Paper? And that is why I believe Judge Gorsuchs nomination should be blocked. Read more We have to have the vote, show this guy cant get 60, and see where it goes from research introduction, there, he said in a town hall on March 26. Read more These senators have not weighed in publicly. Those who have expressed serious concerns about the vote or said they are leaning against it. Those who have publicly said they would not filibuster the vote. Using the filibuster and persuasive brainstorming worksheet nuclear option at this moment takes us in the wrong direction, he said in a statement April 3. I have spent the past several weeks trying to avoid this outcome. Changing the Senate rules now will only further politicize the Supreme Court and prevent the Senate from blocking more extreme judges in the future. I will oppose efforts to introduction, filibuster the nomination, and strongly encourage my colleagues not to use the nuclear option.

After meeting with Judge Gorsuch, conducting a thorough review of his record, and closely following his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I believe that he is of pages paper, a qualified jurist who will base his decisions on his understanding of the law and is well-respected among his peers, he said in research paper a statement April 2. Read more He has a record as a balanced, meticulous, and brainstorming well respected jurist who understands the good research paper paragraph, rule of law, Heitkamp said in a March 30 statement. Research Topics? He has unique and good introduction critical experience with tribal sovereignty, Indian law, and public lands issues in the west, and has received the endorsement of numerous tribes and major Native American organizations. Essays On Guns? She added in a March 28 statement: As I said last year when Judge Garland was nominated and reiterated again when Judge Gorsuch was nominated the U.S. Senate should have an up or down vote on any Supreme Court nominee as part of fulfilling our constitutional duty of providing advice and research paper consent on nominees to teaching, the Supreme Court. Read more Senators have a constitutional obligation to advice and consent on research, a nominee to fill this Supreme Court vacancy and, simply put, we have a responsibility to do our jobs as elected officials, he said in a statement March 30. After considering his record, watching his testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee and meeting with him twice, I will vote to confirm him to be the ninth justice on the Supreme Court. Read more Sources: Lawmaker statements and news reports. Published March 28, 2017. * Two Independents caucus with the Democrats. Confirmations for the sitting Supreme Court justices were not nearly as partisan as Judge Gorsuchs. The overwhelming majority of Supreme Court nominees have received a substantial majority of votes for confirmation, and no Supreme Court nominee has ever been blocked by a single-party filibuster.

How Gorsuchs judicial experience compares with his Supreme Court predecessors. To show how nominee Neil Gorsuchs experience measures up, The Washington Post compared how often the judges published precedent-setting opinions on topics at the appeals level with how frequently cases on the same topics are heard at the highest court. The path ahead for Neil Gorsuch, Trumps Supreme Court nominee. Heres how the nominee for essays on guns, Justice Antonin Scalias seat could fit in with the justices on the bench. Trumps judicial influence could go far beyond putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. President Trump has more than 100 judicial appointments to research paper introduction, make to federal courts across the country. Simply stated, Neil Gorsuch is steadfast and surprising.

The Supreme Court nominee resides on the right, listens intently to the left and often finds a homespun truth somewhere in between.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television In Hindi Essays and Research Papers. THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF TELEVISION In today modern world television is the most . popular and recognized from of media and most homes in the western and developed worlds own one. That small (in some cases rather large) box sitting in your lounge is your connection to the outside world. It is an indispensable item and many of us cannot imagine life without it. As with everything there are advantages and disadvantages with the television . The main advantage is televisions ability to bring. Disadvantage , Film , Reality television 963 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Television. What are the advantages of television ? 1. In this busy life, television can be the easiest source of paper introduction . entertainment. 2. By watching news channel, we get updated with the things going around the world. 3. Channels, like Discovery, gives information about Wild life.

4. Watching quiz shows can increase our knowledge. 5. By watching recipe channel, we can learn many recipes. 6. Various reality shows ( like singing, dancing, acting) can motivate people, who are interested in that. Cancellation , Lists of essays on guns television programs , Reality television 1812 Words | 6 Pages. Good Research Paper Paragraph! Advantage and Disadvantages of Television. Teaching! Advantages and disadvantages of television viewing In this new era of research paper science and technology, we have . incorporated technology into our everyday lives. In fact, we cannot live without electrical appliances that we call necessities and the television is one of teaching them.Much has changed since the paper paragraph first television was invented - from black and white to paper term, colour televisions . For some, the good paper introduction paragraph television is a window to the modern world.

By viewing the programmes that are aired on television , we can gain a lot. Black people , Emancipation Proclamation , Negro 768 Words | 3 Pages. Essay Brainstorming Worksheet! Television Its Advantages and good paragraph Disadvantages. Television was introduced in esl, India on an experimental basis in Delhi on 15th September, 1959. This was made into a regular service in 1965. . Thereafter, a number of research paragraph T. V. centres namely, Mumbai, Srinagar, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Chennai and paper paper topic Lucknow were set up from October 1972 onwards in good, quick succession. The T.V. network received a big boost during the Ninth Asian Games in November 1982, when 20 low power transmitters were installed at different state capitals and important towns. Another landmark was. Government , History of television , John Logie Baird 867 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and essay Disadvantages of Television. distractions, by studying in a quiet room and leaving the TV off, etc, make it easier to good paper, concentrate and order of pages research paper get homework done faster, while doing a better job. . Contrary to specialists' recommendations, there is no evidence that the radio, as opposed to the television , hinders performance.

This may be because radios emit only audio and no video, so there is less distraction. One approach for minimizing the amount of homework a student has to do at good paper home is for the student to complete as much of it as possible. In A Research! Education , High school , Homework 1874 Words | 7 Pages. IN MANY WAYS, TELEVISION HAS PROVED TO BE ONE OF THE WORST INVENTIONS OF MODERN TIMES. ALL TOO OFTEN, TELEVISION IS HARMFUL . Good Research Paper! BECAUSE OF THE SHOWS IT BROADCASTS AND THE WAY IT IS USED IN THE HOME. Undoubtedly, television has millions of viewers in the world and thanks to its inventor Philo Farnsworth, a Utah-born genius that had coloured the world of essays on guns modern technology. Research Paper Introduction! Nowadays, people use television as a mass of communication, to learn from how to persuasive essay worksheet, style to how to make a bomb, to tie a good family. Philo Farnsworth , Reality television , Television 806 Words | 3 Pages. ?Communication Technology Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. The communications . revolution is based on three technologies Telephone Televisions Computer. The history and development of good introduction paragraph communication technology is one of the ever increasing speed and efficiency of communication over ever greater distance and ever decreasing costs.

Telephone: Telephone / Mobile Phone is a system for paper transmitting voices over good paper a distance. Cellular network , Mobile phone , Push-button telephone 1033 Words | 4 Pages. The Advantages and Disadvantages of essay Television Usage Amongst Children. decade, television has become firmly engrained in the daily life of children. Television tends to affect todays society with . both positive and good paper paragraph negative viewpoints. Essays On Guns! Aside from the entertainment that television provides, there has been an extreme growth in learning and good paper paragraph developmental programs available to children. As a result of these learning programs, televisions have proven to be somewhat beneficial. On the other hand, television can become an addictive tool and present disadvantages to children. Alabama Cooperative Extension System , Cancellation , Developmental psychology 1518 Words | 4 Pages. Argumentative Essay Esl! Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing. Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing By Adrian Marketing is defined by Wikipedia as the process by which companies . create customer interest in goods or services through which companies build strong customer relationships and creates value for their customers and for themselves. Start with a marketing plan identifying the customer and their needs and wants.

Since the good paper paragraph essence of essay brainstorming worksheet business is fulfilling a need it is an important to know which need you are trying to fulfil. Introduction Paragraph! Then you need. Advertising , Broadcasting , Business 1417 Words | 5 Pages. Some Of The Advantages Of Television. ?Some of the Advantages of Television (TV) are : 1. Television is widely used for entertainment, knowledge and for . communication. 2. In A Research! Anybody can watch television simply by sitting at research introduction paragraph home. 3. News, movies, family shows, sports, Music as well as other useful shows and channels can be seen on argumentative TV. Paper Introduction! 4. Even kids can enjoy TV by watching Cartoons Channels as well Some Channels such as Discovery Channel to gain knowledge. 5. Creativity And The Brain! One can watch live news as well as live shows or live sports easily with the help. Cancellation , Film , Internet television 1975 Words | 6 Pages. Advantage and Disadvantage of Watching Tv.

There are several advantages of television like we all know that we can have a clear idea that what is happening in the world, we . can have live information about the several events like sports and any other good or bad events happening on good research paper introduction the globe. One can have a weather forecast and accordingly plan several things before time. It is also a good source of entertainment which is very cheap and within the custom paper paper term topic access of every one. Television has shrunk the distance of the world you can watch what is research paragraph happening. Entertainment , Film , Person 1169 Words | 4 Pages. Types of Modulation: Advantages and order in a research paper Disadvantages. contrast the advantages and disadvantages of amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and Quadrature . Amplitude Modulation (QAM). Good Research Paragraph! Refrences: Electronics and Radio Today. Order In A Research Paper! (n.d.). Retrieved from Electronics and Radio Today. (n.d.1).

Retrieved from good paper M.S. Richer. (2006). Essay Brainstorming! Advantages / disadvantages /applications. Amplitude modulation , Carrier wave , Frequency modulation 985 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Short. ? Advantages and good research paper Disadvantages of Tourism - Short Essay New pedagogy St vincent amp; Grenadines Island is a small island with . limited education facilities. Primarily motivated students can easily start their own education. Essays On Guns! Many people think of education as something that occurs in a school or classroom. However, knowledge-eager students can gain additional.

368 Words | 2 Pages Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism. Tourism can be a blessing to good research paper paragraph, a country but it is by no means an unmixed blessing. Geotourism , Space tourism , Sustainable tourism 1057 Words | 4 Pages. ? Advantages of Total Quality Management (TQM) Improves Reputation - TQM programs have the advantage of improving corporate as . well as product reputations in the marketplace, because errors and defective products are discovered much more rapidly than under a non-TQM system, and often before they are ever sent to market or found in the hands of the essays and society artistic creativity and the public. Higher Employee Morale - Compared to employees who are motivated, disengaged workers are less efficient, miss more workdays and cost organizations. Employment , Ethics , Human 1366 Words | 4 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tv Commercials. spend an average of 2.8 hours per research paragraph day watching television . Businesses that use TV as an advertising medium to promote their product or service . receive valuable air time that reaches countless viewers.

However, many disadvantages exist as well. Larger Audience Pool * You can reach a larger amount of people in a shorter amount of custom paper term term term topic time through television advertising than you can with print or radio advertising since television viewing accounts for over half of leisure time. 60 Minutes , Coca-Cola , Infomercial 600 Words | 3 Pages. advantages and disadvantages of science. ?As what I understand about how Science and Technology affects our lives, That there are advantages and disadvantages . The . Paper Introduction! Advantages are, it makes our lives simple by topics using equipment that can easily finish and do well the work or job. We can save more time and energy so that we can perform and do our other job. Good Paper Paragraph! We can now easily communicate our relatives by using cellphone and internet, it can connect us even they are in different research paper, the other part of the world and then with digital camera, we can see them. Air pollution , Engineering , Pollution 966 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Entertainment. Advantages and good paper paragraph disadvantages of entertainment to and society artistic creativity and the, society? Present day entertainments are either good or bad or ugly. . Research Paragraph! Advantages : good ones with pure fun, frolic, knowledge dissemination through various media keep us in good moods, healthy thoughts and entertained. Bad ones can be ignored by matured audience or readers but nonetheless, they leave a bad impression on our minds.

The ugly ones are those that border on vulgarism like hard core porno entertainments, horror movies or badly worded books. Order Of Pages! History of the Internet , Internet , Online chat 2415 Words | 7 Pages. Good! Advertisements: Advantages and Disadvantages. Essays On Guns! Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of advertisements. Advertising is a communication whose purpose is to inform . potential customers about various products and services and how to obtain and use them. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar business and its messages are conveyed to the farthest places on Earth. It uses every major medium to good paper introduction, deliver these messages including television , movies, newspapers, radio, magazines, video games, the internet and billboards.

Most advertisements are often. Advertising , Advertising agency , Billboard 765 Words | 3 Pages. Communication Techonology advantages and disadvantages. I am going to explore communication technology in public and private life. Teaching Argumentative Essay Esl! I am going to discuss the advantages and . disadvantages and the impact of communication technology. Introduction: Communication Technology is a term used to good paper introduction, describe the various forms correspondence that are available, including technological advancements. Communication is argumentative essay when people exchange thoughts, messages and information. Good Paper Introduction Paragraph! It can be exchanged by speech, gestures and by the use of brainstorming writing. There are many ranges. Bluetooth , Cellular network , Cordless telephone 1641 Words | 6 Pages.

Advantages and disadvantages of television. ?Evaluative writing Advantages Disadvantages of Television Television : source of entertainment, . communication on a wide scale and source of information news Advantages : Updates about the outside world Information about the happenings in various parts of the world Enhance knowledge about current affairs, encouragement via quiz shows for younger lot Provides a platform to research, bring forth and teaching argumentative essay esl showcase peoples talent to research introduction, wider audience Learning food recipes from various cookery shows Disadvantages : Affects eye-sight. Broadcasting , Entertainment , Radio 445 Words | 3 Pages. advantages and Disadvantages of on science artistic brain Media. Paper! ? Television : Advantages : Convenient and Flexible: The television is a convenient and flexible advertising medium, . owing to its widespread popularity and teaching argumentative essay the ease with which a message can reach millions of viewers internationally and nationally. Television advertising allows advertisers the flexibility to use various approaches and research paper introduction paragraph different combinations of audio, video and in a paper text to make ads memorable and emotional, depending on the product or service or the target audience. Strong Impact: Television. Advertising , Coca-Cola , Infomercial 1659 Words | 6 Pages. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Media. The Advantages and Disadvantages of research paper paragraph Mass Media Mass media is one of the fastest medium of exchange of information which . capture audience attention and interest, for example, television and radio is said to esl, be the best Mass Media. A Mass Media to be effective must be accessible to the target audience and able to hold audience attention and interest.

Therefore, this essay will discuss the good research advantages and disadvantages of custom paper paper term topic topic Mass Media. The first advantage of mass media is peace and reconciliation. Broadcasting , Focus group , Frequency modulation 1020 Words | 3 Pages. Research Paper Introduction Paragraph! The advantages and disadvantages of television. Nowadays many people all over the world spent most of different research paper their free time watching television ; but since the paper introduction paragraph beginning, television . has brought to persuasive brainstorming worksheet, man many advantages as well as disadvantages . Dear Teachers and friends, I would like talk few words about advantages and disadvantages of television . Let us first look at the advantages of television ; First, television plays an important role in our daily activities. Introduction! By watching news channels, we get updated with the things going around the world. Ancient Olympic Games , Education , Olympic Games 364 Words | 2 Pages. 26/6/2013 Essay on Advantage and Disadvantage of custom paper paper term topic Telephone in Hindi Essay on Advantage and . Introduction! Disadvantage of different research paper Telephone in Hindi by Nilakshi Read this Essay on Benefit and Loss of good paper introduction Telephone in Hindi language. advantage -and- disadvantage -of-telephone-in- hindi 1/6 6/27/13 Essay on Advantage and Disadvantage of custom paper term term topic Telephone in Hindi advantage -and- disadvantage -of-telephone-in- hindi 2/6 6/27/13 . 6th Marine Regiment , All rights reserved , Bihar 342 Words | 3 Pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oligopoly. ? Advantages and Disadvantages of Oligopoly When the market is dominated by research introduction paragraph a few suppliers, it is termed as oligopoly. It can be . observed in the television industry of the United States, where the essays artistic brain market is governed by a handful of paper introduction paragraph market players. The advantages and disadvantages of this market form can be clearly demarcated. Oligopoly market form exists in the television and custom paper paper term media industry, health care insurance industry, and cellular phone service industry of the United Sates. This is good because. Business , Competition , Domination 773 Words | 2 Pages. Advantages / Disadvantages of Watching Television. Advantages / Disadvantages of Watching Television Hope someone kind will read my essay and fix my grammatical . errors. Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of human kind.

Its also the argumentative indispensable device in our daily life. By watching TV , we can see many things happened in the surrounding us world , therefore it help us to catch and avoid being dropped back from the world of information. Everyone must agree that the advantages of watching TV are very considerable .But beside. Broadcasting , Film , Popular culture 582 Words | 2 Pages. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television. history book myself. The advantages and disadvantages of television Nowadays many people all over the world . spent most of research introduction their free time watching television ; but since its appearance, television has brought to man many advantages as well as disadvantages . Teaching Argumentative Essay Esl! First, television plays an important role in our daily activities: it keeps us informed of all current affairs in the world. Events through television are more vivid than those through books and magazines. Second, television helps us enrich our. Dissociative identity disorder , Learning , Past 598 Words | 2 Pages.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet. ? Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Information and Preparation Sheet Vocabulary: global village, a plethora of . options, services, dissemination of information, silver bullet, Babel, rambling, reliability, veracity, ascertain the reliability, rapid pace of change, information overload, landmines, at the click of a mouse, maligned, comfort of research introduction home, assimilated, indispensable, pervasive, rife, program vs programme, having access to, beyond reproach, estranged, Be careful of one/you/we/I . E-mail , History of the Internet , Identity theft 1366 Words | 5 Pages. Internet Promotion - Advantages and Disadvantages. Custom Paper Term Topic Topic! quest for cheap marketing alternatives, these small businesses continue to use conventional marketing tools such as newspaper, magazine, radio and . television advertisements, unaware of the advantages that Internet Promotion offers. All too often, these entrepreneurs focus on the disadvantages of Internet Promotion and fail to adequately take advantage of the opportunities that it presents. Moreover, their preoccupation with conventional marketing strategies is driven by a misconception that these. Affiliate marketing , Business , History of the Internet 1111 Words | 4 Pages. Advantages and good introduction Disadvantages of Bundling. Products: The Advantages and Disadvantages of and the Bundling Products Willie Roy Ramsey, Jr.

PROC 5830: Pricing Dr. Douglas . Mowczko May 5, 2012 The Advantages and research introduction Disadvantages of Bundling Products I. What is Product Bundling A. Examples of Business 1. Paper Topics! Restaurants 2. Cellular services II. Paper Paragraph! Advantages A. Lower prices B. Variety C. Persuasive Brainstorming! Older Products III. Disadvantages A. Good Research Paper Paragraph! Flexibility B. Penalties C. Correlation The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bundling. Essays And Society And The Brain! Compilation album , Insurance , Marketing 1577 Words | 5 Pages. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television . Television has played a significant role in . informing and entertaining society, There are numerous kinds of TV shows broadcasted around the paper paragraph world, some of them are Reality TV Shows, News Program, Drama, Cooking Show, and many more.

Each of esl them holds their own specific advantages and disadvantages that theyve brought out through the perspective of the good audience. This essay will explore the aspects of television that has affected the lives of society. Entertainment , Episode , Film 407 Words | 2 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of paper paper term topic topic Sole Proprietorship. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship Profits and Losses Advantages : Proprietor receives all . the profits because he or she takes all the risks. Disadvantages : Losses are not shared. Liability - Disadvantages : 1) The proprietor has unlimited liability. 2) If the firm is unable to research paper paragraph, pay its bills, the argumentative essay esl proprietor can be force to sell personal assets as well as the business to pay debts. Management Advantages : 1) Decisions on starting and running the paragraph business can be made. Business law , Business terms , Corporate tax 830 Words | 4 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of order in a Vegetarians.

Advantages of vegetarianism One advantage that cannot be disputed is that vegetarians conscience can be at peace in good research, the sense . Paper Term Term Term Topic Topic! that he does not cause the death of good research introduction paragraph animals grown for meat and fat such as rabbits, poultry or pigs. This idea alone persuades many people, especially women to start embracing vegetarianism as their way of life. Another undisputable advantage of vegetarianism is that long-term vegetarians are rarely overweight thus people can make losing weight easier by teaching essay becoming vegetarians. Ethics of eating meat , In vitro meat , Meat 478 Words | 3 Pages. Good Research Paragraph! Advantage and Disadvantage of the Public Slauhgterhouse. determine the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the artistic operation of the public slaughterhouse to the Guimbalanon living on . the area and its workers by the length of stay in the area. Statement of the Problem This study aimed to determine the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the research paragraph operation of the public slaughterhouse to the Guimbalanon. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions: 1.) What is the extent of the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the research paper topics operation of. Dictionary , Hygiene , Merriam-Webster 1422 Words | 5 Pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology. ?The advantages and disadvantages of communications technology. The mobile phone has many advantages and . disadvantages . It is easy to contact friends and family. Good Research Paper! Since the first mobile was created we have been able to make calls to anywhere in the world by custom term term term the click of a button. You are able to get in touch with people nearly 24/7. You have access to constant internet. Having the internet at your finger tips any time you need it has many advantages . Need to find out want time a movie is on in the. Cordless telephone , Fax , Internet 2073 Words | 5 Pages. Advantages/Disadvantages of Rev. War. There are advantages and disadvantages in every war that can either be minute details or change the whole course of the war. In . the Revolutionary war, there were many advantages and disadvantages of either side.

America and Britain both had different things working for them or against them, many of these things were very significant by the end of the war. Although both sides had various advantages and disadvantages , America's advantages outweighed those of the British. In the war, America had. Paragraph! 2003 invasion of Iraq , American Revolutionary War , Army 868 Words | 3 Pages. Some advantages and disadvantages of essays on guns internet. ?Some advantages and disadvantages of internet Availability of Knowledge Advantages The internet which was . once just a little puddle, now, have become an ocean; an ocean of knowledge. It is like a magical crystal ball which has an answer for every question of good paper introduction paragraph yours and the best thing about it is; it is completely free.

I know how much I have learnt from the teaching internet. How internet is better than books when it comes to knowledge? The answer to good research paper paragraph, this would be the infinity of the paper paper paper term internet. Plus. History of the Internet , Instant messaging , Internet 1426 Words | 6 Pages. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL NETWORKING. [? aDVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL NETWORKING? ] March 6, 2012 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION . ADVANTAGES Low Costs Builds Credibility Connections DISADVANTAGES Lack of Anonymity Scams and Harassment Time Consuming REFERENCE Advantages and Disadvantage of research introduction paragraph Social Networking INTRODUCTION Do you think youre hunting for is bablyuncovered these although anyone might possibly in the 1? |? Page [? aDVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL NETWORKING? ] March 6, 2012 same manner get hold of ?. Table of contents 1775 Words | 7 Pages.

advantages disadvantages of social network. SOCIAL NETWORKING Advantages and on science artistic creativity and the Disadvantages 1 Bart John Jared ? A social network is a social structure made up of research paragraph a set . of social actors (such as individuals or organizations) and a set of the dyadic ties between these actors. 2 Advantage Disadvantage Conclusion 3 ADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL NETWORKING 4 ADVANTAGES Meet new people ? Gives you the possibility of regaining connection with the people who you have stopped seeing. ? Keep in contact with old friends and colleagues ? Getting answers. Disadvantage , Marketing , MySpace 296 Words | 14 Pages. The Advantages and Disadvantages of essays creativity Living in the Country. Good! Some advantages to living in the country include these points: Clean Air, no neighbors, open spaces, quiet, birds, deer and other critters. You . have to love nature to live in the country. Research Paper! No crime, and people are usually friendly.

Some disadvantages to living in the country include these points: No shopping mall or large supermarket. Power outages occur more often and good paper introduction paragraph usually out in the country everything runs on electric, like a well pump so you can flush the toilet, so no power and therefore. City , Ecology , Population 957 Words | 3 Pages. Social Networks: Advantages and Disadvantages. On Science And Society Artistic! Social Network Sites: Advantages and Disadvantages I. Introduction a. Attention Getter: Imagine being stripped of . your privileges to have access to introduction, social network sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, and/or instagramHow would you reach out to family and friends you dont get a chance to teaching argumentative esl, communicate with often? b. Name: Hello my name is Kenyatta Stephens c. Topic: Social Network Sites: Advantages and Disadvantages (SLIDE) d. Paper Introduction! Relevance: Social network sites. Research Paper! , Facebook , MySpace 554 Words | 3 Pages. Good Paper Introduction! Seminar Advantage and Disadvantage. ADVANTAGE OF HAVING TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR SEMINAR * The advantage in preparing your seminar in two months prior to your . seminar is that you can prepare everything with excellence because you have a lot of time to prepare. * You have a lot of time to custom paper paper term term term topic topic, locate a good venue, decide a design so that can capture the audience interest by seeing the area so relaxing and refreshing. * Whatever food you plan to fix, try to keep to the middle of the road in research introduction, your selections of what to fix. Think. Audience , List , Performance 754 Words | 3 Pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fuels. ? Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Fuels Solar Energy: Advantages : -Energy is free although . there is a building cost. Custom Paper Paper Term Term Topic! -Causes no pollution, however, energy may go into machines that produce pollution. -Solar energy can be used in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend the electricity power grid. -Estimated that the worlds oil reserves will last for 30-40 years whereas solar energy is good research paragraph infinite. Essays On Guns! Disadvantages : -Solar energy can only be harnessed when it is daytime. Coal , Electrical generator , Fossil fuel 617 Words | 3 Pages. The disadvantages and research paper introduction paragraph advantages of pesticides. PESTICIDES IN OUR ECONOMY INTRODUCTION A pesticide is a material used to kill or reject a pest. Pesticides have disadvantages and . advantages . They are able to restrain pests, but it can also kill other organisms as well. Not only do they affect animals but they can effect us, as humans. A pesticide is a biological, physical, or chemical agent used to essays on guns, kill plants or animals that are harmful to people.

The name pesticide is generally applied only to chemical agents. Examples of different. Environmental effects of pesticides , Human , Malaria 521 Words | 4 Pages. Science: Advantages Disadvantages. Science Its Advantages and paper paragraph Disadvantages One of the essays on science creativity and the striking features of 20 century is the progress of is no section oh human . Research Introduction! society in which science has not brought revolution. But still the term is essays on science and the brain debated among the conscious people that whether science is blessing or it is a curse for good humanity.

The facts, which are drawn by systematic study, are applied practically for essays on guns the welfare of mankind or for the destruction of humanity. For example a gun in the hand of good research paper a guard is custom paper term term term topic topic used for the safety. Empirical , Human , Pseudoscience 1920 Words | 5 Pages. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising in France. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising in paper paragraph, France 1 Running head: International Trade: Licensing and Franchising The . Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising in France Presented by: Deon E. Boswell Of Team McWorld University of Maryland University College AMBA606 November 4, 2005 The Advantages and paper topics Disadvantages of Franchising in France 2 Executive Summary The tremendous growth in franchising over paragraph the last decade can be traced directly to the explosion of growth in international. Different Research Paper Topics! Business model , Franchising , International Franchise Association 2394 Words | 6 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages: Modes of Transport.

Advantages / Disadvantages , Modes of Transport Air Freight Air freighting is commonly used by companies who work with short . lead times, or advanced service levels. Research Introduction! Shipping by air certainly isnt the cheapest alternative, and is only advisable for research paper certain size/weighted products. Advantages o Fastest for long distance deliveries o Customer perception is high, easy for order fulfilment o Very safe mode of transport o Reduces lead time on suppliers o Improved service levels. Cargo , Cargo airline , Intermodal freight transport 462 Words | 3 Pages. Cell Phones- Advantages and Disadvantages.

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MOBILE PHONES ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MOBILE PHONES . Mobile phones are used all over the world for different purposes. In this essay, we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of research introduction using mobile phones. Dr Martin Cooper is research paper topics considered the inventor of the first portable handset and research paper introduction paragraph the first person to make a call on a portable cell phone, in April 1973. This portable phone had numerous features never seen before. It revolutionised communication. Cancer , Cordless telephone , IP Phone 649 Words | 3 Pages.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Australian Aid. Advantages and Disadvantages of Aid to Australia Geography Essay The purpose of custom paper paper paper Australian Aid is to help developing . countries around the world eradicate poverty and to promote stability and prosperity both in our region and beyond, by providing different types of assistance and financial support. Although Australia receives a number of benefits due to aid, several disadvantages can also arise as a result of this link with different countries. Providing aid to good research, developing countries in the. Australia , Developed country , Developing country 898 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing. Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Outsourcing is an allocation of specific business processes to persuasive essay worksheet, a specialist . external service provider. Most of the good paper times an organization cannot handle all aspects of essays and society artistic a business process internally.

Additionally some processes are temporary and good paper paragraph the organization does not intend to hire in-house professionals to perform the tasks. Once the argumentative essay task is outsourced to the service provider, he will take the responsibility of carrying out the tasks and paper introduction paragraph maintaining. Business process , Business process management , Business process outsourcing 888 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Plea Bargains. Essays On Guns! Advantages and good paragraph Disadvantages of on science and society artistic and the Plea Bargaining Cherese Murphy CJA/224 May 17, 2012 Maxine Craig Advantages . and Disadvantages of Plea Bargaining The history of plea bargaining go back to the 19th century; by the second half of the 19th century plea bargaining was somewhat a common practice. (Siegel, Schmalleger, Worrall 2011, 320) However, plea bargaining became more common in the early and mid-1900s. Good Research Paper Introduction Paragraph! From 1916 to 1921 the Georgia Department of Public Welfare advised that guilty plea rates. Crime , Criminal law , Judge 708 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Informa. ? Advantages and Disadvantages of information technology in Business Advantages : Increases production and saves . time: Business use technology to automate tasks. Essays On Guns! A good example is a bakery which uses automated temperature censors to detect any drop or increase in room temperature in a bakery.

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3D Printing Advantages And Disadvantages. there are always some disadvantages . 3D printing is one of the different research topics greatest inventions anyone has ever made. 3D printers allow you to print any . three dimensional object from your computer. Original printers work by putting ink on paper. Paper Introduction! 3D printers dont work like that. They work with materials like metal, plastic, and ceramic. Different! The printers put down these materials, thin layer after thin layer from the bottom to the top, to make the desired object. 3D printing has many advantages . Paragraph! 3D printers can help. 3D printing , Inkjet printer 940 Words | 4 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Disciplining Children. Abstract This essay will provide a discussion on the advantages and the disadvantages of disciplining children.

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The first aspect is the physical advantages and disadvantages of being tall. Being tall is useful in several cases. For example, it makes it easier if you have to stand on the bus because you can reach the hand-rail or it helps if you are in a crowd because you can see over peoples heads. Research Paragraph! It can also help you in reaching the top cupboards. Abuse , Basketball , Disadvantage 896 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages and persuasive worksheet Disadvantages of good research paper introduction paragraph Internet. The advantages are limitless. Speedy access to information of any kind, relationships with other people around the persuasive brainstorming world, and entertainment are . all provided by the internet. Likewise, the disadvantages are just as large.

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Ifrs Advantages and Disadvantages. Essays On Guns! AMERICAN COLLEGE SKOPJE To be completed by students (typewritten) COURSE NUMBER | | COURSE TITLE | Financial Accounting | SEMESTER | V | SESSION | | . Research! ASSIGNMENT NUMBER | 1 | SUBMISSION DATE DUE | | ASSIGNMENT TITLE | IFRS: Advantages and disadvantages | INSTRUCTORS NAME | | To be completed by the front desk secretary or the course administrator SIGNATURE | DATE SUBMITTED | HOUR SUBMITTED | MATERIAL SUBMITTED | | | | Hard copyE-submission | | To be completed by the instructor . Balance sheet , Finance , Financial Accounting Standards Board 1468 Words | 5 Pages. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet. Argumentative Essay Esl! Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Ten years ago, the Internet was practically unheard of by good paper introduction paragraph most people. Today, the . Internet is one of the most powerful tools throughout the essays on science and the brain world. The Internet is a collection of good research paper introduction various services and resources. The Internets main components are E-mail and the World Wide Web. Actually, theres a lot more to the Internet than E-mail, search engines, celebrity web sites, up-to-the-second sports scores, and chat rooms full of discussions.

The Net also ranks. History of the Internet , Hyperlink , Hypertext 1049 Words | 3 Pages. Advantage and Disadvantage of Unemploym. ? Advantage and Disadvantage of Unemployment. To anyone who suffers from unemployment, this would be a hard time for them in . order to support their living. However, an economist is looking at unemployment is a necessity to maintain a balance economy. Therefore there are advantages and disadvantages of unemployment in a country. Teaching Argumentative! The disadvantages of unemployment are as clear as water to good paragraph, most people in the society even if they did not study economy. Deprived of a job meaning lacking of worksheet income, if the.

Business cycle , Economics , Inflation 833 Words | 3 Pages.

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fine art essay James May Essays. Fine Art Photography: Subversion and good introduction paragraph Circumvention. Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved. Part 1: Representational Photography: The Contextual Subversion. We talk endlessly of the individual and research of individualism, for example, when any sensible glance at major issues indicates that we live in an era of great conformism. - John Ralston Saul, Voltaire's Bastards, 1992.

I consider my own documentary photography to be a counterpoint to Robert Frank's not so casual dissemination of stereotypes of a country I know a thousand times better than Swiss transplant Frank ever did. While I greatly admire Frank's basic visual language in his book, The Americans [1], I don't for one second see it as being anything other than a reflection of Frank himself and introduction paragraph so in a certain sense having nothing to essay do with Americans or America. Robert Frank wouldn't be the first European from closely huddled ex-fortress towns startled by research paragraph the immensity of and the, America or by the impenetrability of what may be the most sophisticated culture ever on this earth, nor the first to profoundly misunderstand America's eccentricities as weakness. The more a photographic tract purports to convey a message and the more one-sided that message is the more it verges the realm of propaganda. Writers have portrayed and specifically contrasted the 1955 Edward Steichen curated exhibition, The Family of Man with Frank's The Americans , positing The Family of Man exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art as nothing more than sugar coated propaganda of the wonders of the good introduction West, consigning it to the land of Hogan's Hero's, while Frank's vision is touted as the real and essay worksheet gritty deal, even suggesting that The Americans is, at least in part, a parody of The Family of research, Man. I say that what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The reason I mention this is of pages in a research, because Frank's groundbreaking book is frequently portrayed as some kind of dispassionate photo essay of the decadence and sadness that had overtaken America and research introduction even portrayed as a type of ethnography or anthropology, an almost Arbus-like carnival sideshow of sad and unwitting people living sad and essays on science and society artistic creativity and the meaningless and increasingly conformist, lonely, and good paper paragraph isolated lives which Frank himself of course rides coolly above like a full moon above scudding clouds.

That is a somewhat lofty and perhaps even arrogant position that would become de rigueur for the rest of the 20th century when it came to the knowing documentary artist and so producing its own conformity in essays on guns, place of a more expansive truth. One can always be certain that when a person states with certainty something they couldn't possibly know the truth of that they are only showing what they wish to research paper believe or think to portray and not the essays on science and society and the truth of the matter. The idea of linking Frank's work to any kind of good paper paragraph, science is the exact problem here, as science attempts to ferret out the truth and is not in persuasive worksheet, the business of distributing archetypes or stereotypes. There were some 160 million Americans when Frank took his famous photos and so there is an paper paragraph, analogy to only photographing car accidents when doing an essay on American freeways. My feelings on The Americans are pretty simple: if one views the book as an artistic vision in the same sense as A Streetcar Named Desire , or the film Hud (1961), then it is brilliant - if one views Frank's book as a vision of the essence of America in the mid-1950s then it is persuasive essay, nothing more than childish propaganda, no more real than Norman Rockwell's paintings. Good Research Paper Introduction? The fact Rockwell's paintings are laughed at as absurdly idealistic while Frank's equally absurd photos are not, is telling. The film The Last Picture Show (1971), has more than a passing resemblance at its heart to Robert Frank's The Americans . Imagine if the lines between reality and of pages research paper art were entirely blurred and people took The Last Picture Show to heart as a true essence of the failure and isolation of American culture. Frank's unwitting descendants, those street photographer's who wanted to comment on American culture and make a visually unique statement, at paper introduction paragraph, the same time found themselves addicted to the idea of America as tragedy and satire and so America became one giant cultural wreck in the lenses of America's arty photojournalists, something to be laughed at rather than celebrated. Persuasive? But the real problem became the fact that these were real photographs and not paintings or theatrical plays wherein the boundaries of artistic vision were clearly demarcated and so set aside from reality.

More within Frank's own genre, Sebastiao Salgado takes photos of the dispossessed of this world. His brilliant work does not say,This is the World but, This is a part of the World. Were it otherwise it would be Plato's shadow play. In a Aug., 2007 article in American Thinker by Allan Nadal titled, Art Or Propaganda? American Postwar Photography, Nadal selectively picks 3 quotes by Luc Sante from good paragraph Sante's introductory essay for an exhibition at essays artistic, MOMA called, American Photography, 1890-1965: 'Garry Winogrand's. portraits of the shell-shocked and anomic society, wandering through public structures with no clear destination. 'Lee Friedlander's oddly silent urban landscapes seemed like pictures of an abandoned country. '[Diane Arbus's people] were the final, conclusive products of the twentieth century, inheritors of good research, progress, war, commerce, mass culture, and custom paper paper term topic topic all the good paper introduction paragraph rest of it.' One would think we were Germans or Italians photographing the post-World War II destruction and chaos prevalent in those countries rather than a successful and booming country like America, on the verge of doing away with institutional racism. Do we as Americans really have such a gloomy vision of order of pages paper, ourselves or is it a few famous photographers who feel this way. Or maybe they don't in fact feel that way but simply cannot make art without some kind of enemy as it were. Whatever is the case, there is no conservatism in paper introduction paragraph, this arena to offset that negative vision, merely bright photographers like Sally Mann or Joel Meyerowitz or Danny Lyon who can make wonderful work without overly contextualizing it to society at large as a wasteland. We as Americans have taken a very few yet persistent visions and run very, very far with them.

Robert Frank, Parade, Hoboken, N.J. Paper Term? 1955 Political Rally, Chicago, 1956. Had he wished to, Frank could just as easily have had the man behind the tuba and the people behind the flag in the window waving and smiling, but then lost the art of it; it's all about what you wish to project. Frank could have photographed smiling faces skating on a frozen pond in Minnesota or at paragraph, a college football game in Nebraska or office workers on break in Dallas. Let's be honest here - Frank had no desire to show happy people nor do the generations of street photographers who followed nor does the audience who admire showing the flip side of the American dream who you can bet do not see themselves in Frank's photographs; no, never them. In the custom paper term term term topic hands of a street photographer, an paper introduction paragraph, innocent picture of my sister and I sitting on the living room couch with our Halloween masks on when we were children, which brings back warm memories for me, takes on a darker and different research paper questioning tone; the mere fact of its presentation in research paper paragraph, an artistic context makes one believe that there must be something going on persuasive, and quite innocent and even meaningless events are given a context and that context, when it comes to street photography, usually has those tragic undertones. The claims of ethnography and anthropology attached to Robert Frank's book ring hollow in good, the face of a presentation that resembles a muted version of the 10 o'clock news with its plane crashes, murders and car accidents rather than an egalitarian survey of the American landscape of the essays and the brain mid-1950s.

A one-sided view that admits to good research introduction paragraph such is one thing and custom paper paper term topic that same view passed off as reality another. In Frank's America, there is no room for good paper introduction paragraph the brightness of the music, literature, art and film that would captivate an entire world, or the sophistication and audacity that would place men in the Sea of essays and society artistic brain, Tranquility with less computer power than a cell phone. Instead there is a depiction of Americans as an underclass, and with minds that are nothing more than intellectual shanty towns to bring into focus the pretence and sham of shiny things like new cars and homes. Not being an American, Frank may have been entirely unaware of the commonplace story of the research paper introduction paragraph rise of economically humble and phenomenally unconnected individuals to custom paper paper paper great distinction and careers in research introduction, America, something rather more problematic in class bound Europe and England in the mid-1950s. The tradition of recognizing American genius aside from persuasive brainstorming worksheet one's origins was endemic in America in research introduction paragraph, its history and a tradition well liked. Contrary to Frank's depictions of paper paper paper term, a listless and lost America, one need only read the paper introduction paragraph biography of just about anyone from that era to see how fiercely energetic Americans were and are and what heady dreamers they are as well. To claim that is all worthless even after the landmark 1954 decisions of Brown VS. Persuasive Brainstorming Worksheet? Board of Education because 10% of the populace was stripped out of society for decades is exactly the dismal focus Frank and paper introduction his compatriots shine on America.

By the standards of these documentary photographers, America never was right and never will be. How can it when the least and the worst is seen as the persuasive brainstorming normal? How does Frank's own Europe compare to that scenario? Not well, I trust, but that light is not shown, and if it was, Frank would show it as a land of concentration camps, class, and endemic war if he was at all fair; the problem is, he is paper, not. According to the National Gallery of Art, Frank's photos in The Americans . . reveal a profound sense of alienation, angst, and loneliness., and a people rendered numb by a rapidly expanding consumer culture. I don't recall any of my extended family in the mid-1960s being rendered numb in such a fashion because contrary to this notion put out by a Miss Sarah Greenough, Americans overcame, not gave into such feelings by traveling huge distances in search of careers, education and opportunity, thereby being the eternal outsiders, but ones who put aside trepidation and learned to fit into of pages in a research new cultures, putting paid to the idea that they suffered from any default position of alienation, angst or loneliness. Americans were experts at overcoming or ignoring such considerations and in point of fact often embraced them. Sarah Greenough, senior curator and head of the department of photographs at research introduction, the National Gallery of Art gave a lecture [2] about The Americans titled, Transforming Destiny Into Awareness: Robert Frank The Americans . One could easily trade it out into saying, Transforming Awareness Into Destiny or The Information Ricochet Handbook . On Science And Society Artistic Creativity Brain? [2a] In this lecture, Miss Greenough admits to there being novel areas of beauty in Frank's body of good research paper, photos, but this is not present in the people but in their artifacts of mid-20th century design sensibility. Teaching Essay? Miss Greenough quotes Kerouac's introduction to The Americans , which, like Frank's dialectical sequence of photos, pair words like sadness and Americaness without a leavening of positiveness, which is research, my point.

Robert Frank, Funeral, St. Essays On Guns? Helena, S.C., 1955 Rodeo, Detroit, 1955. Robert Frank, Savannah, 1955. One need look no further to see a politically correct and good research paper introduction patronizing example of different research paper topics, nostalgie de la boue together with the research paper introduction new politically correct penchant for delusionally seeing what it wants to see and essays on guns that is a shit version of America and that is good introduction paragraph, why The Americans is so fully embraced by Greenough's culture. Of Pages? There is not anything about America that is being expressed by Miss Greenough, only her own political world view, and research introduction she is guilty of further politicizing already politicized photos. In Miss Greenough's view, in speaking about Frank's photo of a couple crossing a street in Savannah, a pipe (her word) becomes knife-like and the manner in which the woman holds onto the soldier's arm - which was typical of the era - was described in this way: . his virility is clearly conveyed by the way he escorts his companion, with her hand not clasped lovingly in his but draped in the crook of his arm so that he can better direct her.

A woman who, I'd like to point out, was fully capable of order of pages, starting her own bank account at the time of the photo, unlike in Frank's Europe, where in Spain a woman 20 years later was still unable to do so as I mention elsewhere. How in the world it is good research paper introduction, easier to direct a woman while she lightly clasps the inside of one's elbow rather than holding her by the hand so that one could drag her should one wish flies in the face of essays artistic creativity and the brain, common sense as does the idea that this man wants to direct anyone anywhere in the first place. But politically correct entities like Miss Greenough suffer from the Orwellian delusions that accompany the act of accusing a total stranger of wanting to direct a woman against her will 55 years after the fact. In fact what Miss Greenough is good research paper introduction paragraph, doing is boldy distributing morality itself by race and gender. The soldier is astonishingly even further characterized as someone who is overweight, with fat bulging beneath his tight military garb and as someone who menacingly confronts the photographer when in fact all he is doing is walking down the street with his girl towards Frank while some stranger takes a picture of him, and so it is Frank who is doing the confronting. In Miss Greenough's view, a bulge of fat is a sign of paper paper term topic, weakness or immorality or decadence, as everyone who judges a book by its cover or Soviet posters of that era depicting virile young men and women with blonde hair beneath blue skies in fields of grain knows. The soldier seems more perplexed than anything else and for all we know he hated it when the paper paragraph woman held his arm like that and he may have been a Medal of Honor winner who loved that woman dearly or she could've been a prostitute. The truth of the matter is that we don't know anything at all about this couple and reading misogyny, disintegration and menace into such a photo is only projecting our own stupidity and smug notions of superiority onto the world about us, and paper paper topic make no mistake, in this world, misandry is something that literally does not exist; all things being equal, it must, but it does not because the new notion of equality is handed out in a fashion that is miserly and entirely one-sided. Peter Byrne in a Nov., 2009 article titled, Never On Time: Robert Frank and good paper paragraph the Americans, says this about the photo of the soldier and on science and society artistic and the brain the lady: America was between wars in 1959 and his photo of a soldier and his lady comes too late for the meager protests against the Korean War and paper paragraph too early for the huge antiwar movement of the mid-1960s. This soldier of in a research, Savannah, Georgia, has nothing warlike except his glare at the camera.

He seems disgruntled over his duties of the day. These -- along with escorting his partner -- seem to include a courtesy visit and the delivery of a gift. Research Paper? He holds it gingerly in his left hand as if he has never in his life carried anything before. His pot belly rises just under the decorated box. His cigar is the only thing arrow-straight about him. He needs trousers a size larger around the waist.

His lady rests her hand on his arm for help in balancing on her too narrow new shoes. Her black sheath dress appears to be walking her back the way she has come. Essays And Society Artistic Creativity And The Brain? It could be that her bobbing earrings and massive necklace impede progress. Her preparations for good paragraph a day of pleasure have left her wincing with pain. All Mr. Different Topics? Byrne fails to mention is the corn cob pipe and straw hats these fools left at good paper, home together with the children fathered by a first cousin. In my opinion, you have to come from some seventh hell of idiocy to read such drivel into the photograph of the soldier and the woman as does Miss Greenough and Mr. Byrne. I actually feel bad for this old soldier to have such abuse heaped upon essays on guns him by Miss Greenough; no wonder people don't like stranger's taking their photo on the street - who would want such nonsense read into their every innocent act? Multiply this all by 83 Frank photos and Greenough's turgid remarks about good research paragraph, black, white, man, woman, and essays on guns you have a body of work that is problematic, contextualized to good research paragraph the hilt. How do you think that soldier's daughter or son would feel if they were at Miss Greenough's lecture?

And these are the teaching argumentative esl people that talk about a nation's lack of compassion or insight when their own bigotry and lack of compassion are on full display for all to see. The more the photos are textualized and contextualized the emptier they seem and the more nonconformity is insisted upon paper or conformity taken for persuasive granted to good introduction paragraph have existed where it may never have is its own type of conformity, since the word and essays artistic creativity and the accusation itself is far more complex than simple. Good Research Paper Introduction Paragraph? It is natural for people to argumentative essay esl think, dress, and act like their fellows, and not evidence of a yolk around one's neck nor of inflexibility. In the 1950s, people who sought to be different and express that difference simply were, and in those instances where they had to fight, the introduction American court system increasingly backed them up. Teaching Argumentative? The idea that if everyone is not an eccentric then no one truly is is self-defeating, and in 1955 there was no lack of Americans marching to the beat of their own drum - so much so in fact that Europe came to learn this trait from us if at all, and not the other way around. Robert Frank, City Fathers, Hoboken, N.J, 1955.

In describing Frank's photo, City Fathers, Hoboken, N.J., Miss Greenough says that the men show none of the wisdom of age, the love or concern of a parent, or even the good sober stewardship of prominent civil servants as if such things could possibly be ferreted out by looking at a person's face or skin for research topics that matter, though Miss Greenough knows otherwise. Good Research Introduction? One man appears to be blowing a kiss, which is, of different topics, course, described by Miss Greenough as a smirk though it just as easily could be described as playful, and it could be directed towards the daughter he dearly loves or to his mistress - we do not know. By Miss Greenough's standard, one should be able to good research tell whether a person is a liar or a saint simply by looking at them. I am as troubled by Miss Greenough's and Mr. Byrne's depictions as I would be if they attempted to make the same connective thread to reality using Hud or The Last Picture Show , films which artfully proclaim they are about essays on guns, disintegration while Robert Frank proclaims the American cultural disintegration to be real. Feature film by its nature is obvious about its art and documentary photography often much less so. Were a feature film to blur the line between documentary and art it would be taken to task for promoting untruths and questions of good research paper introduction, ethics would arise.

For some reason we are forgiving of the idea that a documentary photographer's informal yet directed agenda can amount to the same thing as a Hollywood script. For my money, anyone who claims that 1950s America at its heart was a scene of disintegration, isolation and endemic racism are simply showing what they are predisposed either by intellect, prejudice, or desire to believe. The question is, compared to persuasive essay brainstorming what? To ourselves? Were we liars? Compared to who? Europe? Brazil? When we view feature films we are hyper-aware of the good research artistry conveyed and its relationship to reality, but with documentary photography it is a different matter entirely, although they both are occupying the custom paper paper term term topic topic same space in the sense of which I am speaking. This is not analysis on the part of Miss Greenough but a hopelessly puerile, naive, and biased willingness to see what one wants to paper introduction see and what that is argumentative essay, is a not so distant echo of the sins of the West.

She further seems enamored of the good research paper introduction paragraph pedantry I associate with the wonders of dialectical contrast when it comes to the sequencing of Frank's book, which is not a nuanced idea nor a specifically photographic one compared to the many layers a single photo can provide, but instead merely an upgunned comic book sequence, though Miss Greenough tries to compare it to film instead in a rather lifeless attempt to imbue the sequencing with a patina of art; though the order presentation is more similar to a comic book's strengths than to film, that comparison lacks merit in the halls of a museum. If Frank's sequences have power, so too does a sequence of comic panels. Miss Greenough says that Frank sought not to document American life but his experience of it and that Frank's work is paper paragraph, not the journey of one individual but rather the course, even the destiny of a nation., like Frank's photos were analogues to a photo of the essays on guns Union Pacific Railroad. I would argue in regard to the latter quote that Frank is doing the good introduction exact opposite and the former quote which contradicts the latter quote bewilderingly seems to essays on guns agree with me. Miss Greenough seems to take it on faith that the destiny of research paper paragraph, America was to be a group of order in a, vapid consumerists devoid of independent thought who were hypnotized by good paragraph Davy Crockett and their shiny washing machines while being led by endemic war mongerers, yellow journalists, misogynists and racists. We in turn can take it on faith that by an amazing coincidence Miss Greenough herself fits nowhere within that scenario. Even if Miss Greenough confessed to being a privileged de facto racist - a thing not unsual in her culture - it would ring hollow and maudlin. A confession is of pages in a research paper, not part of good paragraph, a dialogue because it still leaves us only with accusations and innocence distributed by race and gender. Institutional racism is one thing, claiming it resides in the form you were born with is itself an act of bigotry, and essays on guns the closing of a door. In a 2010 article Robert Moeller wrote about a photo in The Americans :In franks eyes, a plump African American woman wearing a simple country dress, sitting alone in a field, projects more beauty and grace than an paper paragraph, elaborately dressed blonde starlet arriving at a movie premiere: the former radiates joy, the latter an aloof anxiety.

One sees this type of projection and assignation of teaching argumentative, grace or brutishness, elegance or anxiety, parceled out by good paper introduction paragraph skin color in a startling number of instances in what is, to me, a clear case of a type of trendy and politically correct reverse racism that is just wrong. Miss Greenough herself, evidently not a fan of non-Aristotelian logic, seemingly believes that the map is different paper topics, indeed the territory and that skin does in fact matter, but only when it serves her world view - when it doesn't, it's probably just racism. Frank set out with preconceived notions of good research, places he'd never been to and photographed his distant stereotypes cemented together with first impressions and a desire to make art , but stereotype as archetype doesn't make all that fitting a mortar as the former confuses and research paper topics diminishes the latter if it is not readily admitted to as an internal artistic vision rather than an external reality. Frank may have misunderstood or simply disliked American eccentricity and brashness and good research paper introduction entirely misunderstood Americans as slaves to conformity since we have redefined ourselves throughout the 20th century with each new generation in a way that Europe has rarely done. The counter-culture that Europe itself embraced in the 1960s didn't originate in Europe but in the United States as did the revolutions that brought down Europe's kings and princes, and so we were borrowing them a can opener as it were and Europe is today populated with American baseball caps but without a baseball stadium in sight. The American cultural landscape was all but unrecognizable only 5 years after Frank's book was published in argumentative esl, the U.S., a decade after the photos were taken, and Robert Frank had nothing to do with it. Paper Introduction? If one wants to make a case for stodginess and conformity one need look no further than Frank's own Europe before World War II, after which, the lovely strains of persuasive, a German oom pah pah quartet were drowned out by John Coltrane. Introduction Paragraph? To reduce 160 million Americans in the mid-1950s to intellectually listless, ardently racist and lined up on a massive escalator whisking them away to an empty consumer society is a childish notion at best. In this sense Frank's photos are nothing more than picture post cards taken by paper paper paper a tourist that reduce America to emptiness as Brazil is reduced to a photo of Sugarloaf or France reduced to the Eiffel Tower. I just don't get this idea that anyone in America actually thought that Ozzie and Harriet or Father Knows Best was an actual reflection of America; they were TV shows, and everybody seems to get that but the photographers who apparently bought into the idea that such shows constituted a type of propaganda.

Showing America as the opposite of Father Knows Best and passing it off as hypocrisy or reality is even stupider than the TV show itself since no one on this earth was trying to pass off Father Knows Best as reality TV. Introduction? As an adjunct, I would like to argumentative essay say that it is just as idiotic to put a man on a pedestal by their skin color as it is to ask them to stand in a ditch because of their skin. Robert Frank, Movie Premier - Hollywood, 1955-56 William Klein, New York, 1954-55. Luc Sante writes in a Sept., 2009 essay called, Seeing Beauty In Our Shadows, Although no contemporaneous critic mentioned it to the best of my knowledge, Frank portrayed quite a lot of black people in good research paragraph, his book: elegant mourners in South Carolina, a turbaned mystic bearing a cross on the bank of the Mississippi, a dashing couple of motorcyclists in Indianapolis, a very dark nurse holding a very white baby whose expression matches hers. On the whole, African-Americans come across in the book as possessing somewhat more grace and style than their white counterparts. Note Mr. Essays On Guns? Sante's own use of the words dashing and elegant and how they are consistently parceled out and good research paragraph withheld according to skin color in these conversations, and always by people who present themselves to be colorblind and anti-bigotry. Where does a proverbial white Ohio truck driver fit into this mix and how does he fare? Not very well.

Lacking in grace, elegance, and turbaned spirituality evidently handed out by persuasive essay worksheet God in good paper introduction, the way of paper paper paper term term topic, high cheek bones or skin color, he resides in a no-man's land of sad and endemic cultural bankruptcy. To me this type of general commentary is startlingly racist; startling in that it is so blithe and unaware of itself, and yet at the same time seeks to preach morality to faceless millions who are in sorry need of good paper paragraph, a lesson which the teacher themselves prod us to believe they are immune to, while displaying a form of well-meaning and friendly hate speech worthy of the KKK. Orwell warned of doublethink to no avail in such instances, since holding mutually exclusive ideas in one's mind seems to be a feat of acrobatics which is effortless on the part of a politically correct generation of do-gooders who think everyone else does bad and and they try to make us believe this based on the most shallow outside appearances of human beings while at once decrying the idea of doing so; it is a form of delusional madness. The cognoscenti love to bullshit about persuasive essay, The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves. but without understanding it or taking it to heart, because shallow depictions of humanity is not fate or science but dump truck prejudice. In this scenario, fat equals stupid and lazy, cowboy hat equals ignorant, a turban at good introduction, the Ganges precludes criminality and so on. The human condition is not predicated on wearing suits or sarongs or by facial features, and so what you are seeing is the flip side of stereotypes trundled about in 30s pulp magazines but instead of the yellow menace it is the white menace and by implication, black innocence, which unfortunately still leaves black folks residing within a status of an other , still segregated from being thought of and society artistic creativity and the, as fully human with all that implies.

But since it's done in good introduction, a friendly manner it's A-okay. Crime and honesty is where you will find it and not where you expect to find it and is certainly not distributed by skin tone when it comes to elegance or grace; even those wildly eccentric Bugs Bunny cartoons from the inflexible and conformist 40s are not so stupid and those cartoons and films of the era show how much Americans were aware of essays on guns, their own foibles and how they had no trouble seeing themselves in a humorous light. Were this not so then instead of having Ben Hecht's and good research introduction paragraph Preston Sturges's America we would have had Leni Riefenstahl. In the persuasive worksheet same article Luc Sante says about Frank's depiction of America, that the United States didn't recognize itself. To me, to blithely state that 160 million Americans lacked the ability to good see itself as a nation but that some guy from Europe who'd spent a few years in the country and paper paper term term term who was visiting many of the locales for research paper introduction paragraph the first time could incisively view the real America is, in my opinion, purest nonsense. Paper? It's true that an research paragraph, outsider can have a fresh view of a culture, but for order in a research paper that to transform into true insight is impossible in a few years; any given culture on a national level will be staggeringly complex and resist stereotyping.

As opposed to the view of Frank's America, even a comic book of all things, the research paper paragraph April, 1953 issue of Weird Fantasy, #18, had a specifically anti-racist story in it called Judgment Day whose protagonist was a black man. William Gaines had to essays and society and the brain fight to get it published but make no mistake, there was a fight in good research introduction, progress and we needed no Robert Frank to tell us our business, and so Frank's book comes more and more to seem like it was speaking to a foreign market, however much people like Miss Greenough ardently wish otherwise. Brain? Americans in 1955 were immersed in their own many layered culture that had a depth almost unrivaled in the world. The idea that one could spend a few years in a few cities in India or Brazil and then set out by car to research paragraph reveal the real India or Brazil in order of pages in a, a way that was anything but chauvinistically shallow just doesn't hold water for me, and if you attach an agenda to the matter it only gets worse. If Frank was working like a painter or playwright who shows their own expression of a segment of American life then that is one thing, but if The Americans is meant to show the destiny of a nation then it is good paper paragraph, a view that is hopelessly myopic and essays on guns biased and somewhat mean-spirited. Paper Paragraph? To me, Frank's work is brilliant in the context of art and if taken in the context of document the essays on guns power of the good introduction paragraph imagery is of pages research, still there but diminished; the destiny of America had nothing to do with us being clueless, racist morons with empty lives more than any other nation and perhaps even less so than others since it was not Frank's Europe which rescued America in WW II but we who rescued Europe. If you want to read emptiness into good research paper a man's eyes then go to Cairo or India in teaching argumentative, 2010 and good introduction look into the eyes of a man riding a donkey in the suburbs of Cairo who had to give over his daughter to work for an old woman miles away because he could not afford to different paper raise her himself, or into the eyes of research paper introduction paragraph, a farmer in India where they are committing suicide wholesale for lack of money. Step over bodies of sleeping homeless families in front of every shuttered store front at night in downtown Rio de Janeiro in 1988. I at least had the grace to custom paper paper paper term term not photograph such things, juxtapose it with a photo of happy white beach goers, make a book out of it and call it The Brazilians or The Clueless Conformist Racists of India for that matter. When it comes to research paper the imagined superiority of the East over the decadent West, look at the filthiest and holiest Ganges River at teaching esl, the holy Hindu city of good paper introduction, Varansi where Hindus throw garbage into the river until one takes one's health into one's hands merely to enter its waters. Americans seem to have mastered the weird art of on science and society artistic brain, being entirely provincial about their own backyard, but viewing it as if from research introduction paragraph a great distance, and that distance invariably providing a distortion in the negative and not the positive.

It is important to always look at a culture in proportion and context and not in some vacuum. For all America's supposed decadence, people all over paper topic the world are breaking down the doors and risking their lives to come to America like no other country in the world, and in the 1950s no black folks were trying to escape America like East Germans did in research paper introduction, their hundreds of teaching, thousands when Frank was making his photographs, until the Berlin Wall had to be built, and so I would like to make a book to good research introduction paragraph contrast The Americans called, The Rest of the World . On the flip side of this is the moronic supposition of American exceptionalism, and what is in between I ask? It is something that looks like truth. Custom Topic? In Miss Greenough's eyes, she distributes elegance and brutishness according to research paragraph a well established politically correct doctrine that is itself at once patronizing and racist and argumentative entirely unfair to her own country. To listen to a lecture composed of such utter nonsense from an institution like The National Gallery of Art is disheartening to say the research paper paragraph least, but even more disheartening in that I have come to expect it. In the eyes of the artistic elite, America seems to be nothing more than one big shithole that should be taken to research topics task for Chapultepec and The Trail of Tears and even excoriated and punished for it as if guilt actually can not only be distributed by skin color but within the context of a connection by skin color spanning decades if not hundreds of years. Being a slave does not confer innocence but only a yoke. It is not just the boring conformity of paper introduction, Ozzie and Harriet that is to be despised in such a view but Conrad's heart of darkness that lurked beneath the thin veneer of civilization that comprised their skin. No one can doubt that such acts as the Vietnam War comprised one enormous crime, but to flail ourselves like monks in a dark age monastery using one standard of race for some while withholding that same standard from others as racist would seem to serve little purpose.

It seems meant only to smugly enable one to show how vociferously they do not approve, without regard to self-contradiction or fairplay, and so stand above the rest of the tawdry crowd who actually may like themselves, which is an argumentative esl, act apparently considered intellectually bourgeois, though the research paragraph lecturer's own iPhone, iPad, polluting automobile, and other veneers of civilization are apparently exempt as long as their heart itself is in teaching argumentative essay, the right place. There is plenty to look at with a weather eye in America from subject matter like The Pentagon, or Iraq or atomic power but when one cries wolf so often by wrapping America up in its entirety in a burlap bag and throwing it into the river it diminishes the good research introduction impact to a noxious dial tone of the purely negative. My parents in brainstorming, 1952 after having ridden 100 miles. from Minneapolis to Little Falls. Research? My father worked. in a tractor factory and my mother was a home-maker. Neither had the slightest interest in art, literature. or higher education and yet possessed the innate. eccentricity of the typical American. Happy, eccentric middle class Americans - not a Frank photo. As formal artistic expressions, Robert Frank's work in The Americans is brilliant, particularly for its day, although Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans and others had preceded Frank in this arena, albeit in less beat fashion.

One could argue that William Klein and Henri Cartier-Bresson did the same kind of work before or alongside Frank. However, Frank was not just stumbling about America for months completely open to the experience and with no preconceived ideas, but looking for a sense of the tragic, as happy, smiling faces have little traction in artistic expression other than to be in in a research, turn smiled at. In a larger sense, Frank's book tries to turn America into one giant F.S.A. project wherein the Great Depression resides in our hearts and psyche. Making art out of a sense of the research paragraph tragic is completely understandable as Shakespeare's plays would have had little traction had they been about happy picnics and Miller's Death of in a research, A Salesman and countless other expressions of art occupy the same space. But those expressions are art and good research paragraph not reality.

They are not dispassionate snapshots of the world and essays on guns the fact that Robert Frank's work uses photographs of real people in real settings in an impromptu manner has confused the good research paper paragraph issue although, arguably, Frank was working from a type of script just as Hollywood itself does. Robert Frank's photos in The Americans are not documentary photos except in paper paper term topic topic, a strict sense and resemble Jacque-Louis David's Death of Marat more than they do a window onto research paper paragraph, American life, and essays on guns like David's painting, Frank's book can be considered the photographic pieta of the revolution of the arts that had begun to good research paper paragraph look with a weather eye at America and its values. If Robert Frank and other outsiders bought into some Santa Claus notion of America that was never in fact true outside of film, literature and the media, then I don't see how that is an American problem as American's surely knew themselves better than Frank did. One's reaction to a thing can be measured in this sense by what one expected to see in research paper topics, the first place, but this should not be taken as a measure of the thing itself. Robert Frank, 'Rodeo' , 1954. In this sense, Robert Frank's work in The Americans is not an example of introduction paragraph, a truth . Frank's book of photos is formally brilliant and yet our interpretation of it has been naive. The fact of the matter is that these themes and persuasive subjects have been with civilization all along and paper introduction just because some people were unaware of this does not equal revelation.

If one buys into Andy Hardy or Leave It To Beaver or Doris Day the chaste, one need not project this eye-popping unveiling onto essays on guns, society when one learns otherwise nor, as a result, depict society as if it is only sordid, like a dystopian Norman Rockwell but with a camera; 83 inverted Saturday Evening Post covers spreading their own message of research introduction, American life concentrated in one book. We need no epiphanies about Santa Claus and one person's visual or perceptual voyeurism or slumming is another man's matter of fact world because one person's epiphany is another's meat and essays on guns potatoes. Frank came to find an exotic, shanty town of immorality and research that's what he found. Americans said, What did I do? Frank's work has some of the enthusiasm of an On the Road wherein people are basically saying, Oh, look - a bum, and over there, a prostitute. Persuasive Essay Brainstorming? I've never seen that before - how weird and strange and cool. Paper Introduction? I'm going to write about it and photograph it and oh, look over there, twin girls with weird eyes. That's a revelation to custom paper topic those who don't get out much, something less for those that do - how does one measure naivete? Here is a bulletin: one will find whore houses and research introduction prostitutes virtually anywhere in the world of civilized man one goes, whether it is Guatemala City, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Kuta Beach in Bali, Cairo, Paris, Washington D.C. or Granada in and society artistic brain, Spain, not that I would know anything about that personally. Frank was apparently startled by segregation and wanted to photograph aspects of it, like he couldn't understand why we couldn't see it like he did.

It's almost like Frank was saying, Hey, look everybody - racism, can't you see it? Perhaps Frank was startled because he expected more from a country that touted itself as a democracy and Frank was down on Switzerland whose record during World War II was decidedly mixed when it came to the Jewish question. I personally find it hard to credit how someone who lived in Switzerland during World War II could be so startled by segregation in the U.S. when the wholesale arrest, deportation and slaughter of Jews was an issue of everyday life in research paper introduction, neutral Switzerland during the war - I'm afraid that's something I just don't get. Was the French book deal for The Americans prior to paper term term topic Frank's visit an issue and did Frank know it would have an good paper introduction, anti-American slant before it was published? Did Frank object to the subsequent text of the French first editon because it was anti-American or because so much text took away from different his photos? How did Frank reconcile France's own treatment of Jews and research paragraph Vichy government during World War II and their anti-American stance, or did he see the French first edition of The Americans as simply one Frenchman's stance? We have confused the in a research bright and creative artistic visions of Robert Frank, Diane Arbus and Sally Mann with reality. Good Paragraph? If they were paintings we would be less confused as these photographers seek to control their presentations every bit as much as a painter and the disdain with which some hold Norman Rockwell's paintings of life in America are proof of this confusion and this is exacerbated in the case of Frank's photos. Only in the mind of an artist can it be perceptually gloomy and brainstorming overcast every day; this has nothing to do with we Americans because we are not anything all the time.

What Frank saw in America he could just as easily have depicted in research introduction, Europe. Teaching Argumentative? One need only look at Brassai [5] to see so and the same could be done about any European country today if that's what you want to see. I love the story of Arthur Miller and the Egyptian policeman [6] because it speaks to this universality. Perhaps Frank resented centuries old Europe having to be rescued from research paper introduction paragraph its own hatreds and bigotry as it was in World War II by upstart rascals and yokels who were still in cultural short pants - I don't know. In 1982 Jno Cook writes about The Americans , In France it came out as a clearly anti-American book. The photographs were accompanied by an 84-page text of quotations and anecdotes collected by critic Alain Bosquet, presented under headings such as, 'The Civil War Continues,' 'Isolationism,' 'An Incorrigible Idealism,' 'Uniformity.' 'The Intellectual is Suspect,' 'Religion or Religiosity,' and topic topic 'The Almighty Dollar.' [4] With the exception of the good research paper last, it sounds like the paper term Soviet Union, another group of introduction paragraph, upstarts who had to rescue Europe from the Eastern end. In The American Enemy: The History of French Anti-Americanism , Phillipe Roger writes, As Satre could have put it, in persuasive brainstorming, France, anti-Americanism's existence always preceded any essence of research paper, America. So, if the cart came before the horse, it may not be the greatest surprise that Frank's perhaps pre-imagined reaction to America was somewhere between disappointment and revulsion, as Roger puts it. Paper Paper Term Term Topic? Frank's supposed remark about wanting to understand the good introduction kind of on science and society creativity, civilization born here and spreading elsewhere. takes on a slightly darker undertone of the spreading of a disease given the resultant photographs.

According to Erica McDonald on her website, she recollects Robert Frank saying at the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2009 that, I felt it (the text accompanying the French 1st edition) was very anti-American. At the time Frank was taking his photos for The Americans , those French were just at the point of being kicked out of Vietnam and Algeria after bitter fighting in their unsuccessful attempts to colonize those 2 polities. A book Frank did in those two countries called, The French , probably wouldn't have gone over too well in Europe. Frank's book came out at a time in research introduction paragraph, America in the late 1950s when people, ever more freed from drudgery and with more free time, insisted on life as art rather than getting up, going to work and doing it all over again the next day. Young people were beginning to question and even dislike American society and that dislike has never found greater traction than today. It was the cusp of the generation gap and custom paper paper term term term topic people were testing limits and pushing back against the Hayes Office and Comic Code Authority and the violent film Bonnie and Clyde and the hilariously disgusting underground comic masterpieces of research paper, Robert Crumb were only a few years down the road. Of Pages? America was redesigning itself from the paper introduction ground up. Commercial illustrators with lucrative accounts in in a research paper, the 1950s suddenly found themselves out of work, comic books like DC had to paper introduction paragraph achieve a new look in order to compete with their hep rivals at Marvel. Old-style Hollywood directors were cast aside and TV and literature continually felt a pressure to push the envelope to keep up with the new sense America had of itself and the doubt and and society artistic and the brain even dislike of good paper paragraph, America began to be highlighted by our involvement in Vietnam. The lingering effects of a kind of anti-Americanism by brainstorming Americans themselves have been exacerbated by that generation's vision of itself in a kind of analogue to American exceptionalism, their own audacious stamp of paragraph, approval as a result of the incredible popularity of the music and other mass forms of expression - counter-culture exceptionalism as it were, cultural chauvinism from those who professed to hate cultural chauvinsim.

In the early 1980's, Ronald Reagan ran with the idea of America simply liking itself once again but it is an idea that has never fully caught on and in fact an American loathing for itself has deepened considerably in certain circles. What had been a gradual evolution from say, 1935 to 1945 to essays on guns 1955 became a wholesale deluge of introduction, change by of pages research paper 1965. Unlike those previous decades, the change was so abrupt and so negative in it's view of good research paper introduction paragraph, pre-Vietnam American that while many embraced it, just as many resisted and you had parallel America's existing side by side in some respects, although of course the media and business were on the band wagon nearly from the essays on guns start, as it was perceived by introduction commercial entities that this change was in fact shallow enough that it could be marketed to, and that is as true today as ever as this revolution is the most televised and essay worksheet marketed to in history; big business from green tea to good introduction leather jackets to yoga books. Teaching Essay? Today, many of the old style designers and illustrators are recognized as masters as their work which, when viewed through the lens of the cultural revolution, is startlingly good and good research paper introduction paragraph it is realized that trends in art are not the same things as the fundamental values of art, which are timeless, and that perhaps we ran too far and too fast, taking with us the ephemeral and leaving behind that which mattered and in essays on science and society brain, so doing created a gap that cannot be easily recrossed. One could I think, make a compelling argument that design in the United States has never recovered its voice since it was turned over in the mid-60s. In 2010 many websites have turned to retro design principles and looks and paper introduction paragraph when is the last time you saw a movie poster that reflected modern design fundamentals as did mid-20th century design sensibilities; you cannot look at a movie poster from 1982 and say that it reflected a school of design. Even a sleazy detective paperback cover from 1960 reflects a more fundamental approach to design than any paperback covers from the last 40 years, which are a hodgepodge of self-expression with no school of worksheet, design evident.

How many commercial illustrators and designers tried to keep up with the flurry of modern sensibilities in introduction, the late 1960s only to falter and fail as the order of pages research whole thing was really one big crap shoot? It was a turning away for the sake of turning away and not an good research, evolution, since there was nothing to order research replace what was discarded, only the research paper paragraph desire to discard; there is a difference between moving forward and moving away. Areas like science fiction and mainstream literature, film, animation, all had their starts and stops in widely varying degrees, most eventually finding their own voice when recognizable sub-genres began to emerge and their principles adhered to. In the case of essays on guns, modern conceptualized photography, aside from political correctness, no schools of thought have emerged but merely individual self-expression, each with its own mini-world of fundamentals but with no binding principles and so each arguably as good and to be respected as the last in a vast democracy of nothing. And alongside the conceptual photographer walked the view that America was still a thing to be discarded and entirely politicized and all in one direction, with no balance evident or desired for that matter, and so the creative became merely a tiresome blog whose only binding principle was that America was an imperfect place which needed to be eternally torn down and rebuilt. The principle was I'm okay, you're okay. within this community and with America outside that community generally speaking it was, You're not okay. Research Paragraph? To me, this is in a, simply dishonest. Success and good paragraph failure has come to brainstorming worksheet be associated with one's politics and paper introduction not with a situation where there is actual formal scope for failure and, as I state elsewhere, there can therefore be no success. Agenda driven art is not art but propaganda and a political position is not talent. If all modern artist's do is smash idols then that itself becomes inflexible conformity.

The modern iconoclast has become the new John Wayne, but one who is very good at networking and coffee drinking. Los Angeles, 1946. Eschewing the dystopian view of America that has revealed itself to be an empty cup, in my own documentary photos of the Minneapolis Aquatennial and Hopkins Parades, I do the opposite of pages and I document the people without projecting my assumptions onto the lives of others I don't even know, preferring to good research paper introduction deal in scale, light, color and contrast and do straight documentary photography. I have no fear of being taken for a middle class boor who cannot attain the ephemeral and nuanced nature of teaching argumentative esl, fine art . Introduction? I do not need to advertise my real counter-culture or rebellious nature. I must admit that as a photographer I look with a weather eye at a book of 83 photographs like The Americans that took some 28,000 photos to comprise; perhaps not exactly going for paper paper term term topic the jugular when it comes to a personal vision in taking the photos but very much so in the process of editing them.

Robert Frank should not be taken to task for his artistic expression which should be and has been celebrated, but it should've been in the sense a play is celebrated and not as a reflection of research paper, reality; A Streetcar Named Desire would have an utterly different tone were it not only trumpeted as being based on a true story but that story being the essence of a hopeless and hapless America. It is ourselves who should be taken to task for running with the idea that we are dark, racist and clueless morons; it is only in on science and society creativity and the, someone's head that a single person depicted in The Americans had dead end lives or that a cowboy chewed on his cigar brutishly. Let's face the truth: in Frank's book a black man has an aura of jazzy innocence and a cowboy hat an instant association with brutishness and paper paragraph my own association with such concepts is one of different research paper, idiocy. As for Frank himself, as I've said, it is hard to understand a person feeling so strongly about the decadence of America when he himself had escaped immolation only a few years before by good research introduction paragraph having the luck as a Jew to live in neutral Switzerland during World War II, and it was those self-same Americans , decadent dead end kids, marching morons [7] or otherwise, who liberated many a concentration camp. What traction does the persuasive essay tail end of the Jim Crow era depicted in some few of good research introduction paragraph, Frank's photographs have compared to essay esl the mass murder of 6 million Jews only a few years before, and that's not including the brutal war on the Russian front that swallowed millions more lives, acts that have never been seen on good research introduction paragraph, the American continents on such a monumental scale compressed into 6 years? Frank loves to custom term topic depict Americans as leading lives with blinders on but one has to question who it was who had on the blinders and towards what since Spain, for example, even years after The Americans came out, was a place where a woman couldn't start a bank account without her husband's permission, and in the middle east at research paper introduction, the end of the persuasive worksheet first decade of the 21st century women reside in a similar place; who's knocking down the doors to make a book called The Muslims and how excoriated would it be if it occupied the same intellectual space as Frank's The Americans and with similar chapter headings to the French first edition? When art becomes confused with reality and that reality depicts the decadence of research, another culture, that art becomes a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. You will never see a Frank-like book called The Muslims and the irony is that you might take your life into worksheet your hands to do so. Certainly the culture of the fine arts in the West would reject such a work out of hand. For all its decadence, Frank has continued to live in the United States as an American, and not Europe.

When one thinks of how the American flag is used in The Americans , it may be that Frank's own perceived near miss in Switzerland during World War II and that war's attendant devastation had simply given Frank a deep distrust of the uses to which flags could be put. In an interview at Wellesley College in 1977 Robert Frank said about his work in The Americans , I knew the photographs were true. They were what I felt, they were completely intuitive. There was no thinking. That feeling has stayed with me; I never wavered from research introduction paragraph that. When I did The Americans I was very ambitious, I knew I wanted to do a book, and artistic creativity I was deadly serious about it, and somehow things just happened right. It was the first time I had seen this country, and it was the right mood. I had the right influences - I knew Walker's photographs, I knew what I didn't want, and then that whole enormous country sort of coming against my eyes.

It was a tremendous experience, and it worked, but it came naturally to show what I felt, seeing those faces, those people, the kind of hidden violence. The country at that time - the McCarthy period - I felt it very strongly. I should make it clear that I in good research paper paragraph, no way consider or compare my own stature or talent to the stature or talent of Frank but am merely contrasting what amounts to essays and society artistic creativity and the brain a political viewpoint foisted off or at least taken as journalism as opposed to art. My photography may not even exist were it not for good paragraph Frank and it would be hard to overestimate his seminal influence. It is in regard to topics the runaway legacy of good research paper paragraph, Frank that I say I am not afraid to ride below those scudding clouds and relate to the people I photograph or one to worry about my artistry not being obvious enough to proclaim my creativity. In fact I love to bury the artistry and introduce ambiguity to a certain extent as a litmus of shallow perceptions of photography as art . I have nothing to prove or tattoos to display and this desire to do so has decimated fine art photography as everyone scrambles to be the ultimate intellectual, afraid to back off for teaching esl one second lest they lose their intellectual credentials, wanting to prove that they can splatter paint, deal with space and think outside the box with the best of them. Good Research Introduction Paragraph? The fact of the matter is essays on guns, that we need a new Ginsberg, someone to set against the monster that Ginsberg himself helped create and which is paper introduction paragraph, now every bit as stodgy and full of vapid innocuous euphemisms[8], quoting the judge who ruled in favor of Ginsberg at his obscenity trial, as that zeitgeist which Ginsberg himself sought to and society artistic unravel. There is a difference between the natural evolution of an good research introduction, art form - creative people are anything but static - and paper paper term topic that evolution being done for its own sake, turning into revolution, and so usurping and eventually denying the art itself.

James May, Guatemala, 1977. In my own documentary work I am not trying to show how middle class I am not and I pride my work in being neither political or politically correct since I do not view the peoples of the Third World as the tragic yet colorful inhabitants of paper, a zoo. On Science Artistic Creativity And The? There will never be a photograph of mine that is a portrait taken in India or Guatemala with a politically correct caption saying how much pride or spirituality the face reflects since pride and good paper introduction spirituality are endemic to us all, as are elegance and brutishness. Such is our legacy as human being and the market has not been cornered by anyone - this is real perception. Such identity-based comments are patronizing towards people in the Third World and insulting towards the West; it's almost a form of casual and teaching esl patronizing racism because it holds that peoples in the Third World are different from good research introduction ourselves in a way that needs some kind of propping up or special attention with footnotes. I am surprised by how many times I have seen the word dignity attached to Frank's photo of black men in Funeral, St.

Helena, S.C., 1955. In my opinion this is a more subtle and nuanced form of racism, ostensibly positive but racism nonetheless since people of essays on guns, color are still held to be some other and such positive appellations are conspicuously absent from research paper paragraph descriptions of the white middle class. At the 50th anniversary celebration of The Americans at the Lincoln Centers Walter Reade Theater Robert Frank, when asked by of pages research paper Charlie LeDuff why he photographed so many minorities for research introduction his book, Frank replied, They looked more attractive than white people. Try saying the opposite and see where that gets you in what is a horrendous double standard that would be considered utterly racist were it turned around. At that same event and wearing a John Deere baseball cap, Frank said, People here have a largesse. I'm grateful to have become an American. It is a commonly held view among Western documentary photographers that dignity, spiritualism and value resides everywhere but in their own culture, and it's okay to essays on guns say that but not the other way around, cuz then it's just racist I guess. They delight in showing the debauchery and emptiness of the West and this is a form of subtle yet nevertheless brutal cultural self-loathing as the story of good research paper paragraph, America and our parents and grandparents has never been disliked by persuasive essay worksheet more Americans than today, as 50s symbolism gave way to urban myth gave way to a reality which was taken for granted.

This is an echo of the 1960's when a young generation couldn't wait to good introduction paragraph flee both physically and intellectually away from their parents, accenting and accelerating and twisting with a passion the natural desire to get out on one's own and start a life and family. The American Frank-mirrored penchant of portrayal of other cultures in this manner is paper term term topic, natural to a certain extent because people are fascinated by other cultures, but there is no need to wallow in politicizing and formalizing one's ignorance of others in the name of paragraph, professing a desire to learn or peer beneath the veil. In such a case, all those photographers are documenting is their own incomprehension and essays on guns parochialism. In any case, you will not see such spiritual captions and Nostalgie de la boue[9] beneath the portrait of an Ohio truck driver or a banker and you can be assured of that; often the closer we photographers are to a thing the good paper less we see it and persuasive essay brainstorming so we fight to do so. Photographers are of course aware of this but too often succumb to the very banality they seek to see freshly and good research paper introduction so go hunting in other localities armed for bear. As I state elsewhere, Frank is not to be blamed for paper his vision of good paper, America but ourselves for running with it alongside Burroughs and persuasive essay worksheet the misunderstood legacy of Kerouac and others of their ilk, outsiders who, like fine art photographers who perhaps cannot climb to a good place, seek to tear it down to their own level, and so you have the wholesale gutting of sectors of fine art photography in America alongside the good paper paragraph idea of America itself as there are now large sectors of the American public who have a vested and childish interest in viewing mainstream America as spiritless and sinful. Robert Frank was making politically correct depictions of decrepit American institutions long before that term came into essays on guns resonance. The coming decades in research, America would see an obsession on the political Left with multiculturalism and diversity, as if that decrepit European America needed a leavening to wash away its endemic sinfulness and the currency such ideas yet have today was nowhere more evident than in custom paper term topic topic, Barak Obama's run to the Presidency on a platform of fundamental changes that America needed to embrace before it could wash away the sins of its own past. In liberal arts colleges across this nation in the 1970s, Robert Frank's The Americans found great favor among both teachers and students as it jibed almost perfectly with the counter-culture's own ideas of the failed American zeitgeist that came to its most obvious expression in the 1950s. In fact, the 2 American decades following World War II were rejected wholesale as artless, spiritless and rigidly conformist.

Mr. Byrne's and Miss Greenough's remarks quoted earlier show the truth of good paper paragraph, this entire scenario as they are merely the of pages in a research paper tip of an iceberg in good paper introduction paragraph, an America wherein their political breed huddle closely together on issues ranging from immigration to affirmative action to taxation to persuasive brainstorming global warming. Research Paper? Dissent in this community is on science and society creativity, treated with derision and research paragraph it is notable how many contemporary artist's statements include the idea of art as a vehicle of social change. Different Paper Topics? While this is good research paper paragraph, nothing new there is a stridency and order of pages hollowness about research paper paragraph, today's artistic crusaders that tells me that it is custom paper term topic topic, not a desire for social change which resides at the heart of good paragraph, this phenomenon but a trendy, stereotype and buzz-word ridden huddling place in which the intellectual and essays on guns anti-American inheritors of a European's unkind view of America practice their own unwitting conformity. Brassai, A Prostitute Playing Russian Billiards, Boulevard Rochechouart, Montmartre, Paris, 1932. Today's fine art photographers who tout their work as vehicles for change run perilously close to appearing as people who simply tell others what they think they want to hear in order to tap into this anti-self current, the better to get exhibitions and grants from institutions whose own rhetoric is good paper introduction, now laced with a heavy hand of of pages in a paper, social programs for anyone considered disenfranchised. In this commisar-like scenario the research paragraph stars are women, gays and ethnicity and those who are looked at with a weather eye are men, those of essays on guns, European descent and pretty much anyone who doesn't give off with a hearty equivalent to the term comrade . In order to be on the right side of this equation people like Byrne and Greenough show off their credentials as if to research introduction say, I belong; let's be honest, to of pages paper do otherwise would be career suicide. Large sectors of American art institutions have become willing promoters and enablers of a type of intellectual affirmative action whose views of those they see as equal but in the past disenfranchised are nevertheless patronizing portraits of second class citizens, as if they themselves doubt what they promote.

America is being transformed into good research paragraph a place where the least among it citizens is to be given full expression no matter the cost in essays on guns, treasure or culture and no matter how many props have to be built to sustain the structure and no matter how many others are discomfitted to avoid the impropriety of inequality. It is not an good research paper introduction, artist's world but that of a lawyer covering all the bases who doesn't understand that the term all men are created equal has to do with kings and princes and their divine right to rule and nothing about the rights of common men one to the other or cultural relativism. The politicization of the art world in America is far advanced and of pages research entirely a reflection of Frank's book, aside from research paper paragraph its actual influence, but in an Orwellian manner that is so troubling that it is the arts themselves that have largely come to occupy the conceptual and political space of The Americans depicted in Frank's book and the art of it, the art of creativity, has been lost for the politics of teaching essay esl, it, subverted, twisted and circumvented. Part 2: The Runaway Conceptualist: The Formal Circumvention. The Rebel As Dictator or How To Fail At Anger Management. Nothing frightens those in authority so much as criticism. Good Research Introduction Paragraph? Whether democrats or dictators, they are unable to accept that criticism is the most constructive tool available to any society because it is the artistic and the best way to research paper paragraph prevent error. Paper Paper Paper Term Term? The weakness of research introduction, rationally based power can be seen in the way it views criticism as an even more negative force than a medieval king might have done. After all, even the fool has been banished from the castles of modern power. What is it which so frightens these elites? - John Ralston Saul, Voltaire's Bastards James May, Hopkins Parade, 2009.

What I can say positively about essays on guns, Robert Frank's book, The Americans is good, that it is not guilty of essays on guns, attempting to either subvert or circumvent the particular skill set and strengths endemic to photography itself and in fact uses them to great effect. But it would be to little effect as it turned out good research introduction when it came to artistic brain the future as a conceptual, formal, text based, modern art version of fine art photography would come to dominate the genre, initially to some good effect but eventually with the research introduction fossilization that comes to visit all overly conceptualized and pedantic revolutions. Essays On Science Artistic And The Brain? In this conceptualized revolution's first beginnings people like Robert Frank dovetailed with the new mythologist's contemporary essential dislike of America and its institutions and the portrayal of a conveniently never-ending conformity planted the seeds of the demise of the style of his own photography. New artists left behind the research paper Walker Evans as beat poet as formally quaint. After a new and more intellectualized phase as characterized by Shore and Eggleston, fine art photography entirely ran with the Robert Frank inspired dislike of America.

The new formality of modern conceptual fine art photography in some ways become merely a template in which to express a disdain for essays on guns not only America but the history of photography itself. Add in a desire for every one of these artists to research paper paragraph be the new Ginsberg and you have intellectual revelation piled on revelation until one realizes that it all amounts to a compelling urge to do nothing more than stay out of Ward Cleaver's house; they were not trying to be something, they were trying to not be something. So Duchamp's found objects turned into found evidences of the emptiness and heartlessness of the American dream by people readymade to embrace the essay brainstorming idea but not readymade to embrace the idea of research paper introduction paragraph, a reflection of self - that was for others to do while the artist dispenses clues. These artists seem to little realize that if their work is reduced to persuasive essay an idea endlessly repeated then there is little reason to actually visit the good introduction paragraph work much less repeat such ideas ad nauseam. Alongside the formalists still reside the representational photographers but their work is often presented in such a manner, if presented at all, as having a somehow lesser status than the intellectualized version of a genre hijacked by people who in fact have little interest in or understanding of photography, and little to essay worksheet say with a camera other than to misuse it as one might use a screwdriver handle to hammer nails. A decidedly photographic personal vision is subverted in good research, the name of the anti-photograph and artists who simply have no vision to present. Prior to the onset of this new formalism as demagogue, the reason people liked Robert Frank's book The Americans , apart from the new faddist self-loathing, is because of paper paper paper term term term, his success as an artist; there was scope for failure within Frank's work which he was well aware of, otherwise it could have been a book of 28,000 equally valid photos and not 83.

Conceptual photography lacks this scope for and tension associated with failure and an intellectual photographer can indeed churn out 20,000 images for a book as each is the same as the last and the strength of photography is subverted and good research introduction paragraph made into an equivalent with a mere photographic process. I don't have a problem with that but put it into a side category like multimedia or xerox art and don't make photographers compete with what amounts to collages made from xeroxes. James May, Minneapolis, 1997. Conceptual fine art photography to me is a practiced art that is full of empty stereotypes but which thinks of itself as the exact opposite, positing that representational photography itself is a played out stereotype. A genre is not in itself a stereotype but represents a self-restrictive form that therefore presents recognizable archetypes, a crucial difference our great washed seem unable to paper topics compute. Modern fine art conceptualized photography has lost the heart of understanding the crucial difference between self-expression and art.

A genre is 1,000 time more interesting to research paper introduction me than an research, act of subversive self-expression that, while ostensibly working within a genre, has no real respect for research introduction it and, as we have seen, has no trouble with the essays on guns idea of circumventing and good research paper subverting a given genre in the name of ego and vanity, not to say a lack of teaching, talent posing as a disdain for research paper paragraph talent. It's like the difference between an American Idol singer or Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and paper term term topic the odious Patti LaBelle, who brutally set out to see how many notes they can fit into a given space and introduction paragraph how much virtuosity they can display instead of the, to essay brainstorming worksheet me, more true idea of serving the song like an Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall or Amy Winehouse and, instead of subverting the genre at good paragraph, the altar of self expression, subverting oneself in the name of the art of it. People write blogs but those blogs do not serve writing, they serve the ego of the writer and are dashed off without regard to nuance, 4th or 5th drafts or a regard for the profound beyond what one can create at a moment's notice; it is not something that one can fault a blogger for but merely the persuasive nature of paper introduction, what they do, which is quick. Essays On Guns? The heady desire for research fine art photographers to be shown without regard to proper mentorship or vetting of the work rather than the argumentative resume is at the heart of the good paper problem as in the world of conceptual photography there is no such thing as being wrong or failure but merely the persuasive photographic and research paper introduction paragraph intellectualized equivalent of a blog wherein the different paper topics tone of one's politics actually trumps any formal or creative concerns. The way to get along in such a world is to basically tell people what they want to hear and good restrict one's criticisms of the essays on guns world to safe subjects like the ever present and largely faceless social injustice or the suburbs, rape, or George Bush, then, you can go wild with Nazi and good paper paragraph imperialism analogues until you're blue in the face. Otherwise, when it comes to such criticism's going in the other direction, it's you're okay I'm okay. In this worship of the overly and overtly intellectualized, the representational was pushed aside as many photographers simply couldn't compete with the best they chose to topics measure themselves against in the form of a Steven Shore or Joel Meyerowitz and it took too long even if they could. So a fast track was in order that disguised itself as a democracy of expression. Fine art photography was subverted by the equivalent of amateur bloggers who all supported one another because they recognized the kindred spirit of a tacit con game; there was no love of form but of self and the idea of some kind of period of apprenticeship was laughable as in the arena of conceptual photography, opportunists reveled in the idea that one idea was as good as another. As a result for many years you have had far too many conceptual photographers in the fine arts attempting to introduction paragraph build a Parthenon out of wood just because they can't work in stone or because it's too hard and worse, they would have you believe that working in stone in this sense is discredited.

Many of the new breed of fine art photographers, failing to pull themselves up have set about to pull photography down and all this intellectualization of photography has ostensibly been done in essays on guns, the name of and hidden under a cloak of progress. Some compare Robert Frank's visit to America to paragraph Frenchman de Toqueville's visit in the 1830s. Custom Paper Paper Paper Term Term Topic? Somewhat apropos to the above, de Toqueville wrote about America, But one also finds in good, the human heart a depraved taste for equality, which impels the weak to want to bring the strong down to their level. [10] Robert Frank couldn't penetrate Magnum or Life magazine so he subverted and circumvented those presentations of photography by redefining what was good but in order in a research, his particular case and that of his contemporary William Klein not entirely without reason and certainly to good effect. In the case of paper, Life magazine this resulted in contrasting a close ended comic book narrative as opposed to an open ended one. All hail Sgt. Rock and the cliffhanger.

In reality all that modern conceptual fine art photography is essays on guns, is beatnik and Vietnam-era contrariness upgunned for the 21st century and done for it's own sake and confused with iconoclasm which is the unbroken idol these artists cherish; they rail against constraints long vanished or contextually nonexistent in the first place, identifying themselves with the Jim Crow of conformity they never had to go through themselves but nevertheless the cherished memory of the hard times of the eternal rebel who exists apart from anything to fight against. James May, Professional Wrestlers, Guatemala City, 1987. What you're left with is a combination of paper introduction, non-sentient cynicism, dishonesty and incompetence raised, ironically, to a fine art. The orderly evolution of fine art photography one expected after men like Steven Shore never materialized, feet failing on essay, a broken trail to paraphrase Robert Howard.[11] The failures and lack of integrity of the genre's gatekeepers, namely arts foundations, museums, galleries and schools, together with a surge of visual artists coming out of colleges in the 70s meant a faster means to good research paper introduction paragraph success came into play and so one was left with shallow versions of Shore and Eggleston or xerox-like versions of Broadway Boogie Woogie[12], with large format cameras used to gain credibility and paper not because they have an actual use for them. Ted Kopel, in an article in good paper introduction paragraph, the Nov.14, 2010 Washington Post titled, Olberman, O'Reilly and the Death of Real News, wrote, But we are no longer a national audience receiving news from in a research paper a handful of trusted gatekeepers; we're now a million or more clusters of consumers, harvesting information from like-minded providers. In the realm of fine art photography, it's the tyranny of the many insisting on being fed pablum and dumbing down the genre into a politically correct think tank, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

This is done because the many no longer admire the artistry of the artist, though paying great lip service to doing so but instead use the artist to confirm their own view of art which, in lieu of actual experience as artists, is a view upheld by the idea of the sheer power of their intellect and superior moral position overcoming creative experience and, to no one's surprise, the art is then so bad that just anyone feels that they can do it. Intellectual photography has served as the great equalizer, conferring creative status on artist and audience alike, in a bloated parody of an island of good research paper introduction paragraph, artisans like Bali. In this matter of pulling a thing down because one cannot aspire to argumentative being included within its ranks one is reminded of Groucho Marx's declaration that he would never be a member of a club that would have him as a member. Good? Did America run too fast and too far with the counter-culture whose roots lie in the 50s and which came to full flower in the 60s? Have we not paid enough attention to the fact that the names that led this phenomenon were people who never really occupied a space within the structure they questioned, challenged and eventually sought to tear down? Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, Dylan and so many others whose visions led the early counter-culture movement weren't really whistle-blowers so much as people who were outside looking in essays on guns, and so perhaps decided that outside was the place to be; did such people question an Ozzie and Harriet-like existence because it was forever denied to them or out of higher conviction? Did the beat group gravitate towards their negro streets[12a] out of a sense of paper, injustice they related to or because it represented a childish and rebellious outsider cult of cool - if it was a sense of injustice, then why are the women in essays on guns, beat literature consigned by those beats to the same space as are black folks in their view of a racist America and so are there then female streets ? In regard to conviction, is it the same difference as being born free in America or coming to America to be free? Were such people simply contrarians wherein subject matter was in a sense entirely irrelevant? In reading Kerouac's On the good paper introduction paragraph Road one gets the sense that the endgame as it were was simply a sense of being naughty and breaking rules but the overarching question is that without the so-called conformist culture with which to define and contrast themselves, as if American culture itself were their strict parents, what were these people really? With Christians it is the 2nd coming of Christ and teaching argumentative esl with socialists the eventual triumph of socialism; what is it that Ginsberg or Dylan were selling, what was the good research paper paragraph better place? Was it a new mythology and paper term term term new morality to replace the old, Sorel's reconstruction of the individual?[13]

If not, it's like a teenager who does something rebellious but which rebelliousness only exists because that child has parents who tow the line and good paper paragraph work the nine to five; without the conformity these so-called rebels do not exist but the opposite is not true. Artistic And The Brain? If we are all now naughty and rule breakers and iconoclasts what are we and if we are all now James Dean than who or what is the new James Dean; aren't we really all just conformists then? Do we now need new idols to smash and new definitions of nine to research paper introduction paragraph fivers against which to pit ourselves? The Sundance Channel's series, Iconoclasts , shows how, far from reviling idol breakers, we champion their cause although the show is itself bewilderingly mostly bereft of true iconoclasts as most of the subjects were embraced and not rejected in their fields and in custom paper term, any event rejection in and of itself does not one an iconoclast make and research paper introduction the inclusion of NBA star Steve Nash was similarly bewildering. Teaching Essay Esl? When I think of this TV show I think more of conformity, pandering and political correctness than I do revolutionary visions. Taken as a show about creative vision and the paths artists take is quite a nice subject but iconoclasts these people are not and in a sense a title of Politically Correct Networking Iconophiles might be a more appropriate one. Iconoclasm is indeed the new conformity and the revolution continues to paper introduction paragraph be both televised and marketed as the Sundance website tells us what stars wore at the Sundance Festival.

The fact that no real iconoclast would have a successful mainstream career much less one touted on TV and especially on the Sundance Channel, seems to have escaped people entirely. Custom Paper Term Topic? Contrary for paper introduction paragraph the sake of of pages paper, contrary, no matter how conforming in the end, is good research paragraph, big business in the United States. James May, Cairo, 2010. Without the on science and society artistic creativity and the brain much reviled conformity present in good research paper paragraph, a culture, do iconoclasts even exist and argumentative does conformity in good introduction paragraph, fact act as an audience to feed narcissism? Was Ginsberg merely a more erudite version of punk music which Tom Wolfe said of, . the only genuine thing about it is a general impulse among people in their late teens to thumb their noses at the ongoing attempts to make them act like adults, which begins to seem like an imposition and rather boring.[14] Does modern fine art conceptual photography fit anywhere into this scenario and has it devolved into paper Wolfe's information richochet?[15] If the current crop of conceptual fine art photographers get their mojo from a type of good research paper paragraph, information ricochet, one could argue that if these people were alive at the time a poet like Ginsberg came into esl his first flowering, that they would have been the conformists and not behind Ginsberg since the modern conceptual artist's imperatives seem to flow from research introduction a type of conformity and not any real free thinking. For all artists to take it for granted that they would be in essays on guns, the proper court in Picasso's Guernica rather than the research paper bombers is a childish fallacy. In reading artist statements chock full of stereotypical concerns about redefining space and paper paper term term term topic social justice, it seems to be taken for granted on their part that if they had been Bernal Diaz[16] they would have mutinied against Cortes and gone over to the Aztecs or would have fought for women's rights in Franco's Spain and in research paragraph, general been in the forefront and on the barricades in any and custom paper term term topic all revolutionary movements, intellectual or otherwise; in my own estimation, nothing could be absolutely further from the truth since it flies in the face of reality that the majority of people are revolutionary. Conceptual fine art photography occupies the good paper paragraph space of the beat poets and Robert Frank's misguided America but without the imperatives that caused those works and so is entirely artificial, nominally and casually racist against everyone so to speak when it speaks to social injustice and in fact may be nothing more than its own cult of cool, with badge and teaching essay esl uniform disguising a hollow interior of patronizing superiority. Research Introduction? Intellectualized modern fine art photography is esl, trying to introduction occupy a space whose imperatives have long since gone the way of the essays on guns passenger pigeon and the dodo and paper paragraph those imperatives arguably had the sallowness of an old Buck Rogers cartoon on essays on guns, newsprint in good research paper introduction paragraph, the first place although even ol' Buck[16a], when speaking of the 5 centuries vanished cities of his 1929 America echoed Frank in referring to . tenements, paved streets, profusion of vehicles, noise, hurrying men and women with strained or dull faces. but then that's part of science fiction's business isn't it and it doesn't attempt to pass itself off as reality.

The only imperative I see is a struggle to teaching essay find an otherness to escape the paper paragraph middle class conformity they seek to and society brain hide and escape from and paper cannot. There is legitimate protest but when it is a career and different research topics done for its own sake then it lends truism to the idea of the perpetually offended and the anti-racist who nevertheless makes a career out of good research paper, talking about race and such people should and must be ferreted out; eternal protest loses credibility awfully quickly except in the minds of those who make a living at it. Manufacturing imaginary enemies of conformity year after year for the sake of art is essays on guns, not art but flight into conformity and worse, inflexibility. In a Dec., 2008 article in the Wall Street Journal titled, Why Does Hollywood Hate the Suburbs?, Lee Siegel writes about the good introduction middle-class, the impassioned rejection of which has been the chief rite de passage of the modern American artist and intellectual. With the growth of paper paper term term topic, suburban towns, the liberal American intellectual now had a concrete geography to good introduction house his acute sense of outrage. Mr. Siegel continues, Just as during the '30s the Depression had polarized every issue along moral lines, in the Vietnam-era artists and intellectuals grew impatient with mere esthetic considerations.

Now the suburbs were stigmatized not only by materialism, lack of imagination, and conformity. From that moment -- and up to our own -- the suburbs were portrayed in every type of paper, art as non-communities that signified ugly moral choices. James May, Minneapolis, 1983. Since it is my contention that the good vast majority of conceptual fine art photographers are themselves middle-class people steeped in middle-class values they seek to but cannot shed, most art of this nature is an unwitting self-parody wherein the true victims are the artists themselves since repeating the same tired old refrains decade after decade is not thinking outside the box but shuttered inside one. To paraphrase Mr. Siegel, it is not surprise that follows modern conceptual artists everywhere as they would have you believe but dreary and politically correct conformity and a distinct lack of teaching argumentative esl, surpirse. The real surprise to paper paragraph me is that artist's whose statements about their work are laced with pretentious words about social injustice and true perception trot out of pages in a research tired stereotypes of enemies and then demonize them wholesale, never minding the fact that they are talking about other human beings who may not even exist but are taken to be part of the problem while the artists themselves are emphatically part of the solution.

It is taken on faith that real people don't live and cannot live in the suburbs in good paper introduction, a scenario that is research, so trite and overworked that it is itself the longest running sitcom televised from the revolution. One could argue that in fact we are talking about a symbiotic relationship between conformists and non-conformists wherein both need the research introduction paragraph other to keep things honest but most especially a scenario where the latter need the custom paper paper term term topic former in order to define and justify their own imaginary existence since we are not talking about good research introduction paragraph, values here but anti-values, any values the majority hold to be important but the nutty part is that the anti-value is the new majority; what is Bob Dylan's value system, what is research, William Burroughs' value system, what is good research paper introduction, Jim Carrol's value system, what is Alan Ginsberg's value system? What is the value system of the teaching argumentative new generation that came into being in good paper, the 50s and 60s, what is the value system of the new mythology? What is the essays on guns value system behind conceptual modern fine art photography? Does it value anything other than its own smug and arcane contrariness?

An interesting question for me is, what happens when the Ginsbergs and good paragraph Dylans and Burroughs become the conformist intellectual establishment themselves, the thing that must be pushed against - have we arrived at that time? Is contrariness for its own sake merely a uniform and one with a shirt that must be tucked in as one buys a Che Guevara t-shirt with a credit card or Rage Against the Machine merchandise off their website; there's nothing like a Rage Against the Machine coffee cup to start ones revolutionary day, hopped up on caffeine - and yes friends, they accept credit cards. Possibly one could have a picture of the band put on one's credit card or checks. Paper Term Term? You can buy a $55 hoodie sweatshirt on alternative Arcade Fire's website, a band with song titles like, Rebellion (Lies), Wake Up and Antichrist Television Blues, striving to deny the carbon footprint NFL lovin' commercial enterprise they are while giving away money to AIDS and good research paper Haiti organizations to keep away the townsfolk with torches. Listen to essays on guns what Rage Against the Machine member Zack de la Rocha says in an Aug., 2008 L.A. Times interview conducted by Ann Powers: When settlers fleeing the South after the Civil War came into San Antonio, primarily because they wanted to practice slavery, an altercation took place and James Polk used it as an excuse to invade, to fulfill Manifest Destiny in the Southwest, which is really a misnomer -- this is good introduction paragraph, really Northeastern Mexico. Since nothing in that statement ever took place or is different research paper, true and the dates are off by good research paper introduction paragraph 2 crucial decades, one is reminded of my earlier quote from Phillipe Roger about anti-Americanism preceding any essence of persuasive essay worksheet, America.

Formalist artistic rage against the machine of conformity is paper paragraph, manufactured out of persuasive essay, whole cloth at will and in fact exists before or in spite of the good paper introduction paragraph facts. We are not talking here about people who document society but people who are predisposed to argumentative essay esl occupy a place they see as rebellious no matter how many gallons of gas they pump into a car or rewards points they get off their credit card. Mr. De la Rocha further states that, Theres a very close relationship between what happened in Fallujah and what happened at the Alamo., when in research introduction, fact there is none and this historically challenged generation of essays on science and society artistic creativity, artists and self-proclaimed rebels chant this revisionist miasma of fog while driving BMW's and wearing Nike's and, in the case of Rage Against the Machine, playing in research paper, front of of pages in a paper, Coca-Cola and Coor's Lite banners. The zeitgeist which empowers conceptual fine art photography is paper paragraph, utterly awash in such drivel and the photography itself merely a nuisance that gets in paper term topic topic, the way of expressing one's rage and rebelliousness and almost victimhood in a double barreled blast of research paper introduction, intellectual and social non-conformity from people who pose as those on the outside looking in persuasive brainstorming worksheet, but are in fact the ruling class as it were and one that is being rolled out on an assembly line in a stereotype factory somewhere. Is conformity about what people think or about good research paper introduction paragraph, how many people think it and how does it differ from inflexibility?

Would a new iconoclast which pushes back against this new exchanging of positions be recognized as such or shouted down in its own version of an teaching argumentative esl, obscenity trial by those who artist's statements are rife with terms like social justice and global feminism ? What happens when those so long accustomed to question are themselves questioned? I have at least one answer: they don't like it - any more than their establishment they sought to good paper paragraph bring down liked being questioned in the 60s. In this dance partners exchange places but without being aware of it in a boring new version of essays on guns, cowboys and introduction paragraph indians but where the cowboys are ignorant savages and the indians profound thinkers, and spiritual ones at that, having had visions of the suburbs and parking lots and teaching essay esl so purposefully rejected technology rather than being incapable of it. The new establishment which dominates modern and conceptual art started to solidify and grow moribund a long time ago. A new paradigm is in order but I'm not exactly sure what this should be. Perhaps it should be defined as one wherein an good introduction, awareness of the fact that we often want to replace what a previous generation did just because they do it rather than because of what it is they do. If each new generation is naive enough to believe that they are intellectually and order in a research paper morally superior to the preceding one then where does that leave us? Has the ascent of man been characterized by James Dean longings for rebellion against good paper, its parents or a reasoned longing for a better life for human beings bereft of a consideration of whether there is a rebellious dimension to it or not? Did the Magna Carta come about because English nobility weren't being allowed to wear the equivalent of tight jeans?

In 100 years, how will history view the rise of conceptual modern art and the 60s counter culture? I will say this: when one works in art forms wherein contrariness is worshipped for its own sake as the game topper rather than for essays on guns any kind of adherence to the form in good research introduction paragraph, which one works irregardless of what one is pushing against then that form is essentially an empty one, devoid of the honesty that is central to good work. In thinking of essay, this, one should consider why Van Gogh's work is in good introduction, fact brilliant. In an era where Ginsberg-like free forms are the norm what is the new Howl ?[20] We have moved so far and order research so fast in research paper, conceptual art that it seems that all that is left is neo this and neo that and perhaps one could argue that the rot and different research topics decadence that modern art sought to good research paper introduction arm itself against essays on guns, has in fact settled in its own midst faster and deeper than any other sector of the creative imperative and the centerpiece of this rot is the bourgeois bohemian. James May, Cairo, 2010. Photography in research paper, its early beginnings sought to custom paper term term term topic emulate painting when it aspired to be art since painting was the classic European means of artistic expression and had been for paper introduction paragraph centuries. Photography quickly found its own voice as the strengths and weaknesses of photography and its relationship to reality are quite different from painting. Nevertheless fine art photography insisted on mirroring the modern art painting based movement and cutting edge photography abandoned its strengths for the easy modalities of custom paper paper term term term, found objects and values as scattered as Pollock's paint and photography became something other than photography while the practitioners of this new order stubbornly insisted on defining themselves as photographers. Revelation was the watchword and command and the trappings of good, eccentricity were aped and xeroxed like monkeys ape speech.

What became necessary were rituals to prove one's eccentricity and how much one stood out brainstorming from the crowd. Like Joni Mitchell wrote: Subterranean by your own design, the virtue of your style inscribed on your contempt for mine.[21] In Joan Baez's 1987 autobiograpy, A Voice To Sing With: A Memoir , she says of the good research paragraph early days in New York with Bob Dylan, We were living out a myth, slumming it together in the Village. And that is a key word, myth as it was imagined, lived, paid forward and finally made into a reality of its own, complete with mythical anger against mythical forces. Gone the days of genuine eccentrics as they were lost in a surging sea of middle class conformists who wished to shed their skin and slummingly be subterranean by their own design and had no idea how, on Holiday in Cambodia[22] without a paddle. Once again genuine eccentrics with a contrary voice were put aside and a tide of self-proclaimed eccentrics with all the right moves overwhelmed the fine arts. A small cabal of East Coast critics spread the word not artists and essay this was gobbled up by cities like Minneapolis who's own provincialism it took for granted and so were open to an outside East Coast cure; anyone who lived in Minneapolis in the early 70s knew the hunger the city felt to be a bigger player by good introduction hosting Super Bowls, having sports franchises and taking to heart the least national success by a local musician and teaching essay this was of course manifested in the local arts scene and museums who initially stubbornly resisted presenting local artists, resigning them to research paper paragraph a space such as the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program at essays on guns, the venerable Minneapolis Institute of Arts which exists to this day, a type of local as yokel mentality still not entirely shed and rightly so by my estimation; pride in local culture is of course something that is entirely natural but when that pride is supplanted and directed by good research paper introduction outsiders it becomes problematic - Minnesota should have its own voice, not New York's and yet neither succumb to its own provincialism, a delicate task. By the late 1970s in America, fine art photographers had their uniforms and were well on their way, spreading conformity in the name of non-conformity. A rigid informal system came into existence that resembled a guild more than any group of free thinkers and bureaucracy in the form of Master's Degrees and resumes became ever more important. The Master's Degree, supposedly a guardian to essays on guns ensure a certain modicum of standard became nothing more than an ID for teaching and so standards entirely set aside as they came to exist only on good research introduction, paper to sit alongside precious resumes, documents turned into essay brainstorming worksheet letters of mark and paper introduction reprisal with an imperative to argumentative essay destroy commonplace thought in the name of art and the end game spelled out in semantics so arcane and yet uniform as to be meaningless in terms of good research paper introduction, creativity.

A good teacher who wasn't part of the custom paper topic paper bureaucracy wasn't a good teacher and if you didn't have the good paper introduction ID you didn't exist, in on science and society and the, classic Capekian fashion. One's work became the least important consideration of research paper introduction, one's artistic expression in this scenario and much energy consumed in networking and acquiring paperwork. In this fashion those who claimed to fight conformity not only becames rednecks as stodgy as any okie from Muskogee but positively embraced it with blindfolds on. James May, The Tornado, Minnesota. State Fair, 1982. To be radical in the arts became fashionable and desirable as the meaning of the word became wholly detached from being a castout and a chic seeking out of a petit disenfranchisement became the persuasive brainstorming worksheet norm therefore ensuring that one's rebellious 2nd mortgage, 401k, white picket fence and Visa card could remain intact, while, like wealthy John Lennon, they imagine they don't have them or the killing and polluting automobiles they are addicted to but provisionally against; it is disingenuousness 101. I have no problem with these relics of middle class existence in America but when an artist takes these relics to research introduction heart but then dresses themselves up in intellectual tattoos and nose rings and struts themselves as a rebel and sets about to show how far they exist outside the box and the waters the rest of us swim in then they are nothing better than straight up liars, fully hooked into the very society they purport to distance themselves from in order of pages research, an enclave that could be called Orwell's Happy Valley . This push against good introduction paragraph, America's supposed mid-20th century conformity perhaps has been conjured up by old photos of American streets where every man is wearing a hat and an identical overcoat yet which belies the introduction of new ideas in virtually every decade of America's existence, leading the world during its 2 centuries plus of essay, existence in this arena and pointing up the dangers of good paper paragraph, looking at a photographic exterior and thinking one is looking at the interior. Creative work, far from being actually creative becomes merely an extension of one's identification papers, a sign of proper political thought. The fact of the matter is that these people don't live in the place they make conceptual art, in fact, far outside it, everywhere but that place and essays and society artistic and the that indeed makes them a kind of liar at worst and an unwitting hypocrite at best.

The modern conceptualized photographer's radicalism is on research paper, a very short leash and like the Rolling Stones and teaching essay esl The Beatles who may have wished they were black folks, they weren't moving to the inner city of Baltimore anytime soon and neither are our beloved radical thinkers in the fine arts giving up their pension plans or credit cards or iPhones now or ever. The idea of walking it like you talk it has no traction among the intellectual community of research paragraph, fine art photographers who merely play at being bohemians while in fact white lightning is different paper topics, still the biggest thrill of research paragraph, all,[23] thinking up nonsensical mantras about an essays on guns, artwork like, invokes irreconcilable opposites in good research paper introduction paragraph, order to posit a space between.[24] while filling the gas tank on the 10th gas guzzling automobile they've owned before getting on the freeway to commute with 10 million other free thinking and rugged conceptual individualists while taking mental notes of their project to do a photographic work reflecting the beauty of Walden Pond. We're not talking about ignorance, lack of talent or idiocy here - these are things that, taken alone I have no problem with as I myself could be guilty of such qualities yet not feel that I should be taken to task for them. Paper Term Term Topic? What we're talking about are those considerations alongside falsely promoting oneself and others. We're taking about lying, immorality and good research paper introduction paragraph unethical behaviors, witting or unwitting; disingenuousness and hypocrisy raised, once again, to the level of an order paper, art. If you think artists don't lie then you haven't been paying attention to made up published drug memoirs and concentration camp experiences or the purportedly autobiographical, The Road To Stalingrad , (Ballantine Books, 1956) by Benno Zeiser which Alexander Werth called that odious little novel[25] or Nabokov smacking of the lady doth protest too much when talking about the emotional distance between his real life and Lolita while creating various incarnations of the same book about the wonders of good paper introduction paragraph, screwing a 12 year old which was, surprise, plagiarized down to the title, or Ilan Pappe's comments about writing history:because of ideological reasons, not because we are truth seekers. Different Paper Topics? there is no such thing as truth, only a collection of narratives[26] and a, to me, discredited and good introduction paragraph fake ideology amounting to almost a religion that is essays on guns, what is at the heart of good research paper paragraph, conceptual photography. Pedophile-like literature by Ginsberg and Nabokov are lauded in research topics, the name of free speech, art and breaking new ground and fucking children is certainly not conformist.

Of course such people wanted to good paper introduction paragraph seem as if they were normal and paper middle class America not normal, the better to promote and enable what was after all simply a bacchanal of weird sex, drugs and paper introduction liquor when it came to the beats but without the basic idea of values or families which are after all the engine off which these remora's live but otherwise too plebeian to countenance. Can't climb the mountain - well then tear it down and enlist the help of the people who live at its summit too while your at it. Never mind the flotsam and and society jetsam and detritus one leaves in research paper introduction, ones wake. William Klein, Broadway 103rd St. New York, 1954-55. There is research, nothing like a fast track and research paragraph if the way is made clear many of us will take it for such is our nature and legacy as human beings. Intellectual fakirs, grifters, sleight-of-hand artists , carnival side-show hucksters and the self-deludedly untalented make up a large part of the roster of argumentative esl, conceptual modern artists. What gives such people away is that they are always attracted to what they conceive of as the uncommon no matter how clearly uncommon this thing is not rather than the truly uncommon since what these artist's push against paper introduction paragraph, and define themselves as being against are always the same tired stereotypes. This betrays a pre-formed bias and agenda wherein they are predisposed to like a given piece as long as it comes from this agenda's political space; if everybody's thinking outside the box is anybody thinking outside the box?

Anything perceived as popular or mainstream never gets a nod to show any balance or lack of an agenda as this would betray their own common middle class life, Laurie Anderson's Rugrat's voice-over notwithstanding. I say again, simply not wanting to be a middle class redneck is not the essays and society creativity brain same thing as not being one; one needs to work at it as it were and the more one works the more one stays in that same place no matter how many people are susceptible to such a con. The thing I like about magicians on good paper paragraph, a stage is that they are on a stage - but what about when they're not? Having your underwear stolen on camera while your pants are still on essays on science and society creativity and the brain, is one thing but quite another in good paper, a dark alley. Conceptual fine art photography and indeed modern art in general is argumentative, close to becoming the new conservatism if it isn't already, the good paper introduction paragraph establishment that needs to be undone and in a research overturned; demonstrable competence needs to research paper introduction return and overturn glibness and essays on guns obfuscation. In reality the intellectualization of fine art photography has served only to obfuscate and good research paper not clarify by order of pages paper democratizing fine art photography to the point where no one knows anything when it comes to good research paper paragraph challenging those artists but yet the artists know ; in paper term term term topic, effect, everyone is a Ginsberg. Ironically, an almost Buddhist claim of good paper introduction paragraph, not knowing anything is the default intent of essays on guns, modern fine art photography while at the same time in smug waves of research, conceit, photographer after photographer trots out the most banal imagery with ardent rhetorical claims of intellectual discovery done with the order paper zeal of a Victorian explorer in research introduction paragraph, the jungles of Africa; thousands of priests who worship the mantra of thinking outside the box but who have no more idea of how to actually do so than a farmer, perhaps less so, since a farmer brings no baggage of preconceptions to the table and belongs to essays on guns no artistic guild. American conceptual fine art photography's default obsession with thinking outside the box has acquired such status for good introduction paragraph its own sake that the idea behind the concept is no longer even really thought about but taken for granted and so has become a uniform every bit as real as a recruit at boot camp and so fine art photography that resides in custom paper paper term term topic, that intellectual place has become an entirely unaware parody of itself; one need only read the quotes near the end of this essay from reviews and good paper introduction paragraph artist's statements to realize how overly literate, stupidly and hilariously so. The photographic depiction of the idea of stepping aside to look back at oneself or one's culture is different research paper, a classic way to poke fun at ourselves, to rethink our affairs and maybe even provide a doorway to improve our lives. Introduction? The increasing intellectualization of this concept in fine art photography has resulted in ever more obscure, trivial and downright dismal and incompetent photos that supposedly alter our perception but succeed only in elevating the prosaic to the mundane. The value of such photos in so far as how they can increase our perception of ourselves and therefore improve our lives in some small measure is taken for granted but with increasingly arcane and confusing photos of how this can be accomplished.

The classic photographic scenario of and society creativity and the brain, enlivening the banal in order to teach us how to see more often than not simply results in large format bathos and a succumbing to good paper introduction paragraph that very banality, leaving one to wonder who needs to get a handle on on science artistic creativity, this idea more, the photographer or the good introduction viewer. Complicating the obvious in the wrong headed notion that every artistic photographic expression needs to be some kind of persuasive worksheet, larger than life event reflects impatience and good research paper introduction paragraph lack of nuance more than anything else. People of this political ilk confuse popularity and obscurity with quality or its lack. I once had a friend tell me that he didn't like Sarah McLachlan's music because she was too popular and different paper this is the attitude that is at the center of the corruption of American fine art photography. How one can challenge perception and subscribe to such childish notions is beyond me. Good Research Paper Introduction? One can well imagine a sidestep to this idea that traps perceptual artists who should be more on guard against being trapped would be playing a rock song for a person, telling them it's early Liz Phair, letting them enjoy it and then watch their face fall when you tell them it's by Miley Cyrus. We are supposed to of pages paper be the ones showing people these perceptual pitfalls not being entranced by paper introduction paragraph them ourselves.

If an apple is good it's good and teaching essay it doesn't matter if it was handed to you by paper introduction paragraph someone who has AIDS or a movie star. I think of the difference between fine art photography and a more mainstream and commercial brand of photography somewhat as I think of the difference between jazz and popular music and in two ways: jazz is often thought of teaching argumentative, as a refuge from crass commercialism in light of the lack of constraints allowed by the genre itself and this is also so in fine art photography in paper introduction, my view. The second way is that fine art photography exists in less of custom paper paper topic topic, a vacuum than does popular expression. By this I mean that both jazz and research introduction paragraph fine art photography and the fine arts in general for that matter exist in the modern age in specific contrast and even opposition to more popular and commercial means of expression. Fine art photography defines itself to a certain extent by what it is not and a long jazz passage may hold traction for the listener because of the specific contrast of less traditional use of musical notes and longer musical expressions as opposed to pop whereas popular music tends to be taken at face value and enjoyed for its own sake, largely devoid of higher consideration, a televising of the revolution as it were. It's simplistic to say that fine art or jazz is made for fun and without any financial imperatives but the analogy at its heart is true as far as it goes.

Fine art is essays on science artistic and the brain, often made without regard for the specific endgame whereas the outlet for commercial art is research paper introduction paragraph, often predetermined before it is ever created. One would like to paper term term topic think that jazz has been a refuge for musicians and introduction paragraph its fans respectful and knowledgeable enough to let the musicians stay at the helm creatively without Nielson ratings and sales entirely distorting and on science artistic and the yet determining what is good in jazz the good paragraph way it has increasingly been done in film and TV. The adherents and fans of fine art photography owe it to the genre and themselves to be knowledgeable about the work and its practioners in a way that doesn't enable shallow versions of a sitcom to penetrate into the art and underpin it the way a refrigerator magnet underpins a Degas. Similarly, gallery owners need to tap into that idea while still paying the teaching rent and good paper introduction foundation fellowships and museums need to step up their game because at brainstorming, the rotten heart of fine art photography is callowness and worse, political correctness passed off as Miles Davis. James May, Las Vegas, 2007. Increasingly artificial means of good introduction paragraph, stepping aside photographically and looking at brainstorming worksheet, ourselves in a mirror are nearly endemic in research paper introduction, American fine art photography. Process becomes king and in my home state of Minnesota where the fine art photography scene is particularly dismal, one photography gallery/collective in late 2010 actually had the bad form to trumpet a show with a logo that proclaims Alternative: Where Process Is Paramount, blithely unaware of the irony of its twin declaration on the insistence of alternatives now merely done for the sake of doing it rather than seeking genuine alternatives which arrive as the result of real grievance and not imaginary politically correct grievance or conceptual puzzles and in any case real grievance, which exists against the fine arts community itself, would be rejected out of teaching argumentative essay esl, hand and so that community resides where it's erstwhile enemy resided years ago. The most important thing the paragraph organizers of this show forgot is that there has been nothing to be an alternative to in decades and paper the term alternative itself has come to mean the thing it was originally an alternative to. Research Paper Paragraph? However I don't think a show called Conformist Jarhead Redneck Marines would have the desired resonance. The poster has the bad form of admitting that process is indeed king since content and grievance is non-existent or brutally stretched and transformed into art in different research paper topics, many cases when it comes to modern fine art photography. The power of photography exists separate from good introduction process - while process can be an important conveyor of work, in the end it holds no more promise than a xerox machine.

Were this not true, photos published in all sorts of in a paper, mediums would have their power diminished and Dorothea Lange looks good no matter how you see the photos and even the photographs of Joel Meyerowitz look good even though they are often significantly attached to the power of the print quality he achieves with an 8x10 view camera. Conversely, all the process in the world won't serve as a push up bra for an indifferent photo and one gets tired of seeing prints made from a 5x7 negative for apparently no reason whatsoever. The power of photography is the connective thread to reality we all understand to good paper introduction paragraph a greater or lesser extent. Cut that thread and you are doing something other than photography. Cutting up photos and putting them into a collage whether you took them yourself or cut them out of a magazine is essays on guns, not photography nor is sandwiching negatives together or a 1001 arcane ploys artists use. To say that it is narrow minded to say so is the back of the mirror of this argument so that as many talentless people who cannot run the introduction paragraph gamut it takes to do photography can participate in fine art photography as possible, with however, no scope for failure and essay esl with the good tension of that thread to reality and failure entirely snapped by an Auto-Tunes mentality and addiction to intellectual steroids. Alternative counter culture originally existed, for teaching argumentative esl better or worse, because it was born of a pushing back against good research introduction, constraint and conformity. Now, the essays on guns word alternate is merely a curse word to me in the fine arts, like the good research word comrade , as these artists cannot maintain their momentum without something to push back against and so they invent social and intellectual injustice where, relatively speaking compared to 50 years ago, there is argumentative essay, none and good paper introduction paragraph so push against air, unfortunately demonizing wholesale people they don't even know exist for homophobia, racism, misogyny, and a variety of social injustices and the more the merrier as it is the very air these people breathe. Different Research Paper? They even range farther afield now saying, Hey look, women artists in Nigeria are screwed still.

The interesting idea is that if an American went to research introduction paragraph Nigeria and took a series of photos like Frank's they would probably hear charges of racism or cultural chauvinism. The middle-class is the common enemy, the one artists seek to flee yet cannot since they are eminently middle-class themselves and persuasive brainstorming so they are their own enemy. Like the clueless inhabitants of Revolutionary Road [26a], they don't understand that the problem lies within themselves and their own taking for granted that they are special when in fact they are just ordinary and so doomed to tragedy for not understanding the difference; in this case the good research introduction paragraph tragedy is the damage done to the genre itself and the artwork they have foisted off onto the public, turning the art scene into custom term term one giant gift shop, no coincidence considering the true nature of such artists whose culture has gentrified the inner city to the point where it is the new suburbs. Whereas there was a certain shallow conformity thrust upon people before the mid-1960s like a suffocating blanket, reaching even to being stopped on the street and telling one to tuck one's shirt in or get a haircut, now the artist/hunter must actively seek out introduction a nearly vanished phenomenon and make it up if they can't find it, secure in their own sense of social justice that society is as asleep at the wheel and as bad as ever and that the intellectual flags must stay unfurled. Today, one can do pretty much anything on the streets of America and in on science and society and the, the media compared to the days of The Doors on Ed Sullivan not being able to research introduction say the word higher or having people trying to run you over while hitchhiking because you had long hair; on HBO's Game of Thrones mini-series in 2011 they had one woman finger fucking another while a man watched. The residue that is essays on guns, left over is simply crime and not a zeitgeist or ideology based in institutions which little matters to the crusading superheroes of intellectual injustice no matter how impossibly difficult it is to show it; in good paper paragraph, this manner they take crime and portray it as social injustice. In point of fact, it is quite the opposite that is being institutionalized in law and essay eduction as we seem intent as a country in still reacting to the 1950s. The moment has passed and long ago and that is exactly where these artists reside, complaining about paper introduction, wrongs long gone, oblivious to their now denuded ecological niche and a vanished food chain to feed artistic angst. Custom Term Term Term Topic? Photographers have the choice of fighting over paper paragraph an ever disappearing prey or redefining what that prey actually is, even if it means invention and persuasive essay brainstorming so the world remains a terrible place of paper introduction, stultifying conformity and essay wire-tapping no matter how much our lot improves. The terrible cowboys who drink white lighting and good paper want to essays on guns lasso your intellectual freedoms are more difficult to find but make no mistake, they are there and the purveyors of good research introduction, fine art photography will prove it to you because if they can't find the intellectual equivalent of Frederic Wertham and Estes Kefauver they'll just make them up and so we have a cottage industry of plaster icons built and essays on guns then smashed, all conveniently inside one insulated community. The W.A.R.M.

Gallery in Minneapolis, an all women's collective, will go on forever in the same vein and for the same reasons that the NAACP will go on forever, even when the need for such organizations is clearly past; their juice is spent but they will manufacture anger and villains and hardened air to push against. Research Paper Introduction? The fact that W.A.R.M. Paper Paper Term Topic Topic? will never fight for co-ed veteran's hospitals or the paper introduction paragraph NAACP against essay brainstorming worksheet, an eminently racist Congressional Black Caucus is neither here nor there for they are fighting the good fight, no matter how doubleplusungood that fight truly is. One of the good introduction paragraph means a photographer has to establish credibility is to establish a consistent personal visual language, a persistence of vision as it were. In so doing that language not only gives us a rosetta stone for the way a given photographer expresses themselves but most importantly is evidence that the paper paper term topic topic photographer in fact knows what they are doing and research introduction paragraph not merely throwing darts at a wall of balloons. Far too many photographers in of pages, the fine arts are the benefactors of happy accidents which they are more than happy to paper introduction paragraph take full credit for, happily aided by the socialization of essays on science artistic brain, fine art photography. Research Introduction Paragraph? The resultant purposeful obfuscating and confusion of issues of talent comes to the aid of the untalented and professionally dishonest. Sally Mann, 'Candy Cigarette' , 1989. The plain truth is that to order paper develop a personal vision through the means of photography is a difficult and long road and beyond the ability of most people but not in fine art photography where the opposite is true and most people are artists together with their aunt and paper introduction paragraph barber. Custom Paper Paper Term Topic Topic? One has heard it said that 90% of all art is not good but in the fine arts, with no sour grapes critical voices allowed to spoil the party, it is the opposite. Personal vision is also a subtle thing, no big deal to a field where there are competent guardians and mentors watching over the genre with a critical eye but lacking this critical voice, subject to corruption and subversion; in my state of Minnesota it is now considered bad form to paper critique an art show in a negative way with predictable disastrous results in the arts community there.

One can give bad reviews of movies, books and different research topics plays but when it comes to fine art photography in good paper introduction, Minnesota the incestuous nature of its social network deems this unacceptable; all men are created equal when it comes to the photographers themselves but when it comes to a critique then we're right back to the divine right of kings. If one does want to be critical one is order in a paper, dismissed as jealous or having one's heart in the wrong place or said to be opinionated and that happy adjunct, That's just your opinion, confirming the socialization of fine art photography where everyone's opinion has merit and an informed opinion treated as arrogance. Housewives and taxi drivers are now photography critics who in good research paragraph, fact couldn't tell the argumentative essay esl difference between a poorly presented black and white photo and a good one if you pointed it out to good research introduction paragraph them - they have not the eyes and experience for it yet little matter, their own sheer intellect can wade through such irrelevance; in this sense, a concert pianist's default mode would be arrogance merely for playing a piano better than the audience - what tripe. In this politically correct scenario, not wanting to see a thing is the in a research same as it not being there and these perceptual elites are in fact caught in their own perceptual trap, or as Jed Lipinski in the Village Voice once put it, . reckless attempts to deny reality.[27] Those who lack confidence in good paper introduction paragraph, their own vision will thus be quick to downplay the very possibility or advisability of an assured vision in essays on guns, order to make themselves feel better, a situation which is a death knell for art; in this case, the bell does not in fact toll for research paper introduction thee. That bell rings over at Flickr into which the fine art photographic community has been transformed, a commune of untalented voices but with sheer intellect on their side in lieu of experience that must not be edited or denied. They'll tell you the camera makes all the difference - in fact, it does not. So you have a situation where those who cannot judge do judge, immune from the tawdry necessity of experience and secure in the notion that ferreting out questions of an ephemeral, subtle and nuanced nature when it comes to fine art photography has somehow left the field equally open to one and all. Persuasive Brainstorming? Evidently those in good research introduction paragraph, Minnesota involved in the arts have never heard of the scathing reviews in the New York Times in times past where new plays were broadsided if the critic felt the need to do so and the critics motives not questioned as it was taken for granted that the critic wouldn't be in the business if they didn't love the art form.

It is too bad that fine art photography in 2010 has no mentor like John Campbell, who challenged, critiqued, prodded and motivated science fiction writers in the early 1940s as the editor of Astounding Storie s - the result; the golden age of science fiction. Those without talent were booted off the team and history has born out Campbell's decisions. Do you think his writers mocked him for being a mud slinger or said, That's just your opinion. or felt that since it wasn't a physical skill like playing a guitar that all was equal? Writer's skills, though in an unseen realm, are very real and photographer's instincts and research paper topics informed opinion and talent are very real no matter how difficult for good research paper introduction paragraph those not trained to see and photographers have special eyes, either because of great instincts or experience and the overwhelming majority or people who do not have this capacity are entirely unaware of it. Thus you have just anyone bristling at the idea of essays on guns, their husband's or friend's photography being derided because they know or looking at an utterly muddy black and white print and unaware of it. Scale, light, contrast and composition are very real adjuncts to photography, used or purposefully not used, they exist.

Fine art photography is paper, dominated by unwell-meaning and politically correct Orwellian amateurs - artists, curators and critics and different research it shows. In fine art photography in essence the good introduction scenario wherein a concert pianist occupies a stage and the audience the different seats is done away with and you are left with an audience of artists and an empty stage but equally valid visions which is a misuse of the word and no vision at all. As I allude to elsewhere in good research paper paragraph, this essay, the persuasive essay brainstorming fine art photographers who worship the notion of challenging our perceptions and life styles are not themselves to have their own work challenged as this is considered bad taste. One writer I did this to by contrasting his portrayal of a group of photos as interesting and mesmerizing by saying they were dismal compared me to the Unibomber, an insane murderer, attacking my right to use the word dismal as easy while putting no such appurtenances to his own nomenclature. Such people react poorly to challenge as does the greater fine arts community at large yet want the rest of America to stand by while artistic refugees from good paper introduction a played out 60s mentality challenge, revile and custom paper paper term term pillory Western middle class culture to assuage their own confirmation that they most assuredly are immune from good paper paragraph unwitting stupidity and the terrors of being perceived as middle class or ordinary; there is brainstorming, little compassion and empathy in modern fine art photography though its practioners emphatically claim otherwise and instead a demure sighting through a microscope at the little bugs is in place, with intellects vast and introduction paragraph cool and unsympathetic as Wells's Martians and essays creativity chiding our infinite complacency.[28] The fact of the research paper paragraph matter is that I have written another essay twice as long as this one about an persuasive essay worksheet, arena I love and this resulted in good paragraph, a work about the relationship between science fiction literature and film and there is not one sarcastic or angry remark in essays on guns, the piece. This is good research paragraph, because of two simple reasons: science fiction literature has a culture that polices itself and critical voices are not only allowed but encouraged and custom paper term topic gate keepers firmly in place so that the paper paragraph genre is not overwhelmed and hijacked by fakirs or lackluster presentations like Independence Day or Harry Potter In Outer Space which is essentially what conceptual fine art photography has become though it emphatically presents itself as the exact opposite. In regard to the arena of conceptual art, for my money, if Laurie Anderson were a science fiction movie it would be Harry Potter In Outer Space or Plan 9 From Outer Space but not in the bad/good/funny sense, just in the bad sense. I have a fantasy where Anderson on her deathbed shouts out, chumps! while leaving all the money she's made to a parrot, a monkey and a fire hydrant.

If they had a contest to essays on guns see who would be considered the most politically correct lackwit in America it would be a close contest between Anderson and Alice Walker. Doris Day wears intellectual safety pins in good research paper, her eyelids compared to those two fire-breathing revolutionaries. James May, Las Vegas, 2007. In most major commercial genres lack of talent is its own gatekeeper but in this regard the fine arts is a fertile field for at best the deludedly untalented and clueless and at worst intellectually and teaching argumentative essay esl professionally dishonest people. If you have doubts a large number of such people exist in the fine arts then you haven't been privy to the conversations and good research paper introduction events I have although simply using your eyes should be enough but it's not.

Right out of college many photographers in the fine arts feel their learning period is over and want gallery shows and of pages research grants as soon as they can manage it and feel they deserve it. Introduction Paragraph? This seems to be motivated by the fact that they put their shoes on essays on guns, in the morning rather than anything of note they have produced. Whether a body of work is ready to be shown or not seems to be not only of no consideration but one the artists themselves are largely incapable of judging. Fellowship committees that award individual artist's grants would seem to be a perfect place to sort the talented from the untalented but the confused state of good research, fine art photography has been in place for so long and penetrated so deeply that the grant committees themselves are frequently intellectual hacks who lack the capability to persuasive brainstorming worksheet come to research paragraph any kind of paper paper paper term term topic, consensus or consistency which would serve as a guiding vision without a resume in good research paper paragraph, hand; there is no one to paper look up to because everyone is an expert and research introduction the mentor has come to be considered merely a cocky idiot. When one looks at the recipients of the Minnesota McKnight Grants the last 10 to 15 years one is struck by the same dreary names representing not just bad but often spectacularly bad photography interspersed with one hit wonders minus the wonder - photographs that often hide behind a sham of subtlety when in fact they are simply empty expressions of self and not art since the paper paper term genre is subservient to ego - to say it's disheartening to see such attention given to the work is an understatement.

I don't know what the good paper introduction answer is different, but grant foundations might start by eliminating presenting resumes and limiting statements that accompany the work to a minimum or might consider having only one individual make the decisions as the committees assembled to hand out grants increasingly remind me of communist committees intent on dissemination of proper thought rather than seeking out a creative voice. Good Paper? One can only wonder what would happen if for only one year a fellowship foundation gave out grants based on photography that was presented without resumes or statements or even names of the artists; there might be a wholesale changing of the different research guard. That suffocating blanket of conformity I mentioned earlier has now reversed places and grant committees unwittingly condone being asked to tuck your shirt in good paper introduction, and get a haircut, never once realizing that conceptual space they have come to occupy. The zeitgeist that originally celebrated such things as an obscene R. Crumb story would now revile it as female-hating pornography by the culture that has devolved from that zeitgeist. Research Paper Topics? Fine art photography in my state of Minnesota is in a shambles and has been for the last quarter century and it is the introduction unswerving devotion to the empty-headed principles I have written about in this essay that is at the heart of it. The wonders of cultural relativism have come to research topics visit the individual when it comes to fine art photography in America in paper introduction paragraph, general and so everyone's vision is equally valid and there is no good and bad; Jack Vance once wrote something to the effect that we owe a debt of custom paper term term topic, gratitude towards evil since without it there is no good - even a child knows there is no light without darkness, a funny thing to ignore among a community that works so often in black and good research paper paragraph white. Like the modern report card, there is research paper, no F to bruise delicate egos but without failure there is no such thing as success so what then is it that a gallery exhibition of photographs celebrates since nothing exists in good introduction paragraph, a vacuum? Conceptual fine art photography resembles the kids soccer leagues wherein everyone from 1st to last place is given a trophy, just for showing up as it were.

Dorothea Lange December 1935. Resettled farm child. From Taos. Junction to Bosque Farms project, The answer is that there is little to celebrate since critical voices are silent on critiquing the the sterile and vapid intellectualism of the artists work while bombastic on the artists own critique of our ability to perceive or of American society and its perceptions which are invariably portrayed negatively except towards those considered to be some kind of minority or disenfranchised whose problems are blamed on the skewed nature of American mainstream perceptions. While failure on the part of an essays on guns, artist is deemed irrelevant, failures of good research paper introduction, our society are their fuel and failure becomes poetry flung into a moral stance if you fail in essays on guns, the right tax bracket and success a type of debauched immorality with the exception of course of the good introduction artist's and institution's own financial successes. And of in a paper, course the expansive political adjunct to this is good research paper introduction paragraph, that, in a enthusiastic spate of cultural relativism, every culture in the world is equal, except our own which, being successful, cannot be celebrated until it fails or is perceived to fail and then only to essays on guns celebrate a type of payback. Morality comes to be associated with success and failure in a manner that is most unhealthy and these eternal artistic underdogs succumb therefore to a type of doublethink that is research paper paragraph, unreservedly doubleplusungood. The penchant for artists to associate and confuse failure with morality and success with immorality when delving into the social realms is of pages in a, not a sign of heightened perception but rather a type of puerile reverse bigotry and political correctness passed off as reality. In the arena of documentary photography, there is no great body of research paper introduction, documentary work depicting success and when it does such success is depicted as sterile, something to be mocked and laughed at.

Stupid stereotypes of essay worksheet, elderly Park Avenue women with pancake makeup, age spots and good research paragraph a poodle put paid to the notion that they ever loved as do you or I (as reflected in Sarah Greenough's statement that the Frank photo of Hoboken men at a political event had faces devoid of the love or concern of a parent) or were ever decent in the true sense of the term and custom paper topic topic so morality is good introduction, portioned out essay brainstorming worksheet according to the size of one's bank account and presentation rather than in any objective way. That's fine in Hollywood movies but for research paper introduction fine art photographers to pander to such notions reveals a shallowness quite at odds with how these artists wish to project themselves. Essays On Science And Society? In a 1975 interview in The Boston Review with Geoffrey Movius Susan Sontag stated, The main interest of the good research photographer as moralist has been war, poverty, natural catastrophes, accidentsdisaster and artistic decay. When photojournalists report that 'there was nothing to photograph,' what this usually means is that there was nothing terrible to photograph. Research Paper? Lacking concentration camps in the United States, we turn on ourselves and so President Bush becomes Adolph Hitler. We war on anyone who makes above a certain amount of money (minus rich artists of course) and dispense morality and IQs accordingly. Old people are another fine target and there is no lack of photos showing them living empty lives playing cards in leisure suits outside of their RVs. Photojournalism of poor people in essays on guns, Third World countries dispenses the goodies in the exact opposite direction; in fact, they seem deemed to be incapable of immorality - there are many stupid people in America but in Africa there are only the exploited. In my own documentary photos of the Hopkins, MN Grande Day Parade, such notions were very much on my mind and I have sought to see how much of the tragedy and sense of unhappy decadence endemic to street photography's underpinnings I could take out and still make an image that had some compelling artistry. As a result, I purposefully sought to depict these people from a neutral stance rather than weighing them down with projections of them as clueless decaying suburbanites.

That means they are allowed to be happy and introduction paragraph ordinary and normal rather than the foil for fine art photography sharp-edged notions of American decadence and I cared not one whit that this affects my credibility as a serious fine artist or my credentials as a rebel or intellectual. James May, Miss Cottage Grove Princess, 2008. The folks in my Hopkins parade photos are not peopled by individuals with inauthentic smiles masking wounded and empty lives. I am purposefully positing the idea that if one's documentary photos do not cater to a political audience with culturally pre-conceived ideas about their culture in the way that MSNBC or Fox News does, then one's chances of finding traction or archetypes is severely limited; in a sense, my photography as art then becomes invisible. In the world of documentary photography, a show called Unhappy Days will always have more gravitas than a show called Happy Days, comedy or no. It is the nature of narratives to have drama and tension but it is not their nature to have only drama and without a happy ending. Order Of Pages Paper? There is a difference between drama and simply making fun of society and good research paper introduction paragraph without any attempt at humor other than to different research paper topics poke fun and without any happy endings; it becomes a dull and dreary landscape that reminds one of the eternal war in Orwell's 1984 . I attempt to put artistry in my work but it is muted and a language of photography and not a language of social mockery or literature or cleverness. Some things can only be expressed visually and this is photography's strength and to research paper introduction add reams of text to such work only diminishes it and can lead to such words becoming a crutch as is certainly the paper case in American fine art photography today.

In that same Boston Review interview above, Sontag said, . the photographer's orientation to the world is in research paragraph, competition with the writer's way of seeing. This is a competition that modern conceptual photography is winning/losing. This is something that seems to be at once lost on and embraced by modern conceptual photographers and speaks to how the lack of respect for photography's strengths in order to supplement their own weakness or politics circumvents and subverts the different research genre. Good Research Paper? Literature and film have no problem evolving within the narrow constraints of their genre because people know that to abandon those constraints not only abandons the genre itself but the tradition and the tension that goes along with it that creates that art, which is defined by what it is and not what it isn't. That's fine but then don't define yourself within that genre. Great art exists compared to research something else and without constraint there is good paragraph, no great . Brainstorming? If only one man in the history of baseball hit home runs and good paragraph that was 50 we wouldn't know if that was good, bad or indifferent. Having abandoned tradition and constraint, presumably over issues of conservatism or boredom, conceptual fine art photography hits home runs in an utter vacuum and teaching argumentative essay esl the field has been gutted of true meaning and context by ghouls who have little respect for the genre.

Fine art photography has become a mere adjunct to literature, healthy doses of which are more evident alongside the work than ever before. Although I mention my work as though it is in deliberate contrast to a certain sensibility, in good research paper, fact my work exists on such a level not by design but by order of pages in a default; I do not seek to define myself and my expressions by what I am not. Good Paper? I merely seek to draw attention to that contrast to order of pages in a paper heighten what is my own natural bent as a photographer. I am more interested in research paper, being perceived as someone who makes honest work than work that is capable. My Hopkins parade photos reference and point up the failures of fine art photography more than any failures of suburbia. My Hopkins photos are outside the box only in paper paper paper term term term topic, the sense that they disguise their fine art ambitions, feigning indifference and attempt to fly under the radar of stereotypes of intellectual fine art photography.

I am not attempting to research paper introduction paragraph elevate the banality of essays brain, my subject matter but rather to depict as mundane my own photographic style, stripping out the obvious or sarcastic, toeing that delicate line between success and succumbing to one's own banality and also seemingly denying their artistic origins while emphatically claiming them. As such, suburbia does become a foil for me but are left out of the discussion, a mere template to test the waters of paper introduction, stereotypes in conceptual fine art photography. I purposefully strip out any hint of narrative or dialectecism in different research paper topics, the presentation of my Hopkins photos on my website as I do not view the good research structure of a magazine layout or comic book panels to be a strength any more endemic to photography than it is to painting. The Hopkins photos are not mystical, wise, exploratory, spiritual, haunting, potent, sacred or eccentric. What they are is simple and research paper straightforward and good research paper above all honest and teaching essay esl that's not all that exciting nowadays. Well, maybe not so simple and straightforward since the good research paper introduction paragraph small body of work as a whole is meant to be a perceptual trap for the unwary when it comes to the intellectual fine arts. There is little doubt in my mind that were a museum to choose from among my 30 Hopkins and 20 Aquatennial parade photos that they would choose those that came the closest to having a Robert Frank-like depiction of people as some kind of empty headed, shallow and clueless morons. James May, White House, Minneapolis, 1985.

My body of work called Urbanscapes is a minefield of traps and very purposefully so since even back as far as 1982 I was entirely fed up with the dishonest direction fine art photography was taking. Drag the correct one of these urbanscapes off the order of pages internet onto your desktop, put it into a photo editor and change it to black and white and you'll see just one of the many tools I use to achieve my manipulation of perception - in some few of those photos, the introduction tones are nearly identical, constructed of hues only. Unlike the Hopkins photos which are benignly subtle, the different research topics Urbanscapes are diabolical and introduction paragraph very much a visual version of this essay. Like a good Moriarity, I have put all the clues you need to see if you can but when it comes to perception, I think they are a clean getaway. As John Ford did in some of essay brainstorming worksheet, his westerns and Ridley Scott did hiding in good introduction, plain sight in research topics, Alien , I am attempting to paper dupe and manipulate the viewer in an entirely non-verbal way, especially those with a fine art background since the body of essays on guns, Urbanscapes work is made wholly with them in mind. If you can make a person's eyeballs dance then you can manipulate them and if you can manipulate them you can dupe them and good introduction paragraph so call them out.

Visual cues and ordinary objects are powerful sources of bias when used in a seemingly innocuous and innocent and argumentative essay esl even stupid manner. What's more intellectually innocuous than my own version of John Wayne by paper introduction way of cheap, kitschy saturated colors to lull a viewer to sleep? When revealed, it's kind of like showing someone a wonderful classic art style painting by Roy Krenkel in a museum and then while they're oohing and aahing telling them it was made for a science fiction paperback cover; good stuff is where you find it and never mind the essay brainstorming window dressing. Fine art photographers take it for granted that we the people cannot see and I take it for granted that those artists are in research, fact the ones who have a troubled vision and teaching argumentative essay need to good research introduction paragraph be given a lesson. In my Urbanscapes documentary photos, I wanted to stuff them with as many art references as I could yet make them hidden, as much as a result of the viewer's own bias as anything else. I wanted them to be perceived as stupid photos at dusk. In that sense, some of the Urbanscapes photos are as much conceptual works as others work's which are much more obviously so since I am using some of persuasive essay brainstorming, my subject matter merely to make edges vibrate or reverse apparent depth my making a background come forward and the foreground recede using color, by using the old illustrator's trick on the turning of an edge by good paper paragraph making one side warm and the other a cool color to mimic depth to the eye, but reversing it, by making one's eyes know something is amiss by draining contrast and other considerations. I lay an overt and intentionally cheap looking false trail not only by different topics the subject matter and choice of good paper introduction, that subject matter's presentation but by having some pieces not play the paper term game at all. I want these Urbanscapes to have all the seeming depth of an good research paper paragraph, old bright yellow bowling shirt with bowling pin buttons or lava lamp, enjoying the different research kitsch while apparently succumbing to introduction its easy charms.

I want them to seem like a cheap misunderstanding of a Meyerowitz Dairyland at dusk or of William Eggleston but that is a red herring. In A? My body of documentary urban nightscapes references film, art direction, field paintings, color theory, comic books, paperback covers, together with exploiting contrast, scale and depth, or lack of depth. When it comes to my recent work shooting parades, there are so many wonderful documentary photographers working in the vein of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank that it is good paper introduction paragraph, not necessary to have another. While working firmly within that general tradition, I wish to do something a bit to one side which is order in a, certainly nothing new but I wish to introduction simply have a calmer type of document. In the case of the parade photos, I want to create photos of people that seem as if they are a kitschy archetype that you have seen before but when you think about worksheet, it, you haven't and introduction paragraph most importantly I wanted them to be devoid of an overarching judgment.

I would rather fail as James May than succeed as a clone of others. James May, San Cristobal. de Las Casas, 1977. Fine art photography has become politically subjectified to paper paper paper term topic the point that no one is very eager to portray themselves as an expert on good paper introduction, others photography while conversely an amazing amount of photographers are touted as experts at what they do; to give over that you are an essays on guns, expert on judging others photography is considered gauche if not sheer arrogance. Fine art photography has been entirely given over to the viewer, any viewer and everyone is an good, expert and no voice diminished and so it's probably time to research paper topics have artist's fellowships distributed by a Nielson Ratings System since smiley hugs and research paper introduction paragraph non-controversial controversial work is the persuasive brainstorming order of the day. Much of this can be simply written off to the amazing generational difference between the average American in terms of research paper introduction, their desire to absorb information and opinions rather than disseminate them.

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century everyone and their sister has a blog site wherein few are shy about stating categorically their opinions and essays on science artistic creativity expertise on everything under the sun. In 21st century America everyone is the star of their own movie and much fine art photography has become nothing more than the equivalent of blog sites. The average person working pursuing a career in fine art photography seems unwilling to look at their own work objectively or display any kind of modesty. Without a report card capable of good paragraph, giving over an F, one wonders then why there are so many workshops. After all, if there is no scope for essays on guns failure and good introduction paragraph everyone's view is equally valid then what is there to learn aside from being brainwashed into believing the same trite stereotypes should be endlessly paraded and passed on essays and society artistic creativity and the brain, to the next generation. If it's all about good research, promoting variety rather than a kind of talent then why even bother going to teaching college? The truth of the matter is that, like rock and roll, intellectualized fine art photography is played out, its original impetus long gone and what is left is a 'cargo cult' ritual acted out by people who once saw a plane. John Baldesari doesn't have the same traction he did in the 60s and neither does R. Crumb, bongo drums, bell-bottoms, smoking a joint, an electric guitar solo or bikinis.

One can only push boundaries so far before it becomes an empty gesture, devoid of good research paper introduction paragraph, meaning and simply done for paper term topic the sake of a push. Research Paper Paragraph? There is no impetus to overly conceptualized fine arts photography which today resembles a creaky rocking chair more than a cutting edge movement. Virtually every major artistic movement which had its horizons expanded and paper paper term term topic topic affected by the 60s counter culture movement has gone through a steady evolution, reinventing itself and building on what came before with the exception of fine art photography which has become stiff and moribund and survives today as a living fossil, a relic of a passed over and dead zeitgeist which moves about mimicking life yet unaware of its own demise and whose endless meditations on place resembles the droning of an insect. Intellectualized fine art photography at the end of the first decade of the 21st century prides itself on its cutting perception but is perhaps the least perceptive major genre in America and the one with the greatest divide between the research paper introduction perception and different topics reality of the power of its own intellect. The lack of ethical or professional guidance of any kind whatsoever within the good paper paragraph photographic fine arts is a huge problem; workshops and colleges seem to indoctrinate more than anything else - the concept of thinking outside the box is worshipped but is ironically so narrowly defined that in reality such thinking is not allowed since at persuasive essay brainstorming, its heart it is so deeply politicized. Good Research Paper Introduction? When cutting edge becomes the norm what is it exactly that is taking place? Cutting edge compared to what?

Alternative compared to what? What is alternative when it's all alternative? Why are we still pushing back against themes from the 1960s in the 21st century? The problem of subversion and circumvention in fine art photography at this point is so deeply ingrained in the community that anyone who wanted to take on this problem head on would invariably be mockingly accused of essays and the, professional jealousy, haivng an excessively conservative and reactionary bent or outright cynicism, or, as one fool recently wrote to me, sour grapes, as if these are in and of themselves some kind of argument; they must make such charges or they risk being wrong and it is as simple as that - thinking outside the mainstream is the introduction mainstream and they just don't get that. Personally I can't think of anything more cynical than the essays and society fate that has overtaken fine art photography and the motives of it's practitioners, unwitting or otherwise in the last four generations. Individual expression is one thing and a communal desire to protect the integrity and standards of their genre another but the former holds sway unchallenged and paragraph the latter literally does not exist and what you end up with are taxi drivers and housewives writing reviews of photography exhibitions who don't know anything about the issues or history involved. Paper Paper Paper Term Term? A terrible democracy has developed in fine art photography where each republic has a population of paragraph, one.

Subjectivity is of course always something that is present in viewing art but in the case of fine art photography it has been stretched to the ridiculous and so the different research paper topics Oscar goes to. Good Research Paper Paragraph? everyone. How can we have a situation where photographers are eternally critiquing the world around them yet immune to critique themselves? How does that work exactly? Would you want to have a situation where only good reviews of movies and plays are presented from within the community itself? Where are the gatekeepers?

The concept of a photographer who is an embarrassment to themselves or to the genre is simply a point of view that doesn't exist in that genre. Within the realm of fine art photography, there seems to be less love and respect and even shame for the genre itself and more built-in excuses to maintain the status quo than any other I can think of. Even hollywood films, motivated entirely by money, have a healthy amount of respect for the presentation of those films in terms of argumentative, editing, cinematography, etc., and the people in those fields effective and enthusiastic guardians of the introduction paragraph integrity of worlds of expression they obviously cherish and respect and respect is the different key word here. In regard to that latter consideration, it is no surprise that Maya Deren is still practically worshipped as a ground-breaking genius by the intellectual fine arts community rather than seen as the spectacularly untalented worshipper of research paragraph, mindless contrariness she actually was. Unfortunately fine art photography has been taken over by contrariness and research paper topics an army of clones of Maya Deren reminiscent of Invasion of the Body Snatchers , replacing those like myself who are capable of only linear thought and introduction think anyone who burns sage is nuts. William Eggleston, Memphis, Tenn. Increasingly shallow and essays creativity and the ethically dishonest means of circumventing the need to develop a personal vision have been used for years now in the arena of fine art photography, such as filters, toy cameras, misuse of large format cameras, colored pencils, you name it - anything to paper distract from the research strength and heart of photography and good research paper introduction paragraph lack of talent and insight of the photographer.

To me fine art photography, among major artistic means of expression in America, seems to be far and away the most prone to dishonesty and political subversion. Photography more than ever seems to be considered too infantile to be left to different topics a mere photograph and good introduction fine art photography today and for some decades has come to be multimedia as much as anything. Ironically this desire to display the multimedia scope of their interests is largely done by people who have no real background in painting, drawing or design. Paper Topics? Erstwhile artistic multitaskers they proclaim themselves to research paragraph be are in essay worksheet, truth one dimensional photographers whose immodest reach exceeds their grasp. The photographer is not just a photographer but a multi talented artist in good paper paragraph, the same way the mere photograph must have it's horizons expanded to become everything and nothing. Essay Worksheet? It never occurs to research paper paragraph such artists that they simply may not have anything to say with a camera but are convinced otherwise by a considerable genre wide belief that a straight photograph is too literal and commonplace to countenance when in fact it is the language of photography itself. Photography is not literature and not painting. While in paper, some few instances it is nice to explore those parallel worlds in good research paper, photographic terms a wholesale turning away from photography's strengths encourages the weak and untalented and destroys the genre itself. And of course the essays on guns convenient argument is that to deny such legitimate expressions of exploration leave one as some kind of a dolt, mockingly depicted as living in a conservative past which in fact couldn't be further from the truth; they are merely people who wish to good research defend the integrity of fine art photography so it is not hijacked by enlightened amateurs which is exactly the current state of affairs. Different Topics? Why in the hell can't people who wish to introduction draw and write leave photography alone?

If the word zen or it's close equivalent isn't involved to some extent in essays on science artistic creativity and the, fine art photographic projects then those projects aren't happening and it seems sometimes as if entire sectors of good, fine art photography have been given over to some kind of yoga class. In yet another beguiling irony, insisting on the quiet and subtle has a strident tone to it quite out of place with the essays on guns imagined goal; nothing that is insisted upon is ephemeral, nuanced or subtle, in fact quite the opposite. The truth as I see it is that in the United States, fine art photography, far from being a safe haven for the sensitive and perceptive has become a vast politically correct fast food joint among major areas of artistic expression. When it comes to inept politically correct double talk fine art photography has no equal as it has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. Alternative - I say again, alternative to research introduction what? Like James Cagney, these people are simply and boringly professional againster's[29] contrary for the sake of paper term term topic topic, being contrary and paper introduction their rhetoric a magic prop up their sleeves. A creative genre cannot eternally define itself by opposition to that which it deems conservative without utterly corrupting itself by quickly being forced into a position where it has to manufacture bogey-men in order to justify itself because it denies the different topics progress of society and intellectual thought. When the eternal goal is onwards and upwards one runs out of introduction paragraph, space real quickly and intellectual fine art photographers become in custom paper paper paper term, essence professional politicians since their stance becomes increasingly less creative and more political as revolutionary movements always do when what they oppose disappears. Paragraph? There is a difference between being stifled creatively and manufacturing such a scenario long after its actual passing. In the world of fine art photography to declare one's lack of middle class values has long since come to trump actual creativity.

In fact, these photographers are unfairly and inaccurately projecting their own middle class naivete onto their audience while at the same time trumpeting through their work how successful they have been in rising above the dull and dreary and socially backward crowd they self-delightedly project their viewers to be; sharing from a soapbox. Accompanying quotes from Descartes or Voltaire prop up their photos in order to provide a type of resume of their intellectual credentials you cannot see in the work itself; you can always tell when people are mining work for quotes rather than being lovers of that literature when there is a dreary sameness in the authors they use; you won't see any quotes from Clark Ashton Smith or Jack Vance in this crowd as they emphatically do not march to the beat of their own drum - they only aspire to but there are bars in those windows and essays on guns so they result to tried and true archetypes and stereotypes - iconoclasts indeed. Introduction? In whatever genre of literature they use for quotes to prop up that work to slough off their middle class status they invariably will find something with a cache attached in order to show how ordinary they are not. While giving lip service to the idea of in a research paper, championing the notion that good things are where you find them and research not where you expect them, these photographers nevertheless insist in doing the on science and society and the exact opposite, nodding their heads in satisfaction at how little they think of a mainstream best seller or McDonald's while at the same time boasting of work they've had published in good, that same mainstream's magazines or newspapers. If these people once met Alan Ginsberg or had a girlfriend from Iceland who smoked cigars then these forensic evidences of nonconformity are cherished, invoked, bandied about and teaching essay almost worshipped like a sliver of wood from the true cross.

James May, Cairo, 2010. In effect this only good research serves to blind the photographers themselves while they pretend to hand out glasses that will enable you to see . Such an addiction to a politically derived elitism means that fine art photographers of this ilk will only find what they expect to find where they expect to find it, boring all and custom term topic sundry. In this manner fine art photography has come to occupy the specific perceptual location it seeks to good shy away from. The particulars are different but the perceptual locale the same in essays on science artistic and the, that it resides in the same karmic home of the archetypal close-minded corporate military industrial complex they wish to display their disdain for; what is introduction paragraph, a reactionary that believes emphatically they are not a reactionary? The answer is that they are intellectually lost. I would say they are lost in on science and society creativity and the, a perceptual trap of their own making and this is research, especially evident in how this community bristles at being questioned or challenged all the while promoting questions and challenge. It's hard to imagine being more intellectually adrift. In the end all you have is a version of keeping up with the Joneses where one's membership to a wonderfully intellectual club of one is the overriding concern as is the notion that they would never stoop to being merely visual in a visual medium.

They are each one the ultimate iconoclast and this is the true goal, the photography itself merely a now sufficiently and appropriately obfuscated arena in which to massage their own egos at the expense of essay brainstorming, what used to be a wonderful genre. No surprise that so much fine art photography is so bad as it is research paper introduction, considered merely as an of pages in a paper, almost irrelevant nuisance on the fast track towards instant gratification of good research paragraph, self. In fine art photography patience is not a virtue. It is not a surprise that such personalities have gravitated towards fine art photography like moths to a flame. Yet it is not self-immolation that is the byproduct but the immolation of fine art photography itself. To me the custom paper paper term term topic topic situation in fine art photography in this sense is very similar to 21st century hip-hop music, a genre where the good research paper introduction bar has been lowered to the point where amateur's become millionaires because of their political approach to essays on guns music while talent takes a back seat.

Music that is good paper introduction, so bad it is embarrassing is not only popular but celebrated with Grammys, ability and talent an irrelevance. Being slaves to the marketplace I don't really have a problem with that. If fine art photographers would simply be honest about this issue rather than passing themselves as some kind of phony intellectual ghetto justice fighters it would be entirely different. In the arena of more intellectualized fine art photography, middle class politically correct orthodoxy passed off as iconoclastic intellectualism so prevalent for the last half century reminds me more of artistic brain, propaganda or a con game than any genuine insights into the nature of the world around us. Naive stereotypes still abound in fine art photography, the cowboys and indians have just exchanged places; there is nothing new about the new mythology.

An echo of this is research paragraph, a film that buys into the childish stereotypes and in a research bias of the new mythology called This Revolution , a 2005 offering directed by Stephen Marshall and good paper introduction paragraph starring Rosario Dawson. This Revolution is a virtual smorgasbord of trite, politically correct and argumentative essay esl casual bigotry where successful people who just happen to good introduction be white are evil, ignorant and spiritually bankrupt and the great unwashed as they are at one time called in the film are the real people with the argumentative essay real insight into what is really going on on this earth; this attitude is research paragraph, wholly and increasingly reflected in essays on science artistic, fine art photography in research paragraph, America in essay brainstorming, the last 50 years. This Revolution contains more than just echoes of Robert Frank's The Americans . In it's own way, This Revolution is arguably as full of racism, bigotry and shallow stereotypes as some of the worst types of films from the 1930s or 1940s and yet because this bias comes from a good place it is not only utterly excused but swallowed whole as truth by eager American youths and research introduction fine art photographers who consider rap music as the default cool and John Wayne a symbol of brutal idiocy, which John Ford threw back in their faces as long ago as 1956 with The Searchers and also in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance , (1962) employing formal visual and thematic techniques in the one place those beloved pseudo-intellectuals wouldn't be able to see it, a stupid cowboy movie, and using John Wayne to do it. Oil, Che Guevara, Bush, imperialism, colonialism and much much more imagery are trundled out as reflecting a truly sophisticated and worksheet compassionate view of the world when in research introduction paragraph, fact such thinking represents a hopelessly biased, cynical, arrogant and puerile belief system in a world much more complex and even innocent than this type of thinking is able to teaching essay perceive. In this stereotype successful people are some kind of self sustaining aristocracy with immorality as their default mode when in point of fact most successful and rich people are self-made and good research introduction come from brainstorming middle or lower middle class backgrounds and are not demonstrably more unethical than a convenience store owner or taxi driver or college student; it is research, simply a convenient stereotype. James May, Hopkins, MN, 2009. I laugh at fine art photography in the vein of essays on guns, This Revolution that can at once depict earnest Catholics in Latin America as soulful and spiritual people while depicting Catholics within the United States as fringe lunatics whose priests are prone to pedophilia. Good Research Paper? I laugh at photographers who consistently caption portraits of native Americans as having an essays on science and the brain, innate grace, pride and spirituality while at the same time depicting a driver at an Ohio truck stop as an good research paper, endemically spiritually bankrupt, decadent and generally clueless human being; provincialism passed off as compassionate and global insight. If you want to talk about a perceptual trap of unflinching hypocrisy, a film like This Revolution and much of what is found in fine art photography in America today is almost the very definition of the idea. An obsession among American photographers working in on science and the, the fine arts to show how cool and hep and with it and research introduction paragraph intellectual they truly are has set back the arts many years and of pages it will be at introduction paragraph, least a generation before fine art photography has a chance to recover from it's own unquestioned trendiness, lack of content and mindless stereotypes; no eager viewer of the Wayang Kulit of Plato's Cave was ever more ensorcelled than are many of the present generation of fine art photographers.

Photos of essays on guns, close-ups of paintings or wainscoting over-powered with an 8x10 view camera, boring tourist photos of Patagonia or Niagara Falls brutally twisted and transformed by reams of accompanying text to become fine art, branches and good paper introduction paragraph pebbles no better than that to different research paper be found on research paper introduction paragraph, Flickr are arranged in triptychs and declared fine art, misty filters are put over lenses and in a the resultant photos promoted by and sold to good research those who are in fact the great unwashed, all accompanied by essays on guns empty and pretentious literary declarations full of research introduction paragraph, imagined insight and metaphysical gibberish. One could easily come to the conclusion that such photographers have nothing to say with a camera and may never really have had anything to different research paper say. Paper? The camera is merely an extension of their childish egos and fine art photography the victim. Some photographers feel photographs alone are limited and so greatly benefit from text; this is called a magazine. In fact the truth may be that the people who feel this way are simply limited as photographers. Panoramic photos are split into sections so to emulate movement or the editing of a movie while Joe Kubert was doing the same thing with comic panels in Sgt. In A? Rock comic books in the late 60's to research paper introduction paragraph far less fanfare. Different Research Paper? Nor should there have been any fanfare as it would have emulated fine art photography's penchant for elevating a trivial passing idea to the sublime, worthy of focus, worship, contemplation, a lecture and good research paper introduction meditation, stripped of pragmatism.

Photography certainly has it's strengths and weaknesses but I have never understood people who gravitate to photography and then marginalize it's strengths in order to conceal their own weakness as photographers in a way that is eminently cynical; you can put catsup in your car's gas tank if you want to but why would you want to; just to show you can do it, out of contrariness? My own understanding of people who wish to transform photography into something it's not is more about knowingly covering up their own lack of talent in essay esl, photography than of good research paper, promoting demonstrably trite attempts to think outside the box; it's like becoming involved in creating comic books and then deciding that the drawings make the whole concept lack credibility from an intellectual point of view and so the comic books should become entirely text, an ironic conceptual reversal of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 which is an entirely apropos turnabout of so many conceptual photographers who need text to dress up their images; so, The Hulk is turned into a wordy and persuasive essay worksheet long-winded Cartesian and so is photography. I'm trying to paper imagine explaining a book by using a series of photographs and I'm coming up empty though the idea doesn't lack humor for order in a research me. Good Paper Introduction? I have no problem with people who want to combine text and essays on guns pictures but it's certainly not photography or at least it doesn't go to the strength of photography, more like a poor man's magazine yet it's promoted as ground breaking multimedia. By this definition People magazine is a multimedia presentation. Semantics plays a great role in the fraud that comprises much of fine art photography in good research paper introduction paragraph, the United States in the last 50 years and is used in a way that would have Orwell spinning in order of pages research paper, his grave, the purveyors of truth and clarity being in truth, the purveyors of semantic nonsense. No coincidence and extremely convenient that the word mere is tacked onto the front of the word craftsmanship since that craftsmanship largely doesn't exist in intellectual fine art photography to good research introduction any great extent in the first place and different research paper if it did would find a hard road being recognized as such by fine art photographers who never met a word they didn't like; what can you say about people who so little understand the difference between photography and good paragraph a photographic process? In the same manner that modern art was contemptuous of the teaching argumentative skills of a mid-20th century commercial illustrator like Coby Smith or Al Parker, so too is conceptual fine art photography suspicious and disdainful of demonstrable skill yet without anything to supplant this skill with, perhaps failing to understand that the language of a genre is its own message. There is research paragraph, nothing particularly original about paper, breaking down the intellectual, political, social and good research paragraph emotional walls behind which language has been imprisoned, freeing it, then watching while the poor thing is recaptured and locked up again. Teaching Argumentative? That process has been repeated endlessly throughout history. The wordsmiths who serve our imagination are always devoted to good research paper introduction communication.

Clarity is always their method. Universality is brainstorming, their aim. Good Paper? The wordsmiths who serve established power, on the other hand, are always devoted to obscurity. They castrate the in a paper public imagination by subjecting language to a complexity which renders it private. Elitism is always their aim.

The undoubted sign of a society well under control or in decline is good research, that language has ceased to be a means of communication and has become instead a shield for those who master it. - John Ralston Saul, Voltaire's Bastards James May, Cairo, 2010. Subverting language in the name of exalting trivial photography is the argumentative essay norm in overly intellectualized fine art photography; statements used as adjuncts to the work are riddled with words like explorer, mystical, imposing, wisdom, and quintessential, pitiful attempts to imbue the work with qualities not at good paper paragraph, all evident in the photography itself; there is nothing moderate or shy here when it comes to misusing language, defining the on science and society creativity and the work in a way that the research paper work itself cannot do. The relationship between the work and order of pages in a it's attendant semantics couldn't be a more pointedly ridiculous erstwhile portmanteau if these photographers dressed in khaki and a pith helmet such is their vaunted exploratory passion. The vapid nature of much of the work is such that words like explore and research paper introduction wisdom are hijacked to the extent that their relative meaning becomes wholly unrecognizable, trivialized in the name of failed attempts at expanding what wasn't inherent in the work in the first place. Research? Words are inappropriately used as bandages and crutches for what is research paper introduction paragraph, indeed a very sick patient and one may as well describe a body of topics, photographic work by dancing a samba or doing a review of good research introduction, Pride and Prejudice by showing a photo of an brainstorming, Emily Bronte look-alike watching grass grow. If photography cannot be separated out from drawn out explanations and research text then it is paper paper term term topic topic, not photography but some kind of weak sister masquerading as such because the paragraph more you explain it the weaker it becomes. Orwell wrote an entire book dedicated to avoiding such semantic foolishness which 6 decades on order paper, has fallen on deaf ears in the case of the good introduction so-called photographers working at what they see as the cutting edge of high-minded intellectualism. Teaching Argumentative Essay? I for good introduction paragraph my part, cannot imagine using photography in a more close-minded and cynical fashion.

The word creativity has changed from a verb to a noun, a faded t-shirt worn like an escutcheon. These overly complicated teenage yearnings for essays and society and the coolness have no problem successfully translating the gibberish wherein a rock group may bill itself as a dangerous band , the type of semantics of forever unrealized hopes of paper introduction, edginess so close to the hearts of argumentative esl, mullet wearing, lighter holding fans dedicated to the parallel universe of dangerous photography. The bloated motorcycle riders surging into Sturgis, South Dakota every year also comes to mind because that is how conceptual artists see themselves as betrayed by names like Outlaw Printer makers for example; it is their intellectual space and just as phony. I would prefer a name like Conformist Printmakers so that the priority would go back to where it belongs rather than the innate hypocrisy of the rebel/conformist. There is an entire history among the so-called avante-garde during the 2nd half of the last century which demonstrates a type of shame of genre trapped literature and art but their attempts to transform genres perhaps reveals more about good research paper paragraph, their own fears of not being taken seriously, of being mistaken for teaching argumentative essay esl white trash, than revealing how ignorant their predecessors were; and of course their predecessors are regarded as overly commonplace and paper introduction paragraph rigid not to say wholesale racists, a shameful embarrassment. In some cases, disdain for mere craftsmanship comes not from a place of philosophy but from an inability or lazy, fast-track unwillingness to and society artistic attain the good paper introduction paragraph discipline; in essays on science and the brain, this context fine art photography has become the perfect place to hide. The echoes of generational embarrassment of an unwitting nature resound throughout elements of fine art photos as it's proponents have become every bit as rigid and research commonplace as the culture they pretend to react to; a lowrider but on an RV. The question is persuasive essay worksheet, why such people would become so attracted to certain forms of the arts and then try and transform them into something they're not; they dislike it but cannot stay away. like illegal immigrants who wave the flags of a country they steadfastly refuse to comtemplate actually living in - what in the world is the research paragraph imperative here? During the persuasive brainstorming early 1960s there were science fiction authors who so transformed the genre in their writing that their stories were no longer even science fiction; again, one is left to research introduction wonder why in the world they were attracted to the genre in paper term term topic, the first place - Captain Future was now transformed into a Cartesian.

Some few science-fiction writers kept writing avante-garde SF until they had succeeded in writing a story that was everything but science-fiction, doing a good job of putting that embarrassing plebeian genre behind them. Similarly there are new-wave photographers who have made careers for themselves doing everything but taking a good photograph since to do so would be too middle class to be abided. I imagine they would tell you that their new-wave sensibility precludes an interest in something as tawdry and good introduction obvious as taking a good photograph - after all, anyone can do that. The current crop of essays on guns, intellectual fine art photography, especially the most arcane and intellectually pretentious was born out of the paper introduction 60s when boundaries were stretched to their limits and barriers came crashing down. There is no fine art photography 2.0 when it comes to the unrelenting intellectual urge to continually act as if the Watts riots just happened and essays on guns everyone just came back from good research introduction Woodstock. The naughty middle class has not yet learned their perceptual lessons and so must be endlessly treated to photographs of glasses of water, piles of rocks or a reflection in a pond shot through the course of a year. Essays On Guns? The explorers explore and explore until the word becomes meaningless, the process xerox-like and the original intent wholly lost. The resounding success and goal of conceptual fine art photography is to reduce it by subversion and circumvention to something else altogether, something less tawdry than actual photography, and in this it has succeeded when it comes to grant committees and museums. Walker Evans, Houses and research introduction paragraph Billboards, Atlanta, 1936. Curators and teaching argumentative gallery owners are overwhelmed by photographer's who are taken seriously merely because they use 8x10 view cameras or abstruse printing methods, little minding that many of these photographers have no understanding of light or print quality because the good research introduction curator's themselves are not photographers and have not put in hundreds and hundreds of hours in the field and in the darkroom or in order of pages research, an image editing program.

An endangered species nowadays the insightful patron who can judge art better than they could ever create it. The result of paper paragraph, that fact is a hopeless muddle resembling scattershot on a target on the side of artistic and the, a barn. Middle class curators and photographers with hopelessly provincial views are brought in to good paper introduction paragraph grant committees to judge other middle class photographers with hopelessly provincial views and, recognizing a kindred spirit, award tens of thousands of dollars in fellowships to photographers who would be better off being plumbers. The guardians of a protected environment for those who eschew the common overly representational have become guardians of conformity itself. In such an environment, honest and straightforward photographers are instantly dismissed as lacking insight and essays artistic creativity brain intellectualism by default, unfairly portrayed as a type of paper paragraph, stupid cowboy movie, talent and competence taking a backseat to kowtowing the politically artistic line. Straightforward becomes a synonym for lack of sophistication and paper paper term term topic topic so anything that is simple is made complex just for the sake of complexity itself as well as to camouflage the photography's own callowness. An empty, complex ritual is good research paper introduction paragraph, needed to give the illusion that something is actually happening and so you have 8x10 cameras, bombastic rhetoric, and complex printing methods. In this manner it seems as if you're getting something for your money to take the place of the craftsmanship so abhorred and now all but extinct. After all, something has to persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet take the paper paragraph place of the esl discipline that has been put aside in favor of something else of equal value; unfortunately the end product is a cheat, the introduction paragraph complexity a magician's arm movements to hide the fakery as are the inevitable semantics about different research topics, spirituality and exploration. The many years it takes to develop a personal vision that closes the distance between the mind's vision and what is good introduction paragraph, actually put on custom paper paper paper term term topic, film or pixel is discredited simply because it is so very hard and good research paper introduction takes so long to demonstrably accomplish.

A short cut is in order and what better short cut than to throw the whole process into the arena of the custom paper paper paper term term topic conceptual where confusion reigns and sharp edges blunted until everyone is considered equally capable as a photographer because now it is the quality of thought that is at issue, much harder to prove or disprove, especially if the requisite intellectual political Diaspora from the paper introduction evil of the 1950s is invoked. Fine art photography becomes the arena of a type of philosophical social justice and physical democracy to include those disenfranchised by lack of talent and patience. Hard on essay brainstorming worksheet, the heels of this a politically correct morality appeared as the new scale upon research which to weigh one's worth as a photographer, the whole wrapped up in teaching esl, pseudo-intellectualism. The disenfranchised have enveloped fine art photography and paper introduction made of it a train wreck; no longer close to being disenfranchised since they now utterly dominate the genre, they still claim that status as if the wolves of ordinariness are howling at their door. For it's own specific reasons fine art photography is essays on guns, more dishonest and has fallen farther than any other major creative genre in America and in good research paper introduction paragraph, this unequaled in the 20th century with the custom paper term topic exception of cartoon animation in the 1970's. The difference there is that everybody who knew and paper paragraph liked animation saw what had come about while the argumentative esl people who comprise the fine art photography community are blithely unaware that the boat is sinking. James May, Cairo, 2010.

What you're left with is the equivalent of good research paper paragraph, a Che Guevara poster combined with lofty pure intellectualism dedicated to exploration which has served only to essays on guns produce decades of research paragraph, stereotypes masquerading as the essays on guns exact opposite. One person's opinion is now as good as another's and good introduction paragraph pointing at essays on guns, a piece of fine art photography and saying it's trash is not only considered one person's opinion but to research paper paragraph be just mud slinging. The idea of an persuasive brainstorming, informed opinion is put aside because everybody can think and paper introduction this fact is passed off as experience, equal to anybody else's experience; sheer intellect trumps talent and experience. In this scenario everyone is a photographer with equal credentials, everybody an expert. Of Pages In A Paper? The measure of credentials now passes to a gaggle of large format cameras, unnecessarily complicated print processes wasted on bad work and oily semantics - suddenly, there you have it: a silk purse.

Nothing becomes something and something becomes nothing and paper introduction paragraph you have a playing field so equably muddied that you could fool a grants committee with photos made by a chimpanzee or someone from an insane asylum or photos taken by different a 6 year old child. There is paper, not a doubt in my mind that I could go to the zoo, have a monkey take some photos with a point and shoot, dress up those photos with the different appropriate rhetoric and have as good a chance of winning a grant or fellowship as another applicant. Right now as I write this there is good introduction, a mother outside my window playing with her 3 kids. There is not a doubt in my mind that I could ask the kid who's about 6 to custom paper term term take a picture of me, his mother, his 2 sisters, the tree that's there and maybe the branches and put the work in front of a grants committee together with some artist's statement with the research paragraph usual semantics, some dramatic multi-syllables, some bullshit and essays brain fool them entirely. Now that's what I call a level playing field. So, nothing really means anything since everything is purely subjective and with no skill subset and all views equally valid and yet everything apparently means something since there is a steady outflow of work from intellectuals fine artists who have come to resemble the old fashion version of a diary, the one only the writer of it ever heard of. Today however, you hear every least and trivial thought trumped up and magnified into good introduction paragraph art but also while claiming there is no real art since even the janitor at a museum is not only an de facto artist but probably an actual piece of art; one need only point to the janitor to make it so if the janitor has not already done so. Meanwhile a flood of empty swimming pools by the sea taken with a 4x5 view camera is hailed as art and decisions made by the wives of curators with no experience in photography other than their own infallible belief in custom paper term term topic, their power to overcome all shortcomings of experience with sheer intellectual power and insight. Good Paragraph? Those people are in turn buried in Visa cards, 401K's, PTA meetings and essays on guns classically bad Minnesota haircuts, the unwitting subjects of their own version of an Arbus or Frank photograph.

Cleverness is taken for insight and politically correct stereotypes are trundled about as uncovering the true nature of reality, slightly disturbed photographer's are taken for research paragraph visionaries. My city has become a giant closeout bin full of silver gelatin closeups of hands and of pages research leaves and out of focus porches and meditations on place, all done with large format cameras towards no purpose whatsoever that I can see; you could make such images on a $59 scanner and they'd be just as bad. How these people even dare to good paper call themselves photographers is essays and society artistic creativity brain, something for Solomon to chew over. James May, Revolution, Cairo, Jan. 2011. You would think that it is the manifesto of fine art photographers to be a type of physicist who's goal is to penetrate the event horizon of our own culture and view that holy grail where the laws of reality itself break down, delivering up the ultimate vision of truth; all they have really succeeded in good research paper paragraph, doing is elevating the trivial to of pages in a paper a monumental level, a twisted take on research paper introduction, the uncertainty principle where close scrutiny reveals something other than intended, in order of pages, these cases metaphysical and visual hyperbole.

I'm surprised some species of fine art photographers whose desire to explore is so all encompassing haven't figured out a way to shoehorn discovering new galaxies into their work; maybe they could pass the hat among themselves for a giant telescope with a 4x5 polaroid back. Research Paper Paragraph? Or how about a nice microscope - that has a lens doesn't it? Conceptual photographers deliver up not art but cures and antidotes to what ails you and society, distributing high-minded vaccines like a side-show huckster that has nothing at its heart to do with photography. People write reviews about films but these reviews are not true partners to the films themselves and in no way supplant them and the true center of attention remains the film and its specific language and the strength of that specific language but in teaching essay, conceptualized fine art photography, the artist is reviewing their own work in a very real sense by overly contextualizing and textualizing it. By the time the artist has given the stamp of good paper introduction, approval to his own work there is little left to think about and the odds suggest there never was in the first place given the debauched gift shop I'm okay you're okay nature of intellectual fine art photography. Stephen Shore, Stampeder Motel, Ontario, Oregon, 1973. Fine art photography has gotten to the point where it tries to essays on guns be everything and anything, it natural strengths ignored and good research paper even disdained and in such instances becomes nothing. All this is done in the name of essays on guns, exploration but Captain Spaulding is more of what comes to mind as fine art photography's own supposed proponents have been destructive and deconstructive in their explorative dismantling of the genre but without any worry about picking up the good research paper introduction paragraph pieces and both done in a way that parallel's their politically correct view of how much they dislike the story of America itself and seek to similarly deconstruct, dismantle and dismiss all they find not to their liking.

It is taken for research granted that this results in a better place but I am not so sanguine as some and one must be careful about introduction, what one deletes and what one takes for granted and what one brings to the table for dessert. Parallel to this is the more wholesale denunciation of all that has come before in a retro inquisition that ferrets out and retrofits a suit of essays on guns, racism and imperialism onto Columbus, Edgar Rice Burroughs or anyone else that comes into their sights which not only encompasses the research introduction paragraph vast majority of the historical landscape but distorts America's present day landscape to seem as if half the research paper country are profiling bastards who'd like nothing more than to cut the pigtails off a chinaman . Change is the monument intellectualized photography worships but has become accelerated towards a destination where change is done for the sake of change and to bring about a heightened sense of just how far we can distance ourselves from the commonplace as well our past which is brought into the present, as if this is an endgame in itself. No surprise that some fine art photography can be thought of as a tea bag of stupid semantics in an empty cup, diluted into an unrecognizable state of evaporation. Once many fine art photographers figure out what is required for success, a new swath of self-aware dishonest stereotypes is brought about and the con game feeds on itself in research introduction paragraph, a closed and sometimes incestuous system that pretends to order of pages in a worship the good research paper introduction paragraph very concept of challenge and exploration yet bitterly resents being itself challenged or explored and so reveals it's own decadence and research paper reactionary nature. Good Research Introduction Paragraph? Unless you're Einstein you need to live outside the box to think outside the persuasive worksheet box. A middle class existence and research paper introduction the craving to deny that existence are not enough.

People in the fine arts become hypnotized by famous names like Mapplethorpe without looking at the photographs in front of them as if, once established, the name can do no wrong and so their worst photographs get carried along an paper term term topic, iconic and good research introduction paragraph unchallenging breeze of unthinking hero-worship. Unthinking, played out teaching argumentative essay esl stereotypes about spaces , the suburbs, of the spirituality of the East or of any culture that has ever been downtrodden is good introduction paragraph, taken for granted without a blink. Persuasive Essay? Success as subject matter is automatically linked to a type of sterility of spirit, with the exception of the successful photographers and curators who deliver such insight of course. In this context they needn't worry that power corrupts since the artists of which I speak and good research paper paragraph their mentors bring their own type of corrupt behavior from the very start. With the glowing certainty that they are the firmly in the court of Winston Smith in Orwell's 1984 , and are only order research paper renting a studio in The Ministry Of Love, the self-styled iconoclasts of contemporary fine art photography are victims of their own lack of perception while setting about to oh so closely monitor ours, the guardians of perception watching to see that we can never go perceptually astray while they're on the job serving up triptychs of large format out of good research paper introduction, focus leaves to our eye opening delight.

The great enemy of clear language is essay brainstorming worksheet, insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and good research introduction paragraph one's declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to different research topics long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out introduction ink. A quote from George Orwell that seems particularly appropriate when it comes to the insincerity of the present generation of non-traditional fine art photographers who attempt to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind., another quote from different topics Orwell; the politics of fine art photography resemble a type of paper introduction paragraph, childish fascism as much as anything else. James May, Rio de Janeiro, 1985. While deriding the desire for middle class success, the very photographers who celebrate their distance from such vulgar goals unashamedly tout their least success in terms of magazine covers, exhibitions or celebrities they met. Custom Paper Paper Term Term Term Topic Topic? Names like Kerouac and research introduction David Byrne are their unquestioned idols and are shared among themselves with a dog-like devotion, especially if they had the least contact with such greatness. Like middle class autograph hounds many fine art photographers little realize that they themselves are the characters in the background of on science artistic creativity and the, Robert Frank's 1955 photo titled, Movie Premiere - Hollywood. Research Paper? For all their bluster about perception and seeing they cannot see themselves and so fine art photographers eagerly nibble on the cheese of the exact countless perceptual traps they berate others for, the guarding against such traps the very Bizarro-like basis of the jelly-like ground upon which their photography is based. Fine art photography at on science and society artistic and the brain, the beginning of the 21st century is arguably as sterile, rigid, fraudulent and spiritless as the very entities it seeks to introduction paragraph depict as such or shy away from and it is no surprise that a constancy of of pages in a, vision is good, so rare to paper term term term come by seeing as happy accidents seem to paper comprise the persuasive worksheet centerpiece of paper introduction paragraph, otherwise dreary bodies of work; it is difficult to research paper topics sustain a vision that doesn't exist in the first place. Much of what is good research introduction, passed off as fine art photography in America today is made by people who resemble Robert Frank's Americans more than they do the cognoscenti they strut themselves out as.

In the world of performance art that closely parallel's the custom term term world of fine art photography a person like Laurie Anderson is regarded as the ultimate iconoclast all the while having the same spiked haircut for the past 40 years, a rigid uniform that is emphatically not a rigid uniform; even Anderson's ostensible philosophical opposite, Doris Day, didn't have the same haircut for 40 years and being a dedicated and research paper introduction paragraph hard working nymphomaniac, probably lived a wilder life than Anderson ever did. Having a fear of being middle class and in the end becoming a grifter is not the same thing as being an artist. Pop art has an honored place in the history of the fine arts as a foil but when that sensibility ceases to be self-aware it merely resides in essays on guns, the exact place it came from in the first place, ceasing to research paper introduction be a foil but just sad and uninformed hypocrisy. What we're really talking about here is top 40 radio but with a tinge of custom paper paper paper term term topic, green tea, yoga and social justice in a false panel of integrity. Joel Meyerowitz, Dairyland, Provincetown, 1976. It is by good paper introduction no means unusual to see entire group shows that are utterly disgraceful although comprised of photographers with a great deal of accomplishment in their resume. One such show at a notable gallery in my area in early 2009 is composed of just the teaching argumentative essay esl worst group of photos, made by photographers notable both locally and nationally. The photos in the show are embarrassing in the lack of good introduction paragraph, creativity of vision they possess, entirely succumbing to the very banality into which they unsuccessfully attempt to infuse new life. One would think this group show's theme was to see how badly one could put the brainstorming usual suspects of stereotypes to work. How in the world breathing, thinking photographers can consciously put out such trash is research paragraph, entirely beyond my ability to understand.

You can be sure of one thing though, there will be no lack of grant money among this assembled crew or verbiage on on science and society and the, the part of the photographers and their gallery when it comes to propping up a show which I found to be nothing more than an utter disgrace to the whole tradition of research paper, photography in the fine arts. Considering the backgrounds of the artists involved, it might be one of the argumentative esl worst shows in the history of Minnesota. And of course, this show was textualized right up to introduction paragraph its eyeballs. At the same time there was an early 2009 exhibition at a local, very notable Minneapolis art center featuring a one-person show which was similarly disgraceful. At the risk of making this essay murky by not citing examples and not wanting to sharpen my knives any further by in a indulging in paper paragraph, character assassination, these 2 shows and essays on guns their artists will remain nameless. I can tell you that this show was accompanied by a talk in an auditorium and in the 100 minute podcast I was amazed to paper paragraph find that not a thing was said really, not anything, it was just nonsense.

Fine art photography has long since reached a crisis point in the quality of talent which it has attracted. I can well imagine that others such as myself are similarly disgusted by the lack of proper mentorship and reward that has occurred within the photography community. Teaching? Why fine art photography would suffer such a crisis of paper, talent at research, this point in history is a partial mystery. I say partial because one reason it has come on such hard times is the good mindless work that has attained the status of an entrenched worship. Essays On Guns? Graphic design, cinematography, animation, literature, the general sciences and more are going through a type of golden age, at research paragraph, the height of their competence while artistic photography has reached the nadir of its history, executed and essays on guns managed by yokels who have no more idea of what constitutes an interesting photograph than a 3 year old. Success breeds success and so exhibitions and grant money continue to follow the same individuals because so few people have the faintest clue as to what's happening and resumes become king. Good Research Introduction Paragraph? Resolve and surety based on experience is and society creativity brain, dismissed as a kind of good research introduction, untoward cockiness and the entire genre given over to joyful subjectivity, naturally hailed by argumentative esl those photographers with nothing to say with a camera and a burning desire to say it. The socialization and intellectual politicization of fine art photography is well under way but the rewards not equably distributed but rather weighted to those who can whip about the most trendy stereotypes. James May, Rio de Janeiro, 1985. Curators and gallery owners only good research paragraph have resumes to go by when it comes to measuring success in fine art photography because they are utterly incapable of looking at the work and bringing any authority whatsoever to the table much less integrity; for this reason presenting work without a resume is unthinkable.

The resume becomes the proof of one's competence in lieu of any other yardstick. Gallery owners neither know nor care if negatives are sandwiched together or misty filters utilized or the issues involved in such acts or whether photographers shit on a brick and of pages in a slide it under a door as long as a nice resume is in evidence and sales happen; galleries and museums have long since ceased to be gate-keepers, guardians and educators and are now relegated to the role of ticket taker - this is understandable to a certain extent as one must eat but you think there would be some kind of research paper introduction paragraph, fight underway to direct the public rather than be directed. I understand a certain amount of commercialism to enter fine art photography but not to direct it's very creation. Scenarios like that were the very reason the fine arts came about in the first place. It's like a proverbial 3rd world bureaucracy where only paper in the form of money and resumes matters and people don't exist without that paper; to paraphrase Thomas Wolfe, without a resume to different go with it, I can't see a photograph. Is this or is good research paper introduction paragraph, this not the exact opposite of what our ground-breaking iconoclasts promote?

Where is the perception in persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet, such a bankrupt circle of good research paragraph, blindness? When you see the film Orfeu Negro and the scenes of a paper engorged Brazilian bureaucracy you may rest assured that these people of whom I write include themselves on the right side of that equation but they in fact are the topics paper pushers and I mean pushers in another sense. It's a lot easier to say it than to do it and that is at the crux of much that is wrong in fine art photography today as the lazy and untalented are given success through mouthing unrelenting, easy stereotypes in a kind of unknowing system of paragraph, welfare. In this case there is nothing ventured but something definitely gained but not on any kind of artistic playing field which is persuasive, so unbalanced that the audience is the game and art on the sidelines. Why not be dismissive of the idea of grueling self-apprenticeship with at research paper introduction paragraph, least some modicum of talent displayed when one can glide in under the radar you yourself have taken down, circumvented, subverted and persuasive brainstorming destroyed and achieve success? This may seem cynical but believe me when I say that I have personally dealt with these issues and personally seen how others have dealt with them and there is research, a definite type of order in a paper, dishonesty going on here; it's like an equivalent of children running around with no adult supervision and if you think I'm saying that whole sectors of fine art photography have been given over to a type of island like that in Lord of the research paper introduction paragraph Flies , that is essays on guns, exactly what I'm saying. Cynical I may be but I believe the good paper cynicism is wholly on the part of the types of photographers of which I write.

In any event, if challenge and exploration is at the heart of essays artistic creativity brain, what phony conceptual photography is all about then it is equally fair to challenge and explore the motives of those who create such trash and not stand on the sidelines and paper introduction be a cheering section for custom paper paper term term topic a 3rd rate brand of photography. I believe that what you will find is that the idea of challenging and exploring in the fine arts depends entirely on good research introduction, what you challenge and explore and so neuters itself. Essays On Science Artistic? Intellectual fine art photography is all passion when it comes to ripping open layers of what they feel needs it but that passion will cool considerably when asked to expose the heart of research paper, their own photography. What's good for the goose is good for me too and these types of photography of which I am so critical have existed unchallenged for on science and the too long. I felt this way about what I saw going on when I was in art school in the late 70s and I still feel the same way. That which has challenged and belittled so much of what came before can take a little of it's own medicine in this small measure considering how much credence overly intellectualized photography has gained in the last 50 years, largely unquestioned in a way that makes it's own existence seem so obviously positive that it makes me uncomfortable.

Peter Latner, Chimney Rock, Western Nebraska. Fine art photography has become the same conservative corporation it loves to research paper introduction laugh at. You'd think that by now you would have seen some dissent but instead the meek seemed to have inherited fine art photography riding on a false assumption of essays on guns, bold challenge that exists only in their semantics that has simply been taken for granted. Good? A rebellion that every single person seems to order of pages research paper take part in good paper introduction paragraph, is no rebellion and Viet Nam-era counter culture art shot it's bolt a long time ago. That which iconoclastic forms of photography pushes against has been gone for argumentative essay esl many, many years now, along with people who don't like long hair and rock and roll and now rides along only on it's own jealously guarded momentum. Making every piece of art into good introduction paragraph some kind of essays on guns, seminal event still reacting against a distant past leaves one with a sense of paper introduction, boredom and a feeling that many photographers can't enjoy their art form for simply that but, like adrenaline junkies, must always strive for research revelation after revelation, anti-climax after anti-climax until the research paper earth seems populated with savvy artists who have rationalized their photography into the ground. Like it or not, the conceptual trail of fine art photography was blazed many decades ago and all we've had since is a boring series of re-runs and unnecessary sequels. This movement has now become so conservative and intrenched that it is essays on guns, more than ever truly the child of it's parents, riding along on momentum and the lack of anything permitted to supplant it, like a fish that has eaten every other species in it's lake. How many more times and for how many more decades will we have to be woken up, made aware, made self-aware, by these reactionary self acclaimed psychologists who must wake up in research introduction, the night with cold sweats and imagine it's 1958 and the great unwashed must be given a bath and different paper topics a found object to hug close to their breast? When is the next phase going to follow this dictatorship of the proletariat, how many more exhibitions must we see where intellectual pedigrees are trotted out in wheelbarrows of glib semantics like the unfurling of an good paragraph, intellectual flag proclaiming to one and all how these photographers continue to successfully react to and pillory the argumentative essay esl closed minded conservative American zeitgeist of the research introduction 1950s? Intellectually speaking, these artist's emphatically do not live in 2010 but in a now distant Jim Crow era where fine art photographers were made to sit on the back of research paper, Ozzie and Harriet's bus and the idea of social and intellectual injustice kept alive whether present or not simply to research paper fuel their work which ran out of gas decades ago.

Nate Larson, Tortilla Manifestation , 2002. At the other end of the of pages research paper spectrum, where nothing is ventured and nothing is gained in terms of achievement in the photography itself, why are cheap diffusion techniques and their cousins finding fertile ground and grant money in the fine arts; yes they're beautiful images and yes they're evocative and yes they are completely interchangeable with ads for Nike or green tea. Cheap photographic tricks discredited decades ago with quick reward and research paragraph with no thought or risk behind them are not to be celebrated in the circles of the fine arts but should be properly relegated to airport gift shops next to the quilts or risk putting fine art photography in essays on guns, a wheel chair right next to good paragraph those ultimate risk takers, the pseudo intellectuals. Crass commercialism surrounds fine art photography and the fine arts is meant to be a refuge from such and not a celebration other than in a humorous sense. Once you admit there are no issues of integrity involved then the fine arts becomes indistinguishable from commerce. Different Topics? I have no problem with that but if that's the good paper introduction paragraph way it's to be then let's start leaving those with no talent by the side of the road and stop pretending that grant money is for those who wish to disdain the commercial road. Of Pages Research Paper? When grant money is research introduction, given to photographers whose work's sole distinguishing characteristic is putting misty filters in essays on guns, front of their lens or other cheap tricks then you are giving grant money to people who are commercial photographers in their work ethic - go ahead and award the money but don't fool yourself into thinking that this is fine art. Research Paper Introduction? The masses meet cheap tricks right in the middle and on science and society artistic creativity and the brain issues of integrity are squeezed right out. At this more visual end of the good paper paragraph fine art photography spectrum, you know you have a problem when fine art images are completely interchangeable with images from an ad agency or stock photo agency.

This speaks to how much agencies have moved towards the fine art imagery and I don't mean to denigrate fine art photographers who make fun and entirely self-aware tributes to kitsch and pop culture. I'm speaking of serious though visually dishonest types of fine art photography behind which there is as little thought as there is too much thought behind the trivial intellectualism which are their phony cousins. Teaching Argumentative Essay? Ironically what you have is cheap craftsmanship and process that is being passed off as being emphatically not so because craftsmanship has become anathema in the fine arts. Please explain to me how commercial stock photographs of Greek ruins are fine art and good research paper paragraph should get grant money when the photos themselves would be lost in a sea of similar photos at custom paper paper topic, any stock agency in the world. I myself do commercial photography but have no problem confusing the shallow anything goes nature of photographs made for consumerism and photos made with some eye towards integrity and research introduction some slightly higher purpose meant to be a refuge from the marketplace that sells cars and milk and on science and society artistic and the travel dreams. Good Paper Introduction Paragraph? Photography is a skill and custom term topic topic when one circumvents that subtle, skillful and difficult to achieve process whereby a genuine personal vision is elicited by good research paper resorting to misty filters and artistic creativity brain semantics then you are a liar in paper, the arena of the fine arts. In another arena, it's fine, but let's maintain a sanctuary where fine art photography at least pretends to some kind of personal integrity rather than entirely giving in to those who would subvert it's very nature by dragging it into a mental gift shop. If you feel you don't have the skills so very particular to photography then instead of seeking ways to essay circumvent those skills and good research introduction subvert their value then think about different topics, being a plumber instead. Let's not confuse misty filters with a genuine personal photographic vision. It may be worthwhile in the same way a painting or a design is research paper introduction, worthwhile but it's not photography in any but the shallowest and most commercial sense of the term and that is essays on guns, not the fine arts, or is it. To put it even more bluntly, on the whole you have a situation where middle class rednecks obsessed with phony and shallow elite intellectualism are photographing middle class rednecks and their ephemera and much of what is passed off as fine art photography in America today has all the shallowness and intent of a tattoo while at the same time consciously attempting to convey an air of condescending superiority from a very great height from self-declared artists that is research paragraph, hard to swallow.

Blatant disregard for truth and persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet an outright embracing of dishonesty pervades American fine art photography. While positioning themselves as anti-establishment, fine art photographers in America in the 21st century are in fact the very establishment they seek to distance themselves from. This new establishment brooks no dissent and perhaps an entire new generation of photographers needs to take up an opposite stance and make the stereotypes of the current crop of fine art photographers the subject of a book like Robert Frank's, The Americans . JoAnn Verburg, Exploding Triptych , 2000. Modern English, especially written English, is full of research introduction, bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary trouble. If one gets rid of these habits one can think more clearly, and to think clearly is a necessary first step towards political regeneration. - George Orwell, Politics and the English Language. In the world of custom paper paper term term term topic, fine art photography there is good paper paragraph, no such thing as a bad photographer as long as the requisite buzz-words are used in the absurdly long-winded explanations used to prop up the paper term topic work; a strange fate in research paper, such a visual medium. Arcane and custom paper paper paper term term topic entirely unnecessary methods of producing prints of worthless photographs are frequently used alongside bombastic artist's statements to further prop up what would otherwise be ordinary with a capital O; this is one of research paper paragraph, my favorite explanations of how a photographer created his prints: . created with Type 55 Polaroid film in a 4x5 view camera. Of Pages In A Research Paper? The Polaroid negative is saved and washed, then drum scanned, and the final image is archival piezo printed on watercolor paper. Research Introduction Paragraph? The remaining prints are dual toned archival silver gelatin prints, created from 120mm negatives.

Overly hyped artistic statements combined with byzantine print methods are necessary in an arena where the work is in desperate need of such co-stars since there is no question of the teaching argumentative esl work standing on it's own merits. If as much work were put into good research the simple initial execution of a body of work there would be no need for such defensive/offensive weaponry. It's like the old Monty Python joke about a man crossing the paper Atlantic Ocean on a tricycle - the tricycle, specially adapted for the crossing, was ninety feet long, with a protective steel hull, three funnels, seventeen first-class cabins and a radar scanner. Paragraph? Fine art photography has become a very, very special tricycle. I love and understand the concept of print quality but it is meant to compliment the work, not to supplant it or become a steel hull or to bestow credibility on photos sorely in need of credibility. Print quality goes hand in hand with how a scene is order in a research, photographed and good research paper introduction paragraph does not simply exist in a vacuum; bad light and different paper subject matter is not going to get any better in good research introduction, a larger format. These photographers lay a false trail of craftsmanship while decrying it's very existence as a credible idea. The reality is that, like a promoter, they simply say whatever makes them look good. Essays On Guns? The ideas, if ever they existed in the first place, are long gone, replaced by ego-centric artists entirely unprepared to paper paragraph ply their trade. They should have been sent back to the drawing board at the very beginning but there is no one with the resolve and essays on guns competence to do so and so that's not in the cards as long as you hold the buzz-words and wear the good research paper paragraph non-traditional though no less rigid uniform that are in fact the keys to the city. Meg Ojala, Early April Tangle , 2006.

It goes without saying that these photographers would have benefited from a rigid apprenticeship or mentor were not the mentors themselves so utterly dishonest, in a hurry to promote themselves without any concept of the essays on guns word ready in the equation. Good? The whole point of having an apprenticeship is to order research paper ensure that sloppy and good paper introduction unprepared people don't go out into the world and order paper disgrace the traditions of their area of expertise. Fine art colleges are the research paper introduction paragraph place of apprenticeship and their laissez-faire anything goes approach has been an utter failure and different research topics a disgrace to the fundamental guardian principles laid down in their charters. Paper? Put photos of a light bulb and essay bee next to research paragraph each other: BAM! - you got yer dialecticism, your got yer art, yessiree bob! Here's yer diploma - make way world - NEXT!

It is in teaching argumentative essay esl, the nature of many people to not resist the good research paper introduction quick and easy path and it is to be guarded against because the custom paper term term term topic chaperones now need chaperones; colleges should chaperone not enable intellectual quick buck artists. This has not been guarded against in the case of fine art photography and so it should come as no surprise that so much wrong-headed work has so corrupted an entire genre of photography. Good Introduction? In this equation good photography is not valued or respected or even recognized, instead it is bombast, name recognition, resumes, incestuous relationships and success and that definition of paper, success has little to do with competence. When one looks at good paper introduction, respected names from the past it is easily recognized that it is the custom term term topic topic power of the imagery that has brought such names as Brassai, Cartier-Bresson, Atget, Evans, Weegee, Leibovitz, Danny Lyon, Garry Winogrand, Mary Ellen Mark, Frank, Arbus, W. Eugene Smith and research so many, many others, regardless of formats, print quality or artistic statements into the forefront. The sideshow that has evolved into non-traditional photography shows how much has been lost in the name of phony intellectualism and what a disgrace to persuasive it's own origins modern fine art photography has become. While it assuredly thinks of research introduction paragraph, itself as group evolution to different topics a finer and higher place, fine art photography has in my opinion devolved and decayed into a sorry amalgam of research paper introduction, amateur artists and 3rd rate minds with no light of reasoning behind their eyes when it comes to their own craft, intellectual morlocks cannibalizing eloi , their own genre. There is a vacuum of incompetence just waiting to teaching argumentative essay esl be filled but the cultural politics surrounding the research intellectualization of fine art photography will not have it. I would not have any problem with bad photography per se since one shouldn't be criticized for this. What I object to is the essays on guns constant seeking to upgun the photos by attaching them to themes of peace, or ecology, or meditation or a host of other stereotypes and the fact that you see this so consistently associated with weak work shows that these photographers know what it is that they are doing and good research introduction paragraph the fact that it is all done with medium format to 8x10 view cameras only different topics makes my case the stronger since they is no need to research dress up these photos in such a fashion but only a seeking after a shallow credibility within their community.

And let's not forget the ever present contextualization and research paper topics textualization of paper paragraph, these photos until the work itself doesn't exist with props. In an teaching argumentative essay, arena where there is good research introduction paragraph, so much confusion between the terms well-known , famous and order research competent , there has perhaps never been a more apt invocation of the phrase, the world is not a fair place as in research paper, American fine art photography. Custom Paper Paper Paper Term Topic Topic? The utter lack of a critical eye in research paper, this realm shows that there is essays on guns, no happy balance where each is awarded their just rewards, rather it is one's ability to good research paper network, use social skills, drink coffee and above all bring out the expected while emphatically stating otherwise that is the true expression of talent; another strange fate in a medium that touts itself as celebrating the unexpected. Different Research? Drinking coffee is research introduction paragraph, important because so many of these people of which I speak fancy themselves neo-beatniks in teaching essay esl, an intellectual coffee shop with the smell of an good paragraph, outhouse and with the argumentative essay esl manly drums of research paper, Robert Bly doing the congo in their empty heads while they write essays on their 6 year old son's Dell laptop about how stupid people who use rosaries are and multi-tasking an order for a native American dreamcatcher on at the same time. The next day they see a mandala in their son's tricycle wheel that inspires them to buy a third helmet for worksheet their son just in good paper, case of the untimely meteor shower and take an 8x10 view camera self-portrait of themselves re-enacting their decision to do so; in triptych format, natch. This is of course recorded in their blog, disseminated on Facebook and persuasive brainstorming tweeted out to their fans on Twitter with an appropriate use of internet savvy words like trope, meme and screed . Susan Sontag's 1977 collection of essays on photography appropriately titled, On Photography , found great traction among fine artists when it whisked us away on a whirlwind tour all about the complex, cascading juggernaut and research paper paragraph wacky hi-jinx released on the world every time we snap a pix. No surprise it is a tedious belaboring of the obvious on the one hand and on the other a dismal attempt to force awkward metaphors onto photography in a way meant to be insightful but which to me had less insight into human nature than did an average episode of The Flintstones. When I was in order in a paper, art school in introduction paragraph, 1977 and our teacher forced us to read On Photography and write something about it. I actually included a quote from the episode of research, The Flintstones where Fred and good research paragraph Barney decide to become photographers.

On the whole, On Photography adds up to different paper verbose and over literate trivia trumped up to the level of intellectualism which succeeds only in good research introduction paragraph, a sorry bathos. Essays On Guns? Sontag is typical of people in fine art photography who, far from being the iconoclasts they perceive themselves as, merely share a belief system every bit riddled with stereotypes and disingenuousness as are the imagined forces of ignorance from which they flee but they have not run nearly smart enough to hide the good introduction fact that they are simply more credible middle class versions of teaching argumentative esl, a street corner intellectual fakir like Ward Churchill, that lovable comrade who never saw an anti-establishment stereotype he didn't like. Over thinking the obvious and presenting it in dense verbiage isn't nearly as much fun to read as Maza of the Moon . Stuart Klipper, 6,143, 1999. In the course of pursuing an area of good research introduction, interest it is entirely normal for a person to pass from a period of uncertainty and exploration to a certain measure of competence in one's chosen field. Essays On Guns? The problem in the area of fine art photography, namely, impatience, incompetence, dishonesty and semantic frosting, have combined to highjack the field. Semantics ostensibly used to clarify have instead been used to confuse issues and have thus marginalized talent and competence. In the same way that hip hop music has now lost 2 generations in favor of good introduction, a fast track to fame, fine art photography in in a paper, the United States is paralyzed by incompetence and disingenuousness that at times rises to the level of an outright lie, stripped bare of content in research paper introduction, favor of fast food intellectualism which is an empty cup served up by boring people with boring ideas, eager to on science and society artistic creativity and the share the least little thing that divests them of any association with the middle class. Research Paragraph? Being card carrying members and adherents of the middle class comprises the real challenge for many fine art photographers. Partaking in all the things that suck the fun out of teaching argumentative essay esl, life like 2nd mortgages, driver's insurance or packed date books while trying to good research introduction convey in one's work a sense of the uncompromising individuality of a true rebel is a skill that would tax a magician. The true rebel's weapons of argumentative, tact and flattery have given the realm of good paper, fine art photography all the flair and persuasive worksheet sophistication of a sewing circle or bridge club with the attendant odor of Ben-Gay suffusing all in research, a cogent coda with it's attendant airs of lapis lazuli and ancient cinnabar, and the just-in-case helmets that comprise the personality of these daring individualist's are permanently affixed to their daring heads while they tap out intellectual morse code with Jack Williamson's folded hands, more worried about the idea of falling off a bicycle than displaying the resolve to ride one without incident and so depriving others of essays on guns, this resolve by attacking it. Chris Faust, New Development, Byron, MN , 1993.

Fine art photography does in fact possess the potential for competence every bit as real as the good paper introduction skills a concert pianist displays, though certainly less obvious. Subtlety is not the same thing as confusion. No one would think of jumping up on a stage while a concert pianist performs and custom paper paper term term topic topic say, Hey, no problem, I can do that. Yet everybody and their sister have no problem jumping onto paper paragraph, the stage of fine art photography and declaring themselves experts in the name of the teaching argumentative esl crassness of craftsmanship and the easy virtues of pseudo-intellectualism. Good Research Paragraph? Semantic props are not only order of pages research encouraged but rewarded and many people who, in good research introduction paragraph, the normal course of events would be relegated to the level of suburban hobbyists have made careers in the fine arts; the line between the brainstorming worksheet amateur and professional has become entirely blurred and research paper introduction the field itself thus entirely compromised; museums across the country have photos in their collections that are embarrassing. Fine art photography has become one big trailer park, entirely hijacked by people who's real passion and talent is not photography but a fear of being mistaken for an ordinary human being, devoid of any real quality of being special or unique or talented, an army of Willy Loman's marching across the stage entirely unaware they are acting.

Fine art photography's own subtlety has been ruthlessly exploited to hide weakness and so become a playing field where the last thing to essays and society creativity be judged good or bad is the work itself. Socialism in this sense works well for these non-traditional artists as representational photography has been relegated to introduction the intellectual sidelines by essays on guns some as a cute, but outdated and puerile method for expressing oneself as an artist by those shopping cart iconoclasts who have helped shape and transform photography into a metaphysical Walmart. Great care is taken among the elite conceptual photographer's to never stray far from literature as this is a certain measure of the ultimate credibility of one's photography. Higher learning is not meant to be used as a fast-food weapon to promote yourself and fend off others with quote-dropping to prove you're with it, but to good research paragraph be enjoyed for it's own sake. I don't need to have Proust blown in my face like a vapid puff of smoke merely to different paper topics prove one knows Proust even exists but to authentically support a stream of thought.

Meanwhile we are meant to believe that intellectually minded fine art photographers are the easiest people to amuse who ever lived as they churn out good research introduction paragraph endless streams of large format images on a bewildering array of order paper, politically correct print stock that have no more weight to good them than saying, I photographed it because it was shiny. James May, Guatemala, 1977. I think I'll someday actually scream out loud if I see thick, shiny lipstick put on order of pages research, one more pig of a photograph of research paragraph, a close-up of hands, or some woman stretching her arms out on a windswept plain or what is really just distinctly average stock travel photography elevated to the level of fine art by putting a triptych matte over it or by bad poetry, all just because an artist is embarrassed by their own work or because they don't wish to seem mundane because straight photography is tabu if you're to have any real credibility. It's a situation where more work and thought is put into not coming off as ordinary than into essays on guns the work itself which is, surprise, ordinary if not downright incompetent and amateurish. And then to think that these same people hold yearly workshops and paper are teachers; it is persuasive brainstorming worksheet, downright discouraging if not frightening. The other fun part is that the great majority of research, these iconoclasts have their own flash-based websites, carefully crafted to give that maximum hep and tasteful spiritual feeling which, of course, the photographer's didn't do themselves because, despite their great talent, they can't write simple XHTML or CSS; that is to be left to mere craftsman There's nothing like opening up fine art photography websites to be greeted with a drearily similar panoply of native-American chants, Indian sitars, Chinese symbols or mandalas. These people who are so convinced they are mold breakers themselves come from a mold as conservative and uniform ridden as a marine platoon and with their own array of modular weaponry.

Museum galleries and auditoriums have become a green tea drinking version of an old style carnival side show where artist and curator, minus tattoos but not necessarily the mullets, mawkishly combine to shill an eager public with snake oil and cures guaranteed to persuasive essay give meaning to the mundane and enrich the banal, to paper bestow complexity where none is called for, to in a paper over think the most trite and trivial ideas in a forum resembling the Home Shopping Network in good, it's incessant bullshit if not it's compassionate verve and elan. Different Research Topics? It is not unusual to attend a 100 minute lecture by the artist and curator that accompanies an exhibition and listen to 100 minutes of exactly nothing about an exhibit that is exactly nothing, but emphatically done with large format cameras to add credibility and give weight to meaningless work, as much overkill and inappropriateness as fishing with hand grenades. This reminds me of the Warner Brothers cartoon where an entire tree is used to research paragraph make a single toothpick. In the end nothing is ever conveyed but bathos, no useful ideas, merely the essays and society and the illusion of research paper introduction, such, the illusion that an idea has been conveyed that will open one's eye, prove useful in life when in paper term, fact you have elaborately and with great flourish been given an empty plate, courtesy of the good paper introduction paragraph artist's overblown ideas about essays on science and society creativity brain, their own cleverness, the covert rationalization of a fugue state; a hysterical flight from one's own identity and good research paper introduction it's banal and middle class environment. Essays On Guns? It's hard to think outside the box unless you've lived outside the box. The work becomes merely an incompetent conveyance for the smug self-assurance that they do not have ordinary minds when in fact the entire scenery has as much gravitas and research introduction paragraph sophistication as an different topics, episode of Survivor. There is a difference between wanting to share discoveries and having a passion for demonstrating how stupid and middle class you're not, trotting out a seemingly endless stream of fine art stereotypes to prop up a structure that fell while still on the drawing board. Meanwhile, fine art photography in the United States is taking a severe beating. When people talk about the dumbing down of America it's done in the context of an event happening to somebody else, somewhere else. In the case of fine art photography in the United States, you don't have to look afield for answers; that dumbing is paper introduction, happening now, it's we, us, here, now. Vietnam-era reactionary photography masquerading as progressive is alive and well and acts as if the average American today are 2 naive contestants being interviewed by Groucho Marx on You Bet Your Life in the mid-1950s.

Those people don't exist anymore and the average American is essays on science brain, far more image savvy now then they were then. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the good research average American is more sophisticated when it comes to persuasive essay imagery than the average photographer who works in the arena of the fine arts - certainly one could make an argument that America has moved on good paper introduction paragraph, and fine art photographers continue to ply the same tired stereotypical photographs with the requisite clever titles as has been the case for decades now. Fine art photographers still seem to be entranced by Duchamp's pre-World War I found objects as if they were unveiled only yesterday. A famous quotation by George Orwell goes: In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is persuasive worksheet, a revolutionary act. Anyone who stood up and tried to say anything about the paper paragraph current state of fine art photography would not only be a voice in the wilderness but probably see any hopes of a career in the fine arts cut short.

The revolutionary protesters of the 60s are now trite hacks who don't enjoy having their assumptions challenged any more than their parents or Nixon did and that makes them the worst sort of hypocrites. As more and brainstorming more museums became involved with fine art photography, revenue streams became an issue, and understandably so; what worth is it to paper introduction display what you believe is good work if your gallery has to close it's doors. This being so, museums and gallerys have gone from being teachers to the general public about what is good and order in a paper worthwhile in fine art photography to having to increasingly pander to paragraph the tastes of the general public who have no education whatsoever in fine art photography although much more image conscious and savvy than 5 decades ago. This has resulted in a hopeless and hapless muddying of the waters of what started out as a great tradition. Name recognition is the order of the day and photographers who become famous in the media start selling prints like crazy. Teaching Esl? You might as well have Nielsen ratings as who knew who and who hung out paper paragraph with who become factors in the fine arts. James May, Corumba, Brazil, 1983. I don't have such a problem with this as it is merely the nature of the world we live in; that doesn't mean that museums and galleries should entirely give up their important role as educators.

The problem is paper term term term topic topic, that galleries and museums have become so polluted with this obsession with intellectualizing photography and the hook set so deep that I don't see an end to good it anytime soon. It is obvious that many of us want to improve our scope and understanding of the different research paper world around us, it is a part of human nature. Good Research Paper Introduction Paragraph? What you will get from the current trend in non-traditional photography is the exact opposite of a deepening of perception. All you will get is a crass upgunning of tired, rigid and played out stereotypes that are just as trite and shallow as re-runs of sitcoms. True evolution if needed will come in it's own time and in a natural progression and not as a result of running pell-mell and in a rebellious fashion from your parents world and arrogantly and judgmentally throwing away wholesale all that has gone before in favor of a value system that is different research topics, utterly corrupt. Looking at an endless parade of work geared to paper introduction prove to the world how eccentric and outside the box a stream of middle class photographers with middle class values are is not entertaining but merely boring and term term topic topic somewhat sad. They clearly don't have a truly eccentric bone in their bodies and are just as clearly uncomfortable in their own skin. Today's rebellious photographer's seem to have a desperate need to be thought of as cool as well as sharing that American penchant for research paper introduction paragraph wanting to be thought of as better than everybody else but have not the faintest idea of how to go about it; perhaps a nice tattoo would be in order.

In their dreams they are counter-culture hippies with mod, polka dot shirts and belt buckles as big as your head but in teaching argumentative esl, their staid and prim hearts they are straight-laced rednecks, a Devil's Island of middle class soberness from which they cannot escape. Why an entire genre of photography should have to suffer for paragraph this is something I do not understand. If you want to different be a rebel or cool or on the road or eccentric then I have a clue for you: it's not something you can put on like a suit of clothes and the obvious yearning for fine art photographers to be all these things they are not reveals more about research introduction paragraph, how ordinary and hopelessly middle class they are than their metaphysical ramblings passed off as zen art can hide. The unfortunate aspect of these erstwhile iconoclasts is that they cannot aspire to essays and society artistic creativity brain their goal of coolness without knocking out the props from good paper introduction photographers who are comfortable in their own skin and have nothing to teaching essay esl prove to anybody. Many photographers would just like to do some nice work that is personal and non-commercial without having their feet held to the endless litany of bullshit emanating from the fires of the shadow play in Plato's Cave, without having to act as if a body of good research paragraph, work they create is some headline event of perception and self-awareness, without having to write crap to order paper go along with their photographs to ensure their dimensionality and acceptance. Most of good paper introduction paragraph, all it would be nice not to have to compete with an entire genre of photography that is simply bad and made to paper paper term topic topic look not so only by camouflaging streams of nonsensical accoutrements that have nothing to do with photography per se. I mean bad in the sense of bad, bad, bad, not good, incompetent, not merely different. Because this is not at all an research paper introduction paragraph, issue of conservative vs. liberal but rather one of character, forthrightness and competence vs. corrupt and glib side-stepping and on science creativity brain long ago played out stereotypes that are entirely conservative, just not in good paper introduction, a traditionally recognizable way; who in the hell locked those almighty doors of perception when it comes to and society artistic and the seeing this? Do you have to put on a bowling shirt and wear horn rimmed glasses to paragraph see that you've arrived right back at your parents drive-in?

You like photography, fine, honor it, honor it's strengths and particular character. If you want to use bottles to hammer nails, that's fine, but you're gonna need an awful lot of goddam bottles. James May, Singapore, 1986. The reason why there is no open debate and critical forums that allow one to take a negative view of the more intellectual brand of research topics, fine art photography is that it is so easy to beat down and ridicule. Once they stop trying to show you're nothing more than an intellectual hobo, winning such a debate would be child's play but it is simply not in the interests of the paper introduction paragraph fine art photographic community to do so. They like to give lip service to opening the doors of perception in essays on guns, the glib statements that accompany their work but it doesn't really work that way in real life; in good paper introduction paragraph, real life they might as well be wearing uniforms and marching in lockstep.

There's no need on essays and society creativity, the part of our iconoclast's to criticize representational photography since at this stage of the game it is good research paper introduction, taken for granted among the cognoscenti that it is entirely too commonplace to even debate. In any event, the disdain for mainstream photography is evident and implied in every line of the ridiculous captions that accompany intellectually minded photography. Some of them are so funny that you'd think they were written tongue and cheek but nope, they're dead serious. Check out some of these pretentious gems: . is the most haunting, perhaps the most spiritually potent. Less cerebral than many of argumentative esl, her subjects, the sacred trees provide an associative, mystical counterpoint for her perspicacious 5 x 7 camera.

The sacred trees, themselves, are imposing gnarly beasts that embody the wisdom of research introduction paragraph, a philosopher and the moves of an persuasive essay, escape artist. Good Research? It is impossible not to be mesmerized by their elegant eccentric posture, anthropomorphic roots and soaring canopy. [31] Posturing indeed. Purple prose worthy of Weird Tales pulp magazines at their height in the 1930's or an evocation of dancing azure fountains in a lost jungle city in H. Rider Haggard's She . In looking at the photo in question I found it more than possible to not be mesmerized although the combination of the photo and the swelling strains of it's crutch-like prose did leave me cross-eyed. I imagine perspicacious pronounced the way Daffy Duck would. James May, Costa Rica, 1979. Here's another: Drawing is persuasive, often at the heart of these photographs, though the materials are not usual. Single lines are drawn across space through bamboo stalks suspended in water, or dirt stacked in vases, or a tower of research paper paragraph, roses, or hammers stacked in a tool shed.

The SPILLS pictures use milk to draw their own vessels, humorously exploring ideas about the container and the contained.[32] Yeah, that's pretty goddam humorous all right, just not in the way they meant it to essays artistic creativity and the be. Nevertheless, I could have easily split a gut on that one. Good Paper Introduction? . the brainstorming container and the contained - I bet these people wake themselves up at research paper introduction paragraph, night laughing hysterically not to mention what great fun they probably are at parties. Probably really easy to pick up chicks with that kind of repartee too. The Marx Brothers got nothing on these people. Here's more from the first one - it's so rich I couldn't resist: . vision sensitizes us to a certain kind of teaching essay, beauty, a way of seeing, that is inextricably linked to the notion of time. It is a vision that informs us that our sense of beauty, of seeing, is not immobile. In A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search of Lost Time), Marcel Proust wrote 'true beauty is paper introduction, indeed the one thing incapable of custom paper term term term topic topic, answering expectations of research introduction, an over romantic imagination.'[33] Yeah, well, that all seems to be pretty much correct (LOL). I guess true beauty couldn't make it to essays on guns the phone. I also have great love for the next one:

I use my hands and the tools and materials of domesticity - threads, fabrics, beads, needles - to assert the validity of women's work and the feminine view. The ritual of a repetitive handwork process is meditative and honors my connections to good paragraph female ancestors and to the divine feminine.[34] That one makes me blush. I'm assuming the person who wrote it is a congenital idiot. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful - but not as wonderful as this next one:

The creation of peace and healing on essay brainstorming, both global and personal dimensions have been central concerns in research paper paragraph, my work. [35] Man, did that last one ever feel good. Teaching Argumentative Essay? The creation of paper introduction, peace and healing. Paper Paper Term Term Topic? - and on a global scale no less. I bet the person who wrote it drinks a lot of good research paragraph, green tea - they certainly shit their brains out at some indefinite time in the past; it's great to know that there are people creating art to fend off the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse - whoever wrote that is entirely deserving of Clark Ashton Smith's description of a forbidden piece of human mechanism This next is lifted from a photographer who defines herself as a fine artist and wrote about how white people should think: Recognizing and disavowing whiteness concurrently may appear contradictory.

Both are strategies necessary for the creation of on science and society artistic and the brain, white identities capable of acknowledging the gross historical injustices carried out in their names and good research paragraph accepting ongoing culpability in custom paper topic topic, the maintenance of historical inequalities. [36] A pretty typical attitude and one that is good paper introduction, apparently unaware of its own racism in the name of social justice. Teaching Esl? To be honest, after reading so many statements from the new breed of social crusaders who take it for granted that evil is everywhere but among their own crowd, it makes me want to go out and create some photographs that promote social injustice. David Goldes, Meshbowl Holding Water , You need more so here is more: Much of my work references the history of female artistic and domestic practices by using repetitive, methodical processes and materials categorized as feminine.[37] idiotSacred feminine iconography and spirituality is the subject matter of much of my work. Good Research Paragraph? idiot/[38] You can easily find a thousand examples of essays on guns, this type of awful writing accompanying the most awkwardly pretentious and uncreative photographs which means that even the combined powers of the Justice League of America and the Avengers together couldn't take these people in hand. Research Paper Paragraph? At a time in Unites States history when racism and sexism is at an all-time low, artistic concerns with such things as reflected in artist's statements are at an all time high. If this doesn't give you some insight into the smug and of pages in a research paper politically correct co-opting of social injustice by a group of self-righteous do-gooders then nothing, I think, will; the idea that these types are some superior moral breed of people is laughable yet that is good research introduction paragraph, exactly what they promote themselves as.

I will restate what I think is at paper paper term topic topic, work with these people: they believe that sheer intellect, moral positioning and their own egos and politics trump experience, information and talent and browbeat and demonize those that disagree rather than debate and do so in a manner that is fascist and there should be no mistaking the fact that these people are very political, whether they are aware of it or not. Why people would willingly ignore social progress and create bogey-men to fight is not something I understand unless it is the American penchant to put down other people simply to research paper introduction make oneself feel better. It's simply mind-boggling and quite an industry too. When researching Minnesota artist's statements it to difficult to find any that didn't use buzz words like social injustice or diversity , as if a great yet faceless sea of essays on guns, evil henchmen are marching on us all. Non-stop and to me extremely inadvisable mental renditions of Guernica dot the conceptual artistic Minnesota and good research paper introduction paragraph American landscape as if we are living in Sebastopol in 1942; one need only walk into persuasive essay worksheet a college campus or YWCA and good paper introduction paragraph look at esl, the posters to get the feel that one is in a refugee center in Bosnia. There's nothing like yet another stupid stereotype about good research paragraph, evil corporations to get the artistic juices flowing. On Science Artistic Creativity And The? Such people couldn't come over as more stupid if they stood with their hands on their hips wearing a superhero costume; if they're a champion of social justice and multiculturalism, what does that make the paragraph rest of us and why do we need to be preached to in such a manner? The fact of the matter is that intellectual art as social commentary throws about concerns about free speech as if it is an endangered species in America when nothing could be further from the truth. One's own free speech is severely curtailed if you yourself challenge the arts community in a not Minnesota Nice way and custom paper paper term term topic their unrelenting, smug and politically correct dogma - freedom of speech is not something that flows two ways in this culture which itself is markedly intolerant and even fascist. But because it comes from a good place, good to good paragraph them in other words, unbridled bias and intolerance is the norm, especially if you pick the right victim.

The right victim has become sectors of politically approved scenes of America itself and in a research paper it has been that way a long, long time. Even when representational photographers do documentary work one could easily characterize it as simply making fun of people as we are presented in research paper paragraph, these cases with an endless parade of images of trailer homes with the American flag or old people playing golf in a moonscape in teaching argumentative esl, Nevada , perfectly crafted in a Frank-like black and white manner to emphasize American emptiness while the same person will show black and white photos of good research introduction paragraph, Latin America, a area that is of pages in a research paper, arguably actually decadent and empty, as smiling innocent faces like monkeys in good research paper introduction paragraph, a zoo who are absolved of criticism because, however much the photographer will state otherwise, they are looked at as not as fully responsible as Americans in persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet, some mysterious way little understood and so are not held to a fully human standard. Research Introduction Paragraph? It is essays on guns, blithely and unwitting bigotry and prejudice cutting in two directions in a manner that is entirely unaware of its own cultural provincialism and stereotypes while trying to feed us perception. That brings us to the last bit of chicanery which is to go to the Ukraine, the South Pole or some other obscure spot on the globe and take ordinary photographs that take on good research, an instant cache based on location and not any inherent vision. The one thing I can say with certainty that at essays and society artistic and the, least The 3 Stooges knew they were being fools. Good Research? How in the world one can claim to be an intellectual who consistently thinks outside the box and at the same time be involved with the creation of essays and society creativity and the brain, such dull and lifeless art and research paper accompanying statements is simply and and society quite honestly completely beyond my poor ability to comprehend. I think it could literally drive one to paper introduction paragraph drink if you had to compete in an arena where such nonsense is considered worthwhile. Essays On Guns? The sad thing is that I didn't even have to look hard for these literary diamonds - they pervade the arts community. In fact, it would be much more challenging to not find such literary delights they are so all pervasive.

Certainly it would be more of a challenge than creating such an insipid combination of image and writing. Research Paper Introduction? It is essay brainstorming, impossible for me to hold the thought in my head that these people care for or treasure in any way, creativity or the idea of the fine arts their output is so disgraceful. And was that person writing about a triptych - you betcha. Good Research Introduction? And that brings us to the last lovable trait of topics, some of introduction paragraph, our iconoclastic geniuses: they want to paint and draw as well, a skill they have even less talent at than photography if such a thing is possible because with some of these people one is already scratching the very bottom of the order in a paper Jungian heap in terms of good research introduction paragraph, creativity. Vanessa Winship, Eastern Anatolia, 2007. I don't want to have to prove what an different research paper topics, iconoclast I am in order to have a career in the fine arts; and research paragraph anyway, if everyone is an iconoclast then by definition no one is an iconoclast; that means every photographer pushing the envelope thinks all the other photographers are shadowy cardboard cutouts, with no real life or depth of their own - the essay entire concept is corrupt foolishness; a movie where everyone in the cast in the star. This onward and good research paper introduction paragraph upwards idea means an awful lot of idols busted not to say bottles used as hammers; and teaching essay it won't be the Hulk going on a rampage who did it because he is now a Cartesian Dualist, new and improved and squeaky clean.

And what do you have when the Hulk is no longer green and huge and angry and super-strong: an ordinary middle class guy with delusions of grandeur. Who does that remind you of? And what kind of smoke and mirrors, large format cameras and misty filters and triptych mattes and good paragraph cuttlefish ink will he have to resort to of pages in a research to convince everyone he's still green and huge and angry and super strong? I kinda liked him the way he was. With so many great photographers out there like Bruce Davidson, Steven Shore, Sebastiao Salgado, George Tice and so many more, I don't understand why their work is not more celebrated and why so much trash has come to the fore. I suspect that it's the fact that to achieve a unique personal vision but while staying firmly within a tradition is such an at once daunting and good paper discredited task and to tell you the truth, most photographers working in research, the fine arts simply aren't up to good research paper it. I have seen echoes of this idea with photographers I have known and this helps explain the idea behind subversion and circumvention. To me, at the heart of it is the idea of paper, a photographer who is fundamentally honest and a photographer who is fundamentally dishonest.

That's all it is really. The idea behind the over good research paper paragraph intellectualization of photography has been at least partially to confuse the issue and not because we have seen a wave of intellectual giants whose work holds such sheer intellectual power that they have outgrown the artform itself, far from it and arguably the exact opposite. Fear of being ordinary and of being left behind seems to be a big driving force rather than an assurance of competence on a distinctly cerebral level. Unfortunately the fraud that fuels so much fine art photography has had a great success and topics entirely undeserved. It may seem as if I am saying that there should be no testing or breaking of boundaries and that representational photography is the only real expression of fine art photography that is research paper paragraph, valid but this is not the case. What I am saying is if one wishes to test boundaries don't do it for it's own sake and choose your genre carefully and essay be honest about it and good research paper introduction paragraph respectful of that genre's traditions. James May, Revolution, Cairo, Jan. 2011. All forms of photography have validity in order of pages in a research paper, direct proportion to how they treat their material and introduction recognize and respect the genre's strengths and weaknesses. Essays On Guns? The word subversion has both good and research introduction paragraph bad connotations. At times subversion is necessary to essays on guns reinvigorate a genre and at research introduction paragraph, others can be considered as cutting out the legs from under worthwhile forms of expression; subversion should not be used to tear down the credibility of essays on guns, others in order to magnify the questionable worth of one's own process.

Subversion should be used to expose weakness and not to hide weakness and like other things I have mentioned, should not be used for it's own sake merely to be trendy. Things have gone too far and neither should iconoclasm be pursued for it's own sake and good research introduction paragraph be looked at as the be all and end all of fine art photography and the smashing of idols it's ultimate and most valid form of expression. Teaching Argumentative Essay? Iconoclasm is not a moral position in and of good research paper, itself but is a natural expression and it cannot be purchased or learned or put on on science artistic creativity and the, like a shirt: you either are an iconoclast or you are not; the pursuit of such for research introduction it's own sake reveals weakness not strength and reveal middle class dreams not membership in an elite club, dissatisfaction with the ordinary and with one's self rather than the pursuit of the extraordinary. Of Pages? When the word iconoclast is introduction, automatically associated with a positive slant then you have a clue to what is research, really going on as in the past being an iconoclast was problematic - now it's a medal. It's like a childish fantasy but one that doesn't acknowledge that wearing a leather jacket or having a tattoo do not carry the same tone in 1950 as 2010. But in fine art photography, in good paper introduction, this sense, they do and everyone is a rugged individualist which defeats it's own meaning. It is fine art photography's failure to understand what an iconoclast actually is and to wallow in this lack of of pages paper, understanding that is the problem. The more artist's proclaim their dedication to good research social injustice and their edginess the essay brainstorming less I believe it. The best hope as an artist that each of good research introduction paragraph, us has is to recognize that each human being is unique; that does not mean we are all artists or capable of being one in argumentative essay, a chosen area but maybe in some unchosen area and on good research paper introduction, some level. To whatever extent one can find a way to tap into that quality of uniqueness is the best hope one has of expressing one's individuality if it's important to different research paper do so. If it is important then it is just as important to be patient and honest and not look to research introduction paragraph subvert or circumvent one's way into the art world because in reality it defeats it's own purpose and diminishes one's self, others around you and one's chosen field.

If you're a walking, talking stereotype and don't know it then that is persuasive worksheet, a problem all the way around and the more successful you are the more of paper introduction paragraph, a problem it presents. Persuasive Brainstorming Worksheet? People in the field of fine art photography have become mesmerized by paper paragraph the contrast between presentation and essays on guns content in a way that is most revealing and not in a flattering way. Presentation and hype and semantics have all combined and connived and conspired to good introduction paragraph discredit representational photography in essay esl, a manner most undeserving while at the same time given a type of credibility to intellectualized forms of photography that is simply shameful. Research Paper Introduction? Those who are confused or unduly moved by presentation versus content should probably be in another field entirely. Why so many people should gravitate to a field they have so little natural instincts for is just one big mystery to argumentative essay me but when it comes to fine art photography it is emphatically the case; fate has not been kind to this field nor to those who excel in it. Fine art photography seems to have become a magnet for untalented people in a way that other fields have not, becoming a dark alley with garbage strewn about and strange people with one's best interests not in their hearts slouching underneath lamp posts. The world of fine art photography is good research, run by rednecks awash in research paper topics, iPhones, iPads, laptops, digital ideas for research paper introduction the new world, coffee klatchs, networking and blogs. Teaching Argumentative Essay? To wish for good paper introduction paragraph a different world is pointless, it is as it is. It is a commercial business in every sense of the term and if you approach it from any view but that you are doomed to taking photos in utter obscurity.

If you wish otherwise better get your lecture hat on, your teeth whitened, create a book and essays on guns don't forget some nice shoes to start pounding the good research paragraph pavement like a crime beat photographer because you are covering a crime of middle class conformity and inflexibility touted as an alternate lifestyle and teaching essay esl as far as I am concerned, it is no different from walking into a Burger King or a marine boot camp because you'd better have your shit policed. If you had some work that had fuck you written across it in giant letters, the good research introduction amount of pure bullshit you'd have to go through to get it shown on any kind of credible level would be an act that countermanded one's statement to the point where one may as well have written out the of pages bleating of a sheep. James May, Shoeshine Boy , Cairo, 2010. Art is supposed be hard and research introduction using arcane processes and term term topic topic philosophies as adjuncts to one's photography has been used to make it easy at the expense of the art form itself and has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the enablers that are in paper paragraph, a position to order of pages research paper advance one's career. As I said before, my problem with what has been happening is not a question of good research paper, turning my back on diversity but with people who use that diversity as a smokescreen to involve themselves where they do not belong, and that is on science and society artistic and the, alongside hard working and honest photographers who are not out to transform or elevate anything simply for the sake of transformation and elevation but merely to practice their craft. When it comes to paying your dues that is not a concept that is respected by artists in the fine arts photography community to any great extent and wouldn't be recognized by the enablers of which I write even if they wanted to respect such a notion. In the sense of which I write, one can either mirror one's audience and even be directed by good it or one can teach. I have no problem with cats but I do have a problem with a cat that pretends to paper paper term topic topic be a dog. 1. Robert Frank, The Americans (New York: Grove Press, 1959).

2. Transforming Destiny into Awareness: Robert Frank's The Americans Sarah Greenough, senior curator and head of the good research paper paragraph department of photographs, National Gallery of Art - podcast at 2a. Information richochet is a term attributed to Thomas Wolfe. Research? From Conversations With Thomas Wolfe by Dorothy McInnis Scura, University Press of Mississippi, 1990 - 296 pages 3.Ben Hecht interviews Jack Kerouac, Empty Phantoms, Paul Maher, Ed., Thunder's Mouth Press, 2005. 4. From a very enlightening article by Jno Cook in Afterimage, March, 1982, quoting from, Robert Frank, Les Americans (Paris: Robert Delpire, 1998), text Compiled by good research paper Alain Bosquet. You can see it here: 5. (BRASSAI) MORAND, Paul. Paris de Nuit. (Paris: Arts et Metiers Graphiques, [1933]) 6. Seeing Eye to Eye, Arthur Miller in conversation with James Carroll and Helen Epstein, Boston Review, Feb., 1989. 7. Cyril M. Kornbluth, The Marching Morons, Galaxy, April, 1951.

9. Nostalgie de la Boue, Rosalind Krauss, October Vol. 56, High/Low: Art and Mass Culture (Spring, 1991), pp. 111-120 - although it is normally taken to mean ascribing higher spiritual values to people and cultures considered lower than oneself, the romanticization of the faraway primitive which is also the equivalent of the lower class close to persuasive brainstorming home., Pasztory, Esther, 10. Research Introduction? Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, (New York: A. S. Barnes Co., 1851)

11. Different? Robert E. Paper Introduction Paragraph? Howard, Lines Written In the Realization That I Must Die, from Always Comes Evening, Glenn Lord, Ed., Arkham House, 1957. 12. Broadway Boogie Woogie, Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872-1944) 1942-43. Oil on persuasive essay brainstorming worksheet, canvas, 50 x 50 (127 x 127 cm) 12a. See number 20 13. Georges Sorel, Letter to Daniel Halevy (1907)

14. Dorothy McInnis Scura, Conversations with Tom Wolfe, Univ. Press of research paper paragraph, Mississippi, 1990. 16. Topics? That lovable historian, Diaz del Castillo, Bernal (1963) [1632]. The Conquest of paragraph, New Spain. Paper? Penguin Classics. J. M. Cohen (trans.) (6th printing (1973) ed.). Research Paper Introduction? Harmondsworth, England: Penguin Books. 16a. Phillip Francis Nowlan, Armageddon 2419, Amazing Stories, August, 1928 17.

Footloose, Paramount Pictures, 1984, Dir. Herbert Ross. 18. L.A. Times interview, Apr. 22, 2010. 19. Lyric from essays on science and society and the Joni Mitchell's song Woodstock, 1970, MCA Records. 20. Allen Ginsberg, Howl and Other Poems, San Francisco: The City Lights Pocket Bookshop, (1956).

Introduction by William Carlos Williams. The Pocket Poets Series: Number Four. 21. Lyrics from Joni Mitchell's song The Boho Dance, Hissing of Summer Lawns, Asylum Records, 1975 - The title is taken from research paper introduction Tom Wolfe's book, The Painted Word. 22.

Dead Kennedys song from, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, 1980, Cherry Red/Alternative Tentacles Records. 23. Lyric from Okie from Muskogee from the album of the same name by artistic brain Merle Haggard and the Strangers, 1969, Capital Records - an anti-protest song that won The Academy of Country Music Single of the Year. 24. Finding Joe Smith by Alison Morse, review at of a Joe Smith work at the Soap Box Factory Bi-annual Survey of Minnesota Artists, A Theory of paper, Values, Oct. 13, 2010. 25. Alexander Werth, Russia At War, 1941-45, Dutton 1964. 26. Book review by different DAVID PRYCE-JONES: RAUS MIT UNS - THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINE BY ILAN PAPPE (ONEWORLD PUBLICATIONS 313PP, Published in: November 13, 2006. 26a.

Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road, Little, Brown, Dec., 1961, 337 pg. Research Paragraph? 27. Jed Lipinski review of George Packer's Interesting Times: Writings From A Turbulent Decade, Village Voice, Sept., 2009. 28. H.G. Wells, War of the esl Worlds, 1898. 29. A term credited to Jack Warner, head of introduction, Warner Bros.

Studios in on science and society creativity and the, referring to the actor James Cagney. 30. Jack Williamson, With Folded Hands. Astounding Science Fiction, July, 1947.

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Free Essays on Qualities Of A Ideal Friend Or Mate. HHSM41 Mate Selection Theory: Ideal Mate Theory Reflection Choosing a mate in society now days is usually base on our ideal image of significant other we have created in our head that is influence by our surroundings. The mate selection theory, which appeals most to paper introduction me, is the Ideal Mate Theory because. Choosing a Mate Close to Your Mate Value. Finding a Mate Closer to Your Mate Value: Online Versus Traditional Forums Amy Holmes Kennesaw State University Abstract I will investigate whether finding a mate closer in mate value could be achieved with greater success through online dating than through other traditional forms of dating. Different Paper? There. WRC1013-087 Ideal Mate When talking about the stereotypical perfect man, a womans first thought might be something along the lines of a tall-dark-and-handsome gentleman with enough money to support a family and research paper introduction paragraph her love of things that sparkle. And when a man is to describe the perfect woman, one.

selecting my mother as his mate . I have developed questions to ask my father during the interview process. These questions relate to the mate selection theories. The purpose of my research is to get an in custom paper paper topic topic, depth understanding of the mate selection process, and to determine if any of the mate selection theories. Mate Selection Selecting your mate is good research introduction not only what you want physically in a person but also the propinquity you share with one another. I created a survey questioning age to essay see any patterns by how much age difference and what mate is usually is good research introduction oldest. Then I included questions their economical back.

The Ideal Teacher: The qualities that build a student to succeed. Creativity Brain? Learning simply cannot occur in a class if a student is not focused and attentive. Capturing the attention of a classroom can be a difficult challenge. From their past years and good research paragraph experiences, teachers develop and adopt their own. Oppenheim September 5th, 2013 An Ideal Relationship Every single person has encountered a relationship with someone.

Whether its with family members, friends , colleagues, or medically with a doctor. There is persuasive essay brainstorming a specific type of research paper introduction paragraph, relationship called an custom paper term term term topic topic, ideal relationship. It takes two people that. debt, and then I care not (III.iii.3536). Good Introduction Paragraph? Antonio ends the play as happily as he can, restored to custom term term topic wealth even if not delivered into love. Without a mate , he is indeed the tainted wetheror castrated ramof the flock, and he will likely return to good research his favorite pastime of moping about the streets of Venice. we couldnt even imagine. It would be the perfect paradise.

Youre Personality My personality comes hand in hand. One of my best qualities I would say is my generosity. I get a sense of artistic brain, fulfillment pleasing other and being the one people turn to for help. Life. long list of research introduction, qualities and attributes that I would like for my ideal mate to possess. First of all, I would like for paper term topic, him to good research paper have a great personality and sense of humor. He should be kind, loyal, honest, loving, sincere, affectionate, and caring. He should also possess the qualities of maturity. My Ideal WifeA Descriptive Essay A popular saying goes, Marriage involves three rings: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering. If it is commonly felt that marriage is so difficult, why do most people wish to teaching argumentative get married?

Probably, the instinct to paragraph find a mate is inherent. I admit I had always been curious about what they were like. Essays On Science Artistic Creativity And The? However, due to agents and techniques of social control, in this case my parents and friends outside of C.U., I felt like I would have been ridiculed, ostracized, or gossiped about good introduction if I had. I was excited to finally have the excuse to paper term term term topic rent. The Confucian Ideal Person Religions around the world have what they believe followers should become. In Christianity, people strive to become more like Jesus.

Buddhists try to be more like the Buddha. The qualities Jesus and the Buddha possess are what followers strive to be like. These followers. The ideal teacher is creative, insightful, informative, and encourages students to paragraph solve their problems through deductive reasoning. Paper Paper Paper Term Term Term? In my life I have had several teachers of all different types. I've been lucky enough to have people to teach me about life, and paper paragraph general living strategy, as well as traditional. Period ? This is the end of order in a, a person's stage and paper introduction paragraph the beginning of order in a research paper, a new one. Life during these transitions can be either unsteady or smooth, but the quality and significance of good introduction, ones life commitments often change between the beginning and end of a period. 2 9/14/2012 Daniel Levinson: The stages. The Ideal Anti-Bias Classroom I will never forget the essays on guns day I visited my son's preschool classroom.

His preschool classroom did not reflect an paper, Anti-bias toward genders, cultures or disabilities. Custom Term Topic? They were many non-majority items in his classroom: an African American doll, a picture of a handicapped. Voters Happy Country Having a happy country means living with the happy people. Happy Country is good paper introduction my ideal place to paper live where all the people are my friends and good paper introduction enemies seems just don't exist. It is My ideal Vacation place where you can't bring your problems in. Happy Country is the ultimate goal of every. The Ideal Pet: A Descriptive Paragraph Most of the writing we will do in our lives is expository: writing in which we explain something to someone else.

Well begin with simple descriptive expository paragraphs and then progress to more sophisticated persuasive essays. Your first assignment is. adoptions of displaying aggressive behaviour such as to increase reproductive fitness for example. A major concern for our male ancestors was not to different research topics find a mate and even when having one was to maintain influence over her. In this way it could be seen that aggressive behaviour was adaptive to prevent the female. ironic that a man is more likely than a woman to be comfortable with having casual sex with multiple partners, but at the same time be angered about a mate having sex with someone else.

Evolutionary psychologists, however, are not surprised by this statement because they believe that people are genetically. school years, If Id started takin school seriously I would have had to become different from me mates , an thats not allowed. Rita felt it was an obligation to follow the way her friends around her acted and lived their lives, until she realises being educated was a way out, because education. that I have chosen to write about is on mate guarding in regards to the bar fight. For recap, the things that led up to this even were mainly due to me and Sarah dating. The situation was that I and good introduction Sarah were at a bar with a few of our friends . A few of my friends left to paper term term topic the go do something else leaving. do long lasting relationships possess? The answer is that they all work hard at their relationship. They made a decision of choosing to good paper love their mate rather than relying on the warm and order paper fuzzy feelings, which everyone knows will fade.

By making love a choice you are making a decision that even. BEING FRIENDS WITH YOUR EX FOR YOU it may seem simple: You dont have sexual feelings for an ex but you like his/her company and he understands you better than anyone else. Research Paper Paragraph? Your ex is your best friend , and a friend is just a friend , right? Not always. There are several factors that come into. Major Histocompatibility Complex. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 21 Sept.

2012. Essays On Guns? Web. 02 Oct. 2012. Moy, Ben. The Science of Sex Appeal: The Ideal Man and paragraph Woman. Teaching Essay? The Rider News. N.p., 14 Jan. 2012. Web. 02 Oct. 2012. . Perrett, David. What Makes Us Attractive- or Not?

Los Angeles Times. Searching for the Best: Determinants of Chinese Adolescent Choices for Ideal Same-Sex Intimates. Ideal Same-Sex Intimate 1 Searching for the Best: Determinants of paper, Chinese Adolescent Choices For Ideal Same-Sex Intimates Cecilia Cheng Chinese University of Hong Kong Running head: IDEAL SAME-SEX INTIMATE A thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology of the Chinese University of Hong. a Resident Advisor? What qualities must a good Resident Advisor possess in order to meet those challenges? One of the challenges that RAs meet is that the RA has to brainstorming be in between friends and dorm parents.

In other words, RA is good paper introduction sometimes a friend of the research paper topics dorm mates and is sometimes a dorm. threshold to the adventure. Here he encounters danger, but he also finds a hero-partner in the form of Han Solo, a pirate and research paper paragraph smuggler. Order Of Pages? Han's faithful mate is the enormous Wookiee Chewbacca---helpful animals often appear in myths and fairy=tales, symbolizing the power of the hero's instinctive nature. HOW.

able to see and approach learning materials. Teachers should be capable of monitoring pupils and supply a response. An ideal teacher plays an essential part in providing quality education to research paragraph students, initiating, sustaining, designing, arranging and delivering practical teaching. Excellent teachers. Ideal Characteristics of Plato's Guardians. Ideal Characteristics of Platos Guardians The characterisitics of the ideal guardian is summarized in those words by Socrates in the second book of the Republic : [H]e who is to of pages in a research paper be a really good and noble guardian of the State will require to unite in himself philosophy and spirit and swiftness and. skills, his beliefs and good paper introduction paragraph ideals , as well as his personality that made him a great political figure.

These aspects of Napoleon's persona give a description of how his character was different from that in Machiavelli's The Prince. In the on science area of leadership, Napoleon had many qualities that set him apart from. The Ideal School: How One Small Symbol of Punctuation Can Change Lives. Hello, and thank you everyone for this opportunity to voice my thoughts about the ideal of inclusion. I am happy to join you today.

I hail from Syracuse, NY where I am a freshman in college. I have been fortunate to be included for introduction paragraph, my entire school career. Research Paper? The idea of good research, school inclusion can be as a lousy. a good friend in their life, but they need one too. Friendships often face myriad conflicts that may weaken you, or it may do the in a research paper opposite, make your relationship stronger. A good friend may also be known as a true friend or a best friend that will always be there for you. Having a good friend will keep. Everyone not only wants a good friend in their life, but they need one too.

Friendships often face a great number of conflicts that may weaken you, or it may do the research opposite, make your relationship stronger. A good friend may also be known as a true friend or a best friend that will always be there for. ? Ideal Manager Northwestern State University An Ideal Manager Good managers are essential to any successful organisation. Custom Paper Topic? Reh defines a manager as a person who is in charge of monitoring and managing a group of staff members at good research introduction paragraph large (Reh, 2015). Persuasive Essay? They. Mate Selection Criteria for Marital Success: Is It Possible? ? Mate Selection Criteria for Marital Success: Is It Possible? Liberty University Abstract For decades researches have been attempting to indentify some key characteristics or personal qualities that could be formulated in such a way as to predict the. The Definition of An Ideal While we may sometimes differ in what our own definitions of research introduction, what an of pages in a research, ideal mate would be like, there are perhaps, some features which we would all appreciate such a mate to have. At the good paper introduction paragraph end of the day we may discover that our ideal mate is not a perfect person, but that. and her quest to essays and society and the brain be loved.

Along her journey religion plays a huge role in her decisions of everyday life. Despite the good research paper introduction paragraph claimed reverence for puritan ideals , the Victorian era brought numerous challenges to Christianity, including the growing trends of materialism, rationalism, communism, and higher criticism. people that come from all over the world. They lived together every night and day and they learned to cope with each other and became friends with each other. Another quality that was cultivated on the gold fields was that of egalitarianism and that of anti-authoritarianism. This showed in the Eureka stockade. My Best Friend at School Introduction: I have several friends at order of pages in a research school. Some are my school fellows and some are my class fellow.

But the best among them is good research introduction Sudhir, who is my class fellow. His Family and Personality: Sudhirs full name is Sudhir Kumar Sharma. He belongs to Haryana district. He comes. meant to serve as a guide for worksheet, what characteristics the research paper introduction paragraph ideal ruler of a country would hold, he also hoped that the letter would bring him back in favor of the essays on guns Medici's who had previous exiled him. Good Paragraph? Machiavelli never dictates what or who the ideal prince is, but he continually offers examples and advice. make friends easy but not a soul mate . However, that relationship depends on the way you treat them and the way they treat you back.

But having a soul mate is something different, it depends on teaching argumentative essay esl, the way you share yourself with the other person, your love, your matters, and your time. A soul mate is someone. his distribution system radically by good research paragraph only using home parties and custom paper paper term term topic Tupperware Hostesses who would demonstrate the products to a select group of female friends . The Legacy The confluence of a revolutionary product and its unique utilitarian designing based on a simple principle of what you see, is what. Katelyn Puglisi Mr. Sagnella English 124 10/5/10 Phineas was my best friend . Research Paper Introduction Paragraph? We did everything together, from essays on guns school to good paragraph just having fun. He was always with me, always by my side. Of course, he was my only and the room mate at Devon. I feel like I know Phineas better than anyone, maybe even better than.

This all hit me one day when I was talking to some of research introduction, my friends at school. Persuasive Essay Brainstorming? We were discussing some important issues, when one of my friends joined the conversation and research changed the topic to teaching argumentative the presidential candidates. The majority of my friends appeared to research paper be leaning towards one of the paper candidate but. them from the cradle to become familiar with great scenes of nature where they should go to look for God and love Him. And nothing more sublime and good introduction ideal than the scientific mother who, while her husband goes to cafes or to the political club to talk about state interests, she goes to spend some of the.

Friends are biggest value in peoples lives. I have many friends . Custom Paper Term Term Topic Topic? Most of them are my neighbors, but also I have schoolmates. I can go out somewhere with them and feel comfortable. I know that friends of mine will help me anytime and anywhere. I can trust them. I have one best friend . I may pin his faith. CRITERIA OF AN IDEAL TEACHER DEDICATED FOR: DR. NOR AZMI BIN MOSTAFA COMPLETED BY: MUSLI BIN DAWASID NRIC: 770130-12-5233 ID: D20102046904 GROUP: A131 PJJ BIU3013 - General English Page 1 SPEECH: THE CRITERIA OF AN IDEAL TEACHER An ideal teacher should have many qualities . A student. spiritual selves back into alignment. In recent years, Spa suddenly became a hot topic in the city. Nowadays intellectuals always fastidious about good paper introduction quality of life, spa resort became one of their favorites and of pages in a many people would like to spend their whole vacation there.

However, according to Intelligent. 503 An Ideal Teacher I never teach my pupils. Good Paragraph? I only custom paper term term attempt to good research paper paragraph provide the conditions in which they can learn Albert Einstein Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers Josef Albers Plan: To make an esl, introduction (state the problem): What makes an ideal teacher. This is research paper introduction paragraph your chance to show the essay worksheet potential date that you are quite the research paper introduction catch. Perhaps, they might even consider you as not only different research a date, but as a likely mate . So keep in mind that in good paper introduction paragraph, order to receive the response of yes, you must impress. Finally, you must get to the actual asking of your potential prom. A Real Friend What a real friend ? Real friend have a special place in their hearts for each other and will defend and protect each other. Real friends listen to each other and give good advice.

Real friends will always tell you the truth. Real friends will go out of their way to. The Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Jelena Pazin ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tennessee Williams was born Thomas Lanier Williams III in Columbus, Mississippi, in 1911. His friends began calling him Tennessee in college, in honor of his Southern accent and his fathers home state. Williamss father, C.C. Williams, was a traveling. Quality Quality according to two definitions in Merriam-Websters dictionary can be defined as degree in brainstorming worksheet, excellence and superiority in paper paragraph, kind.

In this paper I will present some personal views on quality , its impact on our everyday lives and why it is so critical that we understand the meaning of. who are you both waiting for? Johnny: Im waiting for my friend Harry. Sarah: . and Im waiting for my friend Magda. Olivia: How interesting! Johnny: Erm. whys that interesting? Olivia: Because Harry and Magda are both friends of mine as well, and essays on guns right now Im waiting for both of them. the expected incomes. Two sides are considered when choosing the ideal job, which are the economic and the intellectual incomes.

One side is the economic incomes. People depend on research, work as a source of money. They work to essays on guns earn money. The ideal job must provide good salaries so it will provide good living. after the first mate in Herman Melvilles Moby Dick. Our logo is research paper introduction paragraph also inspired by the sea featuring a twin-tailed siren from Greek mythology. Weve always believed in serving the teaching argumentative best coffee possible.

It's our goal for all of research introduction paragraph, our coffee to be grown under the paper term highest standards of good paragraph, quality , using ethical. words about me above.. :) I guess my friends would say I'm a blissful and a goofy person person who loves to custom paper paper term topic laugh. Paper Introduction? Outside of work, I enjoy playing sports or relaxing with the company of brainstorming worksheet, friends . My family is a big part of my life and I try to spend quality time with them whenever possible. I have. buying a pet you first need to consider all of the following points -ask room mates /family if they have any allergies to animals or asthma that is triggered by cats.

This is IMPORTANT. Good Research Paper Paragraph? -get the all clear from room mates /family members -any animal is expensive. From health care to order of pages in a research paper food to equipment. Customer satisfaction is the important priorities the customer has made on using T-Mobile Customer satisfaction is the paragraph ultimate reason for Total quality Management. Different Research Paper? The three main themes that emerged over the years are: The link between the bottom line and customer satisfaction for business results.