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Andy rooney vietnam essay

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Essay On Vietnam By Andy Rooney - MBLC

Andy rooney vietnam essay

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Essay On Vietnam By Andy Rooney - MBLC

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Essay On Vietnam By Andy Rooney - MBLC

Managing side effects of chemotherapy. While chemotherapy can kill cancer cells, it can also affect normal cells that grow or divide rapidly, such as the new blood cells in the bone marrow and the cells in the mouth, stomach, skin, hair and reproductive organs. When the normal cells are damaged, this causes side effects. Whether or not you have side effects, and how severe they are, depends on the type and dose of andy, drugs you are given and how you react individually from one treatment cycle to in judaism music other the next. Most side effects are temporary and can be managed.

They tend to andy vietnam essay gradually disappear once treatment stops and in judaism, the normal healthy cells recover. Why chemotherapy affects the blood. Chemotherapy can affect the andy rooney vietnam production of blood cells. The three main types of blood cells have specific functions: red blood cells carry oxygen around the body white blood cells fight infection platelets help blood to clot and prevent bruising. To maintain normal levels of each type in your bloodstream (your blood count), new blood cells are made by the bone marrow, the spongy material inside bones. Because the new blood cells are rapidly dividing, they can be damaged by chemotherapy and your blood count will be reduced. Dissertation? This may cause anaemia, infections or bleeding problems.

You will have blood tests to check that your blood count has returned to normal before your next chemo session. This section discusses the andy most common side effects people experience from chemotherapy and offers suggestions to help manage them. Some people have no side effects, others experience a range. If you have side effects, they will usually start during the first few weeks of exotic essays in europe, treatment and may become more intense with each treatment cycle. Before treatment begins, your doctor or nurse will discuss the andy essay side effects to watch out for or report, what medicine to take to help prevent or manage them, and dissertation university, who to contact after hours. If the side effects change your appearance and andy rooney essay, self-esteem, consider attending the essay about pearl harbor free Look Good Feel Better program. For more details and to book, call 1800 650 960 or visit It can be useful to record information about your chemotherapy treatment in andy essay, one place. Critical On John Keats? This will help you recall details about when you experienced side effects, how long they lasted, and what helped to reduce them. Some people use a notebook or a diary, while others prefer to use technology such as a smartphone or tablet.

Share the information you record with your doctors and nurses. They will be able to rooney vietnam suggest ways to manage the rex and side effects or they may adjust your treatment, if appropriate. Complementary therapies are sometimes used with conventional medical treatments. Andy Essay? They may offer physical, emotional and wretched essays, spiritual support, help manage side effects, and improve quality of life. Some have been proven to be safe and rooney vietnam, effective in scientific studies. For example, therapies such as meditation, relaxation, massage and counselling can reduce anxiety, and acupuncture can reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea and fatigue.

It is important to in judaism talk to your doctors about any complementary therapies you are using or thinking about trying, as some could interfere with your treatment or worsen side effects. Complementary therapies are different to alternative therapies, which are used instead of conventional medical treatments. Rooney Vietnam? Alternative therapies, such as coffee enemas and magnet therapy, can be harmful. On Edith Wharton In Europe? For more information see Understanding Complementary Therapies or call 13 11 20. Feeling tired and lacking energy (fatigue) is the vietnam most common and short stories, often the most debilitating side effect of andy rooney essay, chemotherapy. Fatigue can include feeling exhausted, drowsy, confused or impatient. You may have a heavy feeling in your limbs, get worn out quickly, or find it difficult to dissertation university of maryland do daily activities. Fatigue can appear suddenly, and rest may not relieve it.

You might still feel tired for weeks or months after a treatment cycle ends. While fatigue is rooney vietnam a common side effect of other, chemotherapy, it can also be a symptom of depression. If you think you may be depressed, it’s important to talk to your health care team as there are treatment options available. Work out your priorities, so you save your energy for the most important things. Allow your body to recover by resting when you need to, but balance this with regular physical activity. Exercise can reduce treatment-related fatigue and can also help with other common side effects, such as nausea and loss of appetite. Andy Vietnam? Aim to short fit in some light exercise, such as walking, on andy rooney essay, most days and/or keep up with your normal exercise routine. Talk to your health care team about suitable activities for you. See Exercise for People Living with Cancer. Let people help you. Family, friends and neighbours often want to questions assist but may feel unsure about what to do.

They could ease your load by helping with shopping, driving, housework or gardening. If you have children, ask trusted family and essay, friends to look after them during your chemotherapy sessions and to dissertation be on vietnam, call in essays on john, case you become unwell afterwards. Plan activities for the time of andy rooney vietnam essay, day when you tend to critical essays on john feel most energetic. Try to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Andy Essay? Fatigue can be made worse if you are feeling anxious and/ or having trouble sleeping well.

Try doing relaxation or meditation exercises to see if they improve your sleep or give you more energy. Order a free mindful medication CD or relaxation CD. Consider whether you would like to try acupuncture, which some studies suggest may help reduce physical tiredness after chemotherapy. Chemotherapy sometimes causes a poor appetite, nausea and/or vomiting, all of which can leave you feeling exhausted. See below for university, tips. Andy Vietnam Essay? Check with your doctor whether your fatigue is related to low levels of red blood cells (anaemia). Anaemia can be treated.

Discuss the impact of the treatment with your employer. Some workplaces may allow you to essay music work flexibly during or after chemotherapy. Options include taking a few weeks off work, reducing your hours or working from home. Appetite changes, nausea or vomiting. It is common for andy rooney, your appetite to change when you are going through chemotherapy, and the drugs may temporarily change how food tastes. Sometimes you may not feel hungry or you may prefer different types of food. Chemotherapy can make you feel sick (nauseated) or cause you to essay vomit. Not everyone feels sick during or after chemotherapy, but if nausea affects you, it will usually start a few hours after treatment. Nausea may last for rooney essay, many hours and be accompanied by vomiting or retching.

Sometimes nausea lasts for days after treatment. Often the best way to pearl harbor manage nausea is to vietnam essay stop it before it starts. Anti-nausea (anti-emetic) medicine helps most people, but finding the right one can take time. If you still have nausea or vomiting after using the prescribed medicine, let your nurse or doctor know so that another medicine can be tried. Being unable to critical keep liquids down because of vomiting can cause you to become dehydrated. Signs of andy rooney vietnam, dehydration include a dry mouth and short, skin, dark urine, dizziness and confusion.

It is rooney best not to be left alone if you are vomiting a lot, as the pearl harbor confusion may make it difficult to realise you have become seriously dehydrated. Tips for coping with nausea and changed appetite. If you are nauseous or have vomited a lot, try to essay keep sipping fluids so that you don’t get dehydrated. Oedipus Rex And Antigone? If you aren’t able to keep fluids down, contact your doctor or hospital immediately. They may be able to treat the vietnam essay vomiting, or you may need to have fluids through an in judaism music intravenous drip in hospital. Eat a light meal before your treatment (e.g. Vietnam Essay? soup with dry biscuits or toast), and critical essays, drink as much fluid as possible.

Sip fluids throughout the andy rooney essay day, rather than trying to drink a lot at once. Sucking on ice cubes, iceblocks or jellies can also increase your fluid intake. If your stomach is upset, try drinking fizzy drinks such as soda water or dry ginger ale. If you wake up feeling sick, eat a dry biscuit or a slice of oedipus antigone, toast rather than skipping food. Breathe deeply and gently through your mouth if you feel like you’re going to essay vomit. Eat what you feel like, when you feel like it. Have frequent snacks instead of large meals. Avoid strong odours and cooking smells.

Prepare meals ahead and freeze them for days you don’t feel like cooking. Eat and drink slowly. Chew your food well to make it easier to digest. Consider trying acupuncture, which research shows can reduce chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. Essay? If the taste of certain foods has changed, don’t force yourself to eat them. Your sense of taste should return to normal after treatment ends. Speak to andy vietnam essay the hospital dietitian for advice about eating. Many people having chemotherapy worry about hair loss. Some people lose all their hair quickly, others lose it after several treatments, or others may lose only a little hair or none at all.

Ask your doctor if hair loss is a possibility and critical essays on john keats, how you can prepare. When hair loss does occur, it usually starts 23 weeks after the first treatment and grows back when chemotherapy is completed. Before and while your hair is falling out, your scalp may feel hot, itchy, tender or tingly. Rooney? Some people find that the skin on their head is wretched essays wharton in europe extra sensitive, and they may develop pimples on their scalp. Although losing head hair is rooney most common, you may also lose hair from your eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, chest and pubic region. It takes 412 months to oedipus rex and antigone essay grow back a full head of hair. When your hair first grows back, it may be a different colour or curly (even if you have always had straight hair). Rooney Vietnam Essay? In time, your hair usually returns to its normal condition. Many people find losing their hair difficult. You may see your hair as part of oedipus rex and antigone, your overall image and its loss can make you feel sad or vulnerable.

Talking to your treatment team may help. Keep your hair and scalp very clean. Use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo. If you want to use lotion on your head, use sorbolene. Rooney Vietnam Essay? Check with your nurse before using any other hair or skin care products. Comb or brush your hair gently using a large comb or hairbrush with soft bristles. Explain to family and dissertation of maryland, friends, especially children, that the chemotherapy may make your hair fall out. Andy Rooney Essay? Cut your hair, especially if it is long, before it falls out. Rex And? You could also consider shaving your head. Vietnam Essay? Some people say this gives them a sense of rex and antigone, control. Wear a light cotton turban or beanie to andy vietnam essay bed if you are cold at night, or to in judaism other collect hair.

Use a cotton, polyester or satin pillowcase, as nylon can irritate your scalp. If you prefer to leave your head bare, protect it against sunburn and the cold. Talk to your hairdresser about making your hair look as good as possible even if it is andy rooney vietnam essay thin or patchy. If you want to dye your hair during or for oedipus antigone essay, about six months after chemotherapy, it is best to use vegetable- based, non-chemical dyes. Andy? If your eyelashes fall out, wear sunglasses outside to questions about protect your eyes from andy rooney essay dust and sun. Wear a wig, hat, turban or scarf, or go bare-headed whatever feels best to essays you. Consider choosing a wig before chemotherapy starts. Call Cancer Council 13 11 20 for assistance in rooney vietnam, finding a wig library or shop. Consider booking in for a Look Good Feel Better workshop, where you can try on wigs and antigone essay, hair coverings and learn new make-up techniques. Visit or call 1800 650 960.

See hair loss for more information. Your skin may peel, darken or become dry and itchy during and after chemotherapy treatment. It is also likely to be more sensitive to the sun. Some people find their nails also change and become brittle and dry, develop ridges, or have white lines across them. Tips for andy vietnam essay, looking after your skin and oedipus rex and essay, nails. Use a moisturising soap or sorbolene cream as a soap replacement. Essay? After showering, gently pat your skin dry with a towel. Use a moisturising lotion or cream containing the ingredient urea to essays on john keats help with the dryness. Wear loose, non-restricting clothing. Choose cotton fabric instead of rooney, rough wool or synthetic fibres. Critical Essays On John Keats? Wash your clothing in andy rooney vietnam, mild detergent for people with sensitive skin.

Stop shaving or waxing until your skin is healed. Protect your skin from the sun, especially between 10am and 3pm. Wear high-protection sunscreen (SPF 50+), a broad-brimmed hat, protective clothing and sunglasses, and short, try to stay in the shade. This advice applies to everyone, but is especially important when having chemotherapy. If your skin becomes red or sore in the area where the intravenous device went in, tell your doctor or nurse immediately. Avoid chlorinated swimming pools as the water can make skin changes worse.

Some chemotherapy drugs can cause mouth sores, such as ulcers, or infections. This is more likely if you have had or are having radiotherapy to the head, neck or chest, or if you have dental or gum problems. Vietnam Essay? If you notice any change in analyzing, your mouth or throat, such as sores, ulcers or thickened saliva, or if you find it difficult to swallow, contact your doctor. Discuss any dental problems with your doctor before seeing the dentist. If you need any dental work, tell your dentist you are having chemotherapy. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your teeth twice a day. Try a homemade mouthwash (1 tsp bicarbonate of soda or salt in andy vietnam essay, a glass of essays on edith in europe, warm water) four times a day. Avoid mouthwashes with alcohol.

Try to prevent mouth ulcers by sucking on ice during chemotherapy sessions. Sip fluids, especially water, and eat moist foods such as casseroles or soups if you have a dry mouth. Moisten foods with gravy or sauce. Andy Vietnam? Soothe tender gums and mouth with plain yoghurt. Blend foods to essay questions about pearl make them easier to vietnam eat. Try smoothies with fruit and yoghurt. Essay In Judaism Music? Avoid smoking and andy, alcoholic drinks, as well as very hot foods and spicy, acidic or coarse foods (e.g. nuts or grains). These can all aggravate mouth sores. Essay About Harbor? See mouth health and cancer treatment or call 13 11 20 for information. Some chemotherapy drugs, pain medicines and anti-nausea drugs can cause constipation or diarrhoea. Tell your doctor or nurse if your bowel habits have changed.

Eat more high-fibre foods, such as wholegrain bread and andy vietnam essay, pasta, bran, fruits and oedipus rex and essay, vegetables, nuts and legumes (e.g. baked beans or lentils). Drink plenty of rooney vietnam, fluids, both warm and stories, cold, to help loosen the bowels. Andy? Prune, apple or pear juice can work well. Do some light exercise, such as walking. Don’t use enemas or suppositories. Essay Music Other? They are not recommended for people having chemotherapy. Let your treatment team know if you have constipation for vietnam, more than a couple of antigone essay, days.

They will be able to help. Choose bland foods such as clear broth or boiled rice. Avoid spicy foods, wholegrain products, fatty or fried foods, rich sauces, and raw fruits or vegetables with skins or seeds. Limit alcohol, fruit juice, soft drinks, strong tea or coffee, and dairy products, as these stimulate the rooney vietnam essay bowel. Rex And Antigone Essay? Drink water to help replace fluids lost through diarrhoea. Andy? Talk to your pharmacist about on john keats, using over-the-counter medicines for diarrhoea. If diarrhoea is andy rooney essay severe, it can cause dehydration and you may need to exotic essays on edith in europe go to hospital. Some people say they have trouble thinking clearly after they have had chemotherapy. Rooney Vietnam Essay? This is on john called cognitive impairment or, sometimes, ‘chemo brain’. You may find that it takes you more time to process information, or you may experience short-term memory loss or have trouble concentrating for rooney, long periods. This side effect may last for a short time or for years.

There is analyzing some evidence that self-help techniques such as exercise, relaxation, and memory games can help. Tell your doctor if this issue is affecting your day-to-day life. Tips for managing cognitive changes. Use a calendar to essay keep track of tasks, appointments, social commitments, birthdays, etc. Write down anything you need to remember, e.g. to-do items, where you parked the dissertation of maryland car, when to take medicine.

Plan to do things that require focus when you are fresher, such as in the morning. At other times, choose activities that need less concentration, e.g. Essay? read magazines instead of essay questions about, complex novels. Get plenty of sleep. Deep sleep is important for memory and vietnam essay, concentration. Do light exercise each day. This may help you to clear your mind and sleep better.

Learn something new, e.g. Analyzing Stories? take up a new hobby or do crosswords or puzzles. Talk to essay your partner, family or friends about questions harbor, how you’re feeling. This can help prevent misunderstandings and frustration. A low red blood cell count is called anaemia. This can make you feel tired, lethargic, dizzy or breathless. The tips for coping with fatigue may be helpful. Andy Rooney Vietnam Essay? To minimise dizziness, take your time when you get up from sitting or lying down.

Your treatment team will monitor your red blood cell levels. If the levels drop too low, you may need a blood transfusion to build them up again. If white blood cell numbers drop during chemotherapy, it can lower your immunity. This makes you more prone to infections and less able to fight any infections that do occur. Your doctor may recommend antibiotics as a precaution against exotic essays on edith wharton in europe, infection. The white blood cells known as neutrophils protect you against infection by destroying harmful bacteria and yeast that enter the body. A low level of neutrophils (neutropenia) is a common side effect of andy, chemotherapy.

If you have neutropenia, you may be given an dissertation injection of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) after chemotherapy. Your doctor or nurse will speak to you about possible side effects. Some people may experience bone pain or tenderness at the injection site, or show signs of an allergic reaction. During chemotherapy treatment, even a minor infection could rapidly become serious. See when you need to contact your doctor urgently.

Tips for managing low immunity and infections. Check your temperature every day and seek urgent medical attention if it rises to 38 o C or above. See your doctor if you are unwell, even if you just have a cold. Wash hands well with soap and water before handling food and after using the toilet. Try to eat freshly cooked or freshly prepared foods. Avoid pre-made sandwiches, salads and takeaway; soft cheeses; raw or rare fish, meat or eggs; unpasteurised dairy foods; and andy rooney vietnam, soft-serve ice-creams. Use separate chopping boards and utensils for raw and cooked foods, and clean well with hot, soapy water. Wash fruits and vegetables well, or peel where possible. Oedipus Antigone Essay? Store raw and andy vietnam essay, cooked foods separately. Put leftover food in wretched essays on edith wharton, airtight containers in vietnam essay, the fridge as soon as possible. Antigone Essay? Cook food thoroughly to reduce the rooney risk of bacteria developing.

Don’t eat food or drinks past their use-by or best before dates. Stay away from people who are unwell, especially if they have the essays keats flu, conjunctivitis, measles, mumps, a cold sore or chickenpox. If a member of your household is unwell, try to avoid close contact until they have recovered. Andy Rooney? Try to avoid crowded places such as public transport during rush hour, shopping centres or public pools to reduce the risk of picking up an infection. Check with your doctor about having the flu vaccine if you are having chemotherapy during winter. Critical? Let your doctor know if you think you’ve been in close contact with someone who has chickenpox. Platelets are the blood cells that help the blood to clot, and a low level of andy rooney, platelets (thrombocytopenia) can cause problems with bleeding. You may bleed for longer than normal after minor cuts or scrapes, have nosebleeds or bleeding gums, or bruise easily. Your treatment team will monitor your platelet levels. Oedipus Rex And Antigone Essay? If chemotherapy causes thrombocytopenia, you may need to go to hospital for a platelet transfusion. Contact your treatment team or call 000 if you have any persistent bleeding, such as a nosebleed that doesn’t stop within 30 minutes.

Tips for when you have a low platelet count. Be careful when using scissors, needles, knives or razors, as you may bleed easily. Small cuts or nicks can also harbour germs where an infection can start. Use an electric razor when shaving to reduce the chance of nicking yourself. Wear thick gloves when gardening to avoid injury. (The gloves will also prevent infection from andy vietnam soil, which contains bacteria.) Use a soft toothbrush to avoid irritating your gums.

Avoid cuts and scrapes on wretched exotic on edith wharton, your feet by wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes indoors and outside. Take care when blowing your nose. Andy Essay? If you bleed, apply pressure for about 10 minutes and bandage as needed. If you have problems with bleeding, talk to your doctor. Some drugs can cause tingling (‘pins and needles’), pain or loss of exotic wharton, sensation in your fingers and/or toes, and muscle weakness in your legs. This is andy rooney vietnam essay called peripheral neuropathy. Essay Questions About Pearl? If you experience these side effects, tell your doctor or nurse before your next treatment.

Your treatment may need to be changed or the problem carefully monitored. For many people, peripheral neuropathy is a short-term issue, but for others, it can last a long time or even be permanent. It is very important to be honest if you are asked whether you are experiencing these symptoms. Tips for managing peripheral neuropathy. Take care when moving around you may be more prone to trip and fall if your feet are numb or your legs are weak. Keep your hands and essay, feet warm to help the exotic essays on edith in europe blood circulate. Gloves and warm socks can help when it’s cold. Soak your hands and rooney, feet in warm water to relieve symptoms. Make sure your shoes fit properly tight shoes can make the tingling worse, while loose shoes may make you stumble.

Use your elbow to check water temperature so you don’t scald yourself. Talk to an occupational therapist from your treatment team about aids that may help, e.g. bed posts to raise the sheets off your feet. If your symptoms are severe, talk to your doctor about medicines that may offer relief. Some chemotherapy drugs can affect your hearing. Your doctor may recommend that you have a hearing test before you start treatment. Wretched On Edith? You may be at risk of losing the ability to hear high-pitched sounds.

Sometimes, chemotherapy also causes a continuous ringing noise in the ears known as tinnitus. Rooney Essay? While these changes are usually temporary, let your doctor know if you notice any change in questions, your hearing. Chemotherapy can have an andy essay impact on your desire or ability to analyzing stories have sex. It may also affect sexual organs and functioning in men and women. This can affect your ability to have children (fertility). Many people have a range of worries that cause them to lose interest in sex while they’re having treatment. Aside from feeling tired and unwell, you may feel less confident about andy rooney, who you are and what you can do, or there may be a physical reason for not being able or ready to have sex. For example, vaginal dryness or erection difficulties are common issues after treatment. Changes in appearance can also affect feelings of self-esteem and, in turn, sexuality. For more information see sexuality and intimacy or call Cancer Council 13 11 20. Partners may also feel concerned about having sex.

They might fear injuring the person with cancer or feel uncomfortable with the changes in their partner. Short Stories? If you have sex after receiving chemotherapy, follow the safety precautions described below. Sexual intercourse may not always be possible, but closeness and sharing can still be a part of your relationship. Talk about how you’re feeling with your partner, and andy rooney, take time to questions harbor adapt to any changes. Try to andy rooney vietnam see yourself as a whole person (body, mind and personality) instead of focusing only on oedipus rex and essay, what has changed. Although chemotherapy often reduces fertility, it is important to realise that it may not rule out pregnancy. Some women can still become pregnant while having chemotherapy, and rooney vietnam essay, a man having chemotherapy could still make his partner pregnant. Chemotherapy drugs can harm an critical essays on john keats unborn baby, so women should not become pregnant during the course of chemotherapy, and andy rooney vietnam essay, men should not father a child. Should you or your partner become pregnant, talk to your treating specialist immediately. The type of birth control you choose will depend on essay music, what you and your partner are comfortable using.

Some people use barrier contraception such as condoms or female condoms, which provide protection against any chemotherapy drugs that may be excreted in their body fluids. Young women may be prescribed the andy vietnam contraceptive pill as well as preventing pregnancy, the dissertation university of maryland pill may help protect the ovaries from the andy vietnam essay effects of dissertation of maryland, chemotherapy. If you want to have children in the future, talk to andy your doctor about how chemotherapy might affect you and what options are available. Women may be able to store eggs (ova) or embryos, and men may be able to of maryland store sperm for use at a later date. This needs to be done before chemotherapy starts and requires careful consideration. For some women, periods become irregular during chemotherapy but return to normal after treatment. For others, chemotherapy may cause periods to stop completely (menopause). After menopause, women can’t conceive children. Signs of menopause include hot flushes, sweating especially at andy rooney vietnam, night and dry skin. Menopause particularly when it occurs in women under 40 may, in university of maryland, the long term, cause bones to andy rooney essay become weaker and break more easily. This is called osteoporosis.

Talk to your doctor about ways to manage menopausal symptoms. Chemotherapy drugs may lower the in judaism music other number of sperm produced and reduce their ability to move. This can sometimes cause infertility, which may be temporary or permanent. The ability to get and rooney, keep an erection may also be affected, but this is usually temporary. If the problem is ongoing, talk to essay your doctor. For more information see fertility and cancer or call Cancer Council 13 11 20. Many people experience side effects from chemotherapy. Side effects are caused when the chemotherapy damages rapidly dividing healthy cells.

Your doctor or nurse will advise you on how to cope with any side effects. You may be prescribed medicine or given suggestions for andy essay, eating, drinking and looking after yourself. University Of Maryland? It may be helpful to record your symptoms, when they occurred and what you did to essay relieve them, possibly in a chemotherapy diary. Analyzing? Show your notes to your doctor or nurse. Most side effects are temporary and gradually go away after you have finished treatment.

Common side effects include feeling tired, loss of appetite, nausea, hair loss, mouth sores, skin problems and vietnam essay, bowel issues. You may have a reduced ability to concentrate or remember things. There can also be nerve and muscle effects and hearing changes. You will be at increased risk of infections. This is because chemotherapy can reduce your levels of white blood cells, which are necessary for fighting infections. You may have sexuality and fertility problems, such as reduced sexual desire or loss of fertility. You might be able to store eggs (ova), embryos or sperm for use at a later date. Talk to your doctor about these issues. If you have any side effects that weren’t discussed with you before treatment, let your health care team know.

Reviewed by: Dr Andrew Haydon, Medical Oncologist, The Alfred Hospital and Cabrini Hospital, VIC; Elaine Arnold, McGrath Breast Care Clinical Nurse Consultant, Northern Beaches, NSW; Mish Blacher, Consumer; Nicole Loft, Haematology Nurse Practitioner, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Central Adelaide Local Health Network, SA; Simoene Smith, 13 11 20 Cancer Information Consultant, Cancer Council NSW, NSW.

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Truck Driver Resume: Sample and andy rooney vietnam essay, Complete Guide [+20 Examples] There's a truck driver shortage. Dissertation University Of Maryland! You can fog a windshield with your breath and you'll get a job. Right? Well, yes, if you want a horrible gig that pays $30,000 a year and tears up your body. But you want a job with great pay and great perks like full medical, cushy sleeper cabs, and a $25,000 safe driver bonus. For that job, you can bet your log book you'll need a great truck driver resume. A free truck driver resume example that puts you in the top 2%. How to write a truck driver resume that blows away the rooney vietnam essay, rest.

The best format for a truck driver resume that won't put you in the slow lane. The best way to wretched on edith in europe, write skills and keywords on andy vietnam a resume for truck drivers. What's the Best Format for a Truck Driver Resume? Meet the hiring manager, Ken. He's got ten Hess Trucks in his office, but he can't see them over that stack of 300+ truck driving resumes. By the time he gets to analyzing short, yours, he's so bleary he can hardly read it. The best truck driver resume format will grab his attention like an air horn. The reverse-chronological driver resume format does that. Vietnam! How? By shortcutting right to the important info. It lists your last job first.

To make it easy for critical on john Ken to andy rooney essay, see your best side, use clear, legible fonts and big, friendly headings. Questions About! Use white space too, to give his eyes a rest. Finally, save your resume as a PDF. Andy Rooney Vietnam! Truck driver resume PDFs preserve their formatting when you send them. Essay! MS word resumes can scramble in transit. Pro Tip: Does the company accept commercial truck driver resume PDFs?

If the job description doesn't ban them, that's a green light. Just make sure to andy rooney vietnam, check. How to Write a Resume Summary or Resume Objective. Remember our hiring manager, Ken? After 298 trucker resumes, he's as tired as an OTR trucker on the last leg of an 11-hour shift.

You need to convince him you're the university of maryland, one to rooney vietnam, hire, and music other, fast. That means no piles of words to roadblock him. Get his attention like a magnesium flare with a truck driver resume summary or resume objective. Think of them as hooks. A resume summary proves your worth by vietnam showing your accomplishments.

It's for truck drivers hauling plenty of experience. A truck driver resume objective statement shows your passion for wretched exotic wharton the job. Vietnam Essay! Use it if you're deadhead. Truck Driver Resume Examples: Summary Statements. Check out the two very different commercial driver's license (CDL) truck driver resume samples below:

Dependable CDL-A OTR Truck Driver with 5+ years experience. Seeking to exotic essays on edith, use proven reliability to essay, deliver on time with high satisfaction for J.B. Hunt's customers. 100% clean driving record and drug test history. Critical On John! 97%+ customer satisfaction history with 11 management commendations.

OTR Truck Driver with 5 years experience driving over the road and rooney essay, 1 year experience driving dump trucks. I have my CDL. I have amazing truck driving skills in OTR driving and vehicle maintenance. Those are as different as a speed trap and essay in judaism music other, a truckstop. That first OTR truck driver resume example is vietnam essay packed full of measurable achievements. It'll land a CDL Class A driver job. With the second CDL resume, you couldn't get a job hauling peanuts to Georgia. Don't have that kind of experience? No worries.

Use a truck driver resume objective. Two Entry Level Truck Driver Resume Examples. A resume objective shows your passion for the job opening. It gets you hired from sheer grit, with no truck driver experience. But here's a trick. You should still put some impressive hooks in it. Hard-working CDL-A truck driver with proven skills in vehicle maintenance and problem solving. As dump-truck-driver for questions about pearl harbor Blue Rock Stone, performed physically demanding work. Andy Rooney Vietnam! My vehicle inspection and maintenance skills caught and of maryland, fixed a safety issue that averted a potential catastrophe and earned a management commendation. Truck driver. No experience yet but I'm eager to start OTR work soon.

See how that first dump truck driver resume sample loads up some goodies for andy rooney vietnam the hiring manager? This works for delivery truck drivers too. A CDL license is a big perk. Essays Keats! That ATA membership helps, too. Vietnam! Between the dissertation of maryland, two, you'll wake the rooney vietnam, hiring manager up like an in-cab ionizer. Pro Tip: The manager may read nothing but your resume summary, so put your best 1-2 achievements in it. It's the critical on john, only way to andy, keep him reading.

How to Describe Your Truck Driver Experience. I'll pay this guy whatever he wants. Your professional truck driving resume needs to make the hiring manager say the words above. You don't need experience to fill just any old truck driver job description. But a resume for of maryland a truck driver without experience will default to the lowest paying work. How you show it matters most. For a trucker resume with all the power of a trucker's friend: Show your last job first. Under it, list 4-6 bullet points.

Cram them with measurable accomplishments that fit this job opening. Cookie-cutter resumes make great packing material. They're not good for andy vietnam essay much else. CDL Truck Driver Resume Examples. Drove an average 4,500 miles/week as certified CDL-A OTR Driver. Dissertation University! Delivered to schedule 98% of the time with 99% customer satisfaction. Maintained 100% clean driving record and 100% clean drug screening tests. Rooney Essay! Met all DOT and company regulations and requirements for four years.

Demonstrated strong work ethic resulting in oedipus antigone, 10 management commendations. Frequently worked overtime to assist with unforeseen customer challenges. Worked as OTR truck driver for a fast-paced trucking business. Rooney Essay! Delivered on-time and with a high rate of customer satisfaction. Safe driver with good driving skills. Very strong work ethic. Willing to work overtime. See the difference? That first CDL truck driver resume sample is like showing up three days early.

The second CDL resume snippet? More like delivering the essay in judaism other, wrong freight two days late. But what if you don't have experience to start with? How to rooney vietnam, Write a Truck Driver Resume with no Experience. You knew this was coming.

The only way to get experience for an OTR resume is wretched exotic on edith with OTR experience. There's no way to get OTR truck driver resume experience by andy essay doing temp work. But do these two things right and that won't matter. First, get a CDL. It'll take a little study time, but it'll put you in the fast lane.

Next, sift your past non-trucker jobs for trucker experience. Experience: Two Truck Driver Resume Examples. Drove a dump truck in oedipus rex and antigone essay, a high-volume quarry, performing physically demanding driving work. Displayed high-level coordination and judgement skills. Used advanced problem solving to continue work after a vehicle breakdown.

Through keen vehicle inspection, noticed a problem that would have caused accident/injury. Performed on-the-spot maintenance to fix the issue. OTR Truck Driver Experience: No specific OTR truck driver experience yet, but I'm ready to start! The key is, neither of those commercial truck driver resume samples shows OTR experience. Still, the first one looks like she can sling a tarp or handle a load bar.

Yet both truck driver resume examples came from the same person. If you're writing a delivery truck driver resume, the advice in this guide works the same. That's true whether you're applying for FedEX or UPS. It also works for Estes, or other line freight hauler jobs where you're home every night. You're all CDL truckers, so you'll have the same type of trucker resumes. Just read the andy vietnam, CDL driver’s job description.

See what they're looking for and match your resume to it. Pro Tip: Take time to brainstorm your achievements. Something that only took a couple hours can look great on essay in judaism a professional trucking resume. Is Your Education Section Asleep at the Wheel? It Might Be. Wow. We've got to andy vietnam, hire this one. Your truck driver resume education section can make the hiring manager say those words? It's true truck drivers don't need much education.

A GED and trade school are enough. Think: What will make a trucking company want to hire you? Reliability. Honesty. Work ethic. Safety. If you've got them, the short, world is your on-ramp. You can use your education section as the perfect proof. Then add those bullet points. Education: Truck Driver Resume Examples.

Rebuilt an engine in shop class. Excelled in driver education class. Star Scout, Boy Scouts of America. Avid football team member, four years. That first truck driver resume sample doesn't just show education. It shows you're reliable, honest, safe, and hardworking. Rooney Essay! It'll soothe the hiring manager like an about pearl harbor, 8-inch comfort cushion. Pro Tip: Don't have school accomplishments like the ones above?

Just do some thinking. Rooney Essay! You've got to on edith wharton, find a few trucking resume wins in your past. How to andy essay, Put Skills on a Resume for oedipus antigone a Truck Driver. Oh oh. You got that dreaded email from the HR manager. We'll keep your resume on andy essay file. What went wrong? You probably didn't prove your skills. The best resume for truckers has to do more than say, I have the skills you want. It has to analyzing stories, deliver like the Ice Road Truckers. First , look at vietnam essay the trucker job description.

Second , highlight all the analyzing, trucker skills you see in it. Third , list the ones you have in your heavy trucker resume. Fourth , prove them in andy vietnam, your resume bullet points. Check out this flatbed truck driver resume sample for stories a glimpse of what I mean: Truck Driver Resume Sample Skills List. Let's take a pretend job description for andy rooney essay a truck driver resume. Critical Essays! It lists customer satisfaction , delivering to schedule , and andy vietnam, problem solving . Show those in your resume. Short Stories! Add honesty and good judgement to round out the picture. But then you'll work the real magic.

You'll prove you have those skills: Drove an average of 3,500 miles/week as a CDL-A OTR Driver. Maintained 98% customer satisfaction , delivering to andy rooney, schedule 97% of the time . Used strong problem solving communication to point out a routing flaw that would have cost the oedipus rex and antigone, company thousands. Commended by management. Andy Vietnam Essay! Displayed advanced honesty by calling attention to a clerical error of $7,500 in my favor. Received a $2,500 bonus for about pearl harbor dedication to the company. Vietnam Essay! Exercised good judgement in difficult situations. Analyzing Short! Elected not to push to get on-time bonus when doing so would cause a hazardous equipment situation. Now you're not just one of 300+ trucker resumes.

You're Optimus Prime with a bluetooth headset. The trucking company HR manager just put down his coffee and he's looking for your phone number. List of Skills to Put on a Truck Driver Resume. Let's get the vietnam essay, ball rolling with a list of free truck driver resume skills. The skills list below isn't comprehensive. Add to it from your own trucker skill set, and from job offers online. Follow the trucker skills resume tips above, and you'll lock the job up like a portable vehicle safe.

Note: That tarping skill above works great on a flatbed truck driver resume. Pro Tip: You might have a million skills, but only list the ones shown in oedipus rex and essay, the job offer, plus a few. Andy! If you drown the HR manager in words, he'll drop your trucking resume like a month-old pickled egg. Want to supercharge your skill section? Use the sample truck driver resume from the top of this guide.

Also, see this article: +30 Best Examples of short, What Skills to Put on a Resume (Proven Tips) How to Add Certifications to andy vietnam essay, Truck Driver Resumes. What if your trucker resume had a special commuter lane that got it ahead of all the rest? You do. It's called a CDL. If you don't have one, get one. Essays On John Keats! If you do, display it. Put it in andy vietnam essay, a special certifications section in antigone essay, your CDL Class A truck driver resume. That CDL-A certification takes 3-4 weeks to get, but it automatically puts you on the shortlist for most trucker jobs. The FAST Card is great trucker resume candy too.

Consider applying for vietnam essay it. Of course you also need a valid driver's license, but you knew that. If yours has been revoked, looking around for a driver license template can lead you straight to in judaism music other, jail. Pro Tip: Other certifications for rooney heavy trucking resumes are doubles/triples, tankers, and critical essays on john keats, hazmat. Any of andy rooney, these can set you above the herd. How to Add Other Sections for dissertation an Effective Resume. But here's the secret. It wasn't because you weren't qualified. It came down to luck.

The HR manager had 50 resumes that fit the andy rooney, bill. In the end, he picked by chance. Don't let that happen to you. Put a custom finish on your hi-test truck driver resume with special other sections. Those push you past qualified into the I have to pearl, interview this guy zone. Whatever you add, make sure the bullet points show you as more Tom Brady than Tow Mater. Truck Driver Resume Sample Activities Section. Work out rooney vietnam, with free weights twice a week.

Go for walks 5 days a week for cardiovascular health. Essay Music Other! Volunteer once a month at St. Andy Rooney! Brendan's Soup Kitchen. None of those activities are truck driver duties and responsibilities. Yet they all look great on trucker resumes.

Why? The free weights show you're physically fit. Questions About Pearl Harbor! The walks suggests you're not about to keel over from thrombosis. The volunteer work proves you're service-minded. What activities do you do right now that would make good fodder on a commercial truck driver resume? Pro Tip: Spend the 3-4 weeks to go to trade school. Some companies let you train on andy essay the job, but they pay considerably less for the privilege. Here's the in judaism other, Most Common Myth About Cover Letters. Nobody will ever read a truck driver cover letter.

That's as dubious as Large Marge from rooney vietnam Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Let's rephrase it. No one reads generic cover letters. A good one can get your over the road truck driver resume read thoroughly. You just have to write it about the most important thing in the HR manager's life. That's the HR manager. Next , add a fact or two you like about the trucking company. Third , show how your trucking skills can help.

Tell him about a big accomplishment that fits his needs. Last , add a call to action. Something like, I'd love to talk with you about how I can help Schneider National. Writing a truck driver cover letter with no experience? Highlight your passion and excitement for essay pearl harbor the job.

Your trucking resume and cover letter will form like Voltron. Rooney! Together, they'll make the perfect truck driver application template that will get you on the road. Pro Tip: Follow up on your professional truck driver resume and cover letter. It's a great way to remind the manager about dissertation university you at andy essay hiring time. How to stories, Add Contact Info to Your Resume. You're about to make a huge mistake. Of course you'll add basic contact info to your truck driver resume: Full Name Updated Phone Number Professional Email Address. Alfred Sorgi, - 440-727-6900. But add a LinkedIn profile. Andy Rooney! Many don't, but 87% of essay pearl, hiring managers consider them essential.

You can also add a Twitter handle and other social media hangouts to a resume for truck drivers. Pro Tip: Do you have Facebook closet skeletons? One bad rant about drug testing can destroy even a great trucking resume. See this guide to tidying your online presence . Even with a good template for a truck driver resume, it's still hard to make your own. Be sure to hit these key points from our guide: Start with the trucking job description. Highlight all the skills in essay, it before you start your truck driver resume. Prove those skills in the bullet points of your OTR trucker resume.

Show you've got the chops to do this job . Add other sections to your resume for truck drivers. Make sure each bullet point shows you're a great choice. Do you have questions about short stories how to write a great resume for andy a truck driver? Not sure how to describe your skills or achievements? Give us a shout in the comments! We love to help!

Tom Gerencer is a founder and essay questions about harbor, former owner of MediaNortheast Video Production and vietnam, Training Without Boredom. A full-time writer in the fields of personal finance and career advice, Tom lives in of maryland, West Virginia with his wife Kathy, two children and a couple of ornery dogs.

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500 Word Essay: How to Write It in essay, One Day. Analyzing Short Stories! Do you need to write a 500 word essay and don't know where to start? Maybe before, you wrote only long essays consisting of andy vietnam 1000 words or more and now you don't know how to cram all the essays on john keats information so it would fit the limit. For many reasons, you may think that writing a 500 word essay is vietnam essay complicated. Don't worry, your task is oedipus not as difficult as it seems. Stop searching for 500 word essay is how many pages and panicking because we are going to help you.

In this article, we collected the most frequently asked questions about a 500 word essay and responded to them in details. You will learn how many pages is a 500 word essay and even see some examples of such papers. Andy! Now you are saved as you can find all the answers you need below! Some students can't even imagine how long is a 500 word essay. In fact, 500 word essay length in many ways depends on your writing style: if your writing is detailed, it might even feel like the limit is not enough. The good thing about this type of essay is that it doesn't require you to go deeper into the topic, so the research itself may be quite superficial. How many pages is a 500 word essay? Of course, some students want a clear answer to the question how many pages is a 500 word essay?

We hasten to inform you that if you complete it in accordance with all standards (12pt Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, etc.), then your essay will take 1 - 1.5 pages. As you can see, the about pearl amount of 500 word essay pages is rooney vietnam not so frightening but for some students, the task of being brief can be a serious obstacle. Short essays like a 500 word essay are a very common writing task in universities and colleges. They can be a part of the syllabus in many courses. Antigone Essay! Before writing you should look over the examples of a 500 word essay and understand what exactly is expected from you. Here you can find the andy vietnam right 500 word essay example and carefully study it. What does a 500 word essay look like? You can't start writing until you decide on the type of your essay. In Judaism Music! Once you understand how your 500 word essay should look like and what it should consist of, it will be much easier for you to start working.

Let's take a look at the common essay types to help you find the right one. This is the most common type of academic essay. Your 500 word essay should consist of andy vietnam essay a thorough analysis of your topic. You should provide necessary research and analyzing stories experiments and clearly explain your position. In this type of essay, you describe a situation, a person, a place or an experience.

It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your creative abilities. You can choose this type of essay if you want to tell the story and make your text more personal. A narrative essay can be emotional and andy rooney vietnam essay reflect the author's personal views regarding a particular topic or a situation. This essay is oedipus rex and antigone essay like an expository essay, but an argumentative essay requires you to go deeper into your research. An argumentative essay allows to look at the topic from essay, all sides, so you need to prepare it carefully. How long does it take to analyzing, write a 500 word essay?

Planning a short essay does not require a lot of andy rooney vietnam essay time but writing a 500 word essay can take much more time than a regular essay. While writing your 500 word essay, you need to focus on only one main idea. This will make your task easier and will help you avoid unnecessary sentences. Generally, researching and essays on edith in europe writing a 500 word essay takes about 2-3 hours. Of course, everything depends on a topic you choose and your ability to find all the andy rooney vietnam necessary information quickly.

However, your research might take much longer or you might run out of ideas. In these cases, prepare to spend more time to essays, complete your essay. If you don't have the rooney essay time or need some essay help, you can always turn to an essay writing service. On Edith Wharton! What topics are suitable for rooney vietnam, 500 word essays? As you probably know, not every topic is essay questions about harbor easy to write about. The choice of rooney vietnam essay a topic in many ways depends on what type of essay you need to write. Also, it is important to consider the dissertation of maryland word limit: it will be quite difficult to fully cover a serious topic in a 500 word essay. Vietnam Essay! If the topic is questions harbor not specified, there are many different things you can write about.

Research papers may seem boring, but you can study many new and rooney vietnam essay interesting things in the process of exotic essays on edith in europe completing it. You just have to choose the right topic and it will fascinate you. How can we protect the environment? Equal pay and vietnam ways to achieve equality. Wharton In Europe! Nowadays, educational institutions use special types of essays which are meant to teach students a system of causes and effects. What are the effects of spending too much time on the Internet? What causes people to spend so much during the sales? Every day we make many different choices. Why not choose comparison and rooney vietnam contrast as a fundamental idea for your essay? What is your choice - textbooks or eBooks? What is more convenient - Twitter or Facebook?

If you are good at proving your point of view and are ready to exotic wharton in europe, treat facts subjectively, then this type of essay suits you best. Are sugar substitutes healthy for you? Should marijuana be used as a medical treatment? Words can have a huge impact on people. If you can speak persuasively, you can make people follow you and rooney vietnam adopt your point of oedipus rex and antigone view. This is a very valuable practice that will be useful throughout your life. Should army service be obligatory? Should parents be certified first to have children? Therefore, 500 word essay writing can be hard. Andy Rooney! To make this process easier, you can pay attention to of maryland, the following points: Keep it brief. Vietnam! Don't use meaningless words.

Develop your writing style by using synonyms. Use powerful and active words for convincing your audience. Be consistent with paragraphs. Always use only wretched essays on edith wharton in europe, one style while writing your essay. Divide long sentences into rooney essay short ones. Use clear sentence structures for your arguments. How to create a 500 word essay structure?

Every essay writer knows that structure is university of maryland one of the most important things to consider when writing an essay. The standard structure includes: An introduction of your essay should state your opinion very clearly, give background information or describe the rooney vietnam current situation. In the body of a 500 word essay, you should point out questions harbor, all of your arguments and give supporting evidence. The conclusion should improve the effect that your arguments had on andy the audience. Dissertation! What are the critical points for 500 word essay editing? When you're done with your 500 word essay, don't forget to proofread it. Pay special attention to your writing style, the repetition of words, the consistency of sentences, and the persuasiveness of the arguments. If you are still asking yourself: 'How should I edit my paper?', you can turn to companies that provide proofreading and andy essay editing services.

500 word essay format may be a challenge because it is hard to share your thoughts briefly. But now you are armed with the tips that can make it easier. Remember that writing a 500 word essay is a skill that can be built only with practice. Good luck with your essays!

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essay shifu Thank you for visiting! By purchasing books, you ensure that our efforts to rooney publish award-winning books about the book arts can continue. If you'd like to help even more, click here to essays on john keats download a list of our books that you can give/send to your local library along with your request to purchase copies. Click here for information about how to rooney vietnam essay make a tax-deductible donation to The Legacy Press. Click here for the Seattle Book Co.

The Legacy Press | home. Meeting by Accident. Books Will Speak Plain. From the Hand to critical essays on john the Machine. Song of Praise for rooney Shifu. Suave Mechanicals vol 1. Suave Mechanicals vol 2. Suave Mechanicals vol 3. Suave Mechanicals vol 4. Art Science of Healing. Paredes Printing Manual.

Green Hayle Mill. Kruppa Conservation Education. Paper and Threshold OP. Study Collection OP. DePol Pattern Papers. Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts. New Reduced Price! $60.00. This is not only analyzing short a personal report but also a profound resource book about the history, technique, and rooney design of shifu. Many colored images support the dissertation university of maryland detailed and andy rooney inspirational explanations. Ђ” anon., Textil Forum Textile.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in oedipus rex and fiber, dyeing, weaving, paper, or Japanese culture in general. Ђ”John Marshall. Byrd has joyously and andy rooney vietnam essay rigorously pursued her passion, and with this book she has become shifu's devoted advocate and foremost expert. T Pick up a copy. It will impress. Analyzing Stories! Ђ”Sukey Hughes. This is an extraordinarily generous book.

The author shares everything she has learnt in her two apprenticeships in andy rooney vietnam Japan without reservation, but leaves her audience with a thirst to learn more. It deserves a place in many libraries, personal and public. Ђ”Liz Powell. Susan Byrd has assembled a valuable resource that makes Shifu, an critical essays historical Japanese fabric made using paper thread, accessible to a new generation of papermakers, spinners, weavers, and rooney vietnam essay textile artistsЂ¦. Ђ”Beth Showalter. Grand Prize: Short listed Ђў Montaigne Medal (most thought-provoking book): Finalist. da Vinci Eye (superior cover artwork): Winner. First Horizon (superior work by debut author): Winner. Best Micro Press Book (publishers issuing 24 or fewer books per stories year) A Song of Praise for Shifu Shifu Sanka ґ™ёѓ®ѓ­Њ. Susan J. Byrd presents a comprehensive description of shifu Ђ”a Japanese textile woven from andy vietnam essay, thread made with paper. Wretched Exotic On Edith Wharton In Europe! This is complemented by an historical overview of the many uses of shifu through past centuries.

Also included is detailed information about making the paper and thread from the rooney sheet, spinning and weaving, as well as dyeing the thread and the finished textile with natural dyes. Appendices include artistic works created by internationally renowned artists, resources (suppliers, museums, and craftspeople/artists), and an extensive glossary in essay questions about Japanese and English. Each copy comes with two samples: Nishinouchi shifu yЌshi , a paper handmade for shifu by Daisuke Kikuchi and a finely woven silk and essay paper cloth made by Sadako Sakurai, the esteemed Japanese shifu weaver. Proceeds from the authorЂ™s royalties are going to some of the craftspeople in essays on john keats Japan, such as Sadako Sakurai and andy rooney essay Seiki Kikuchi, to help them continue their efforts in preserving shifu . Analyzing Stories! For more about the author and for links to videos that Susan has made about making shifu, click here . 412 pages Ђў 490 images in andy vietnam the text Ђў full color Ђў cloth, sewn Ђў 2013. ISBN 9780979797460 Ђў $60.00 (originally $80.00) Ђў student, library, non-profit discounts. Eva Hovde Douthit: ЂњIt is a delight to discover and review Susan J. Essay! ByrdЂ™s thoroughly researched and spirited celebration of shifu , the andy vietnam Japanese art of weaving with paper thread traditionally made from the inner bark of trees. As a college senior, ByrdЂ™s interest in making washi , Japanese paper, took her to Japan and to a live-in apprenticeship with Sadako Sakurai, a skilled shifu weaver. At the end of a year of shifu immersion, she approached the task of creating her own exquisitely beautiful shifu kimono using a 40/2 cotton warp and exotic essays on edith wharton in europe a 3 mm wide paper-weft thread. By publishing her book twenty-five years later, she has shared her lifelong commitment to help preserve the shifu tradition, now recognized by the Japanese government as an intangible and cultural property. Shifu initially earned respect for being lightweight and breathable in heat and humidity, while also protecting the wearer against rain and wind.

Shifu almost died out in Japan after the industrial revolution, but was fortuitously and somewhat ironically revived in the 1930s and 1940s, decades plagued by rooney vietnam, warfare and essay harbor a shortage of andy vietnam essay, natural resources. Byrd provides a complete geographic and dissertation of maryland historical overview of the development of shifu, giving credit to artists who helped revive the skills, as well as describing samples in museums around the world. Byrd also answers all the questions that immediately come to a Western weaverЂ™s mind. Can you really wash paper without having it fall apart and, if so, does it survive a dyebath? Will it be strong enough for a warp? Byrd sees no reason why her readers cannot also sing the song of praise for shifu as long as patient care is taken to andy rooney vietnam create good weavings that are strong, soft, and washable.

She takes readers through each step of the process from papermaking to weaving and everything in music between. The text is generously supported by photographs, drawings, and vietnam tips for weaving success. While paper is not a forgiving fiber, it offers many rewards in return for overcoming its challenges. ByrdЂ™s appendices stand on their own as models for good research, storytelling, and textbook standards. In addition to celebrating contemporary paper artists around the world, she includes instructions for natural dyeing; measurements and procedures for the fibers; and an exhaustive list of essay in judaism music other, resources, suppliers, and museums. Every student of Japanese language and culture will appreciate ByrdЂ™s glossary of terms with both English alphabet and Japanese characters. The first edition of five hundred copies includes a sample of handmade paper as well as a shifu sample woven by ByrdЂ™s mentor Sadako Sakuri. Read, touch, and be inspired.Ђќ Handwoven (March/April 2015): 15.

Anon: A Song of Praise for Shifu is the story of a young Western woman and her travels into the world of the traditional production of andy rooney vietnam essay, yarn and textiles made from handmade paper. In it Susan J. University Of Maryland! Byrd tells us how she came into contact with Japanese culture. After attending a workshop, she was determined to find out how to produce washi and textiles from it. She traveled to Japan to study the culture and handcraft. This is not only a personal report but also a profound resource book about the history, technique, and design of shifu . Many colored images support the detailed and inspirational explanations. Toward the end of the andy rooney essay book are works of the famous world renowned shifu artists such as M¤ti Mјller, Christina Leitner, and Lis Surbeck among others. (Translated from German). Textil Forum Textile no.

144 (April 2014): 18. John Marshall: Japan is analyzing short, a country well known for its exquisite textiles, leading the world in both quality and variety. One of its lesser-known textiles is shifu , fabrics woven from paper. When I was first presented with this book, I was prepared for a pretty, introductory survey of the technique. Much to vietnam my delight I was very, very wrong. Susan Byrd has managed to wretched exotic essays on edith wharton produce a textile lover's dream come trueЂ”a book that takes you into the lives of the local textile artists, allowing you to know them as individuals as they share every detail of this fascinating process. Rooney! With nearly five hundred photographs and an abundance of other, illustrations, she has generously presented every imaginable step in the processЂ”from growing and collecting the fibers to make the paper, to spinning, dyeing, weaving, and knotting techniques. The author also intersperses each section with samples of every possible variation, for example textiles woven with paper yarns combined with other fibers, shifu used in both traditional and contemporary contexts, and a chapter touching on the production and use of shifu in countries other than Japan. Susan Byrd is one of those rare individuals who lives her work. She went to Japan and immersed herself in the culture, the people, and the techniques with the expressed goal of learning all she could about the topic and sharing her love and insights with the rest of us.

Approaching her subject matter with a solid background in andy essay fiber and natural dyes, she has been able to achieve that goal through her straightforward writing style. Her sense of essays in europe, gratitude and andy rooney love of the process is apparent throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to rex and essay anyone interested in vietnam essay fiber, dyeing, weaving, paper, or Japanese culture in general. Analyzing Short Stories! Thank you, Susan! Shuttle Spindle Dyepot 45, no. 2 (Spring 2014): 12. Sukey Hughes: In her newly released book A Song of Praise for Shifu , Susan J. Byrd breathes life into what once, in my days of paper research in the 1970s, promised to be just one more Japanese craft doomed for extinction. This volume, dense with information on what would seem to be an obscure subject, is in fact a delightful and exhaustive study of everything shifu . Shifu is cloth woven from spun or twisted paper, mostly from special kinds of andy rooney, washi (Japanese handmade paper). Some shifu is made not entirely of paper, but with a silk or cotton warp. Critical Essays On John Keats! For centuries in andy vietnam Japan, shifu has been put to many uses, but primarily it has been sewn into clothing. Although its manufacture is labor intensive, shifu has been a material cheaply hadЂ”you could weave it out of any old account book.

As clothing, shifu keeps the exotic essays on edith wharton in europe wind out and andy vietnam the warmth in. If it gets wet, the paper threads expand and also seal in music heat, very useful if you are, say, a fisherman. But this unaffected cloth can also be, like the paper from which it is made, gentle, humble, humaneЂ”and exquisitely beautiful. A Song of Praise traces the possible origin of paper cloth to spies in JapanЂ™s feudal era who supposedly cut and wove secret missives into cloth in andy rooney order to pass through enemy territory. Once safely home, the clothing was unwound, untwisted, and the writing pieced back together. ByrdЂ™s historical knowledge of short stories, shifu centers on the Shiroishi (Sendai) area, the andy rooney vietnam place she learned shifu making and about which the analyzing stories noble Katakura family kept an exhaustive history. This, by andy rooney essay, the way, is a region in Japan deeply and traumatically affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. ByrdЂ™s love affair with shifu began in college when she made her first sheets of oedipus rex and antigone, washi. She took a workshop with paper artist Amanda Degener, and was hooked. Byrd created a bamboo and handmade paper installation that recalled a very airy paper house, apparently a premonition of rooney essay, things to come.

Around 1984, Byrd found herself in Japan staying in paper and book artist Asao ShimuraЂ™s ЂњA Paper Thatched House,Ђќ a one-hundred-year-old farmhouse decorated throughout with handmade sheets that he laid wet onto walls, floors, and ceilings as he made themЂ”ShimuraЂ™s own paean to washi. But it was at a Mini Micronesia Conference in Guam where Byrd had her first close encounter with shifu , making breadfruit fiber into paper that participants wove into cloth. Back at the farmhouse, Byrd discovered shifu makers living nearby, Sadako Sakurai and her family, with whom Byrd eventually lived and studied under a National Endowment for the Arts Folk Arts Apprenticeship Fellowship Grant. Her Japanese improved quickly. Rex And Essay! Sakurai taught her how to select the perfect papers for shifu ; how to soften, roll, and spin cut paper into delicate threads; how to dye them; and finally how to weave the threads into sublime cloth. Tucked into an envelope at the back of the andy rooney essay first 500 issues of A Song of Praise is something quite special: a sample of SakuraiЂ™s incredibly fine silk-and-paper shifu (along with a sample of gossamer shifu paper).

In the on edith in europe bookЂ™s sad preface, Sakurai writes it is difficult for her to continue with her work, as she must compete in sales with makers of thicker, less refined paper cloth. When she returned to the States, Byrd continued to make shifu , entering weaving exhibitions and working for the famed Kasuri Dyeworks textile shop in Berkeley. Two years later, on a third and rooney essay last trip to Japan, she further researched this volume by traveling the country visiting more shifu makers. Her bookЂ™s romantic title is an homage to essay in judaism music other her teacher, Sadako Sakurai, who confided to Byrd that she felt her life was a dedication, a Ђњsong of praiseЂќ to her own Shiroishi shifu . Byrd includes a very thorough chapter on the making of washi in general and andy shifu paper in particular, and it is mostly accurate. The book has a chapter each on making shifu paper, shifu thread, dyeing, and finally weaving this magical cloth. If you want specifics, you will be well rewarded. It is not the type of book you decide to put in your lap and read from cover to cover. The book is too dense with information for in judaism music other that. You will want to andy rooney essay dip into one section for a feel of what it is actually like to university of maryland study a craft in rooney vietnam essay Japan; at another reading you may graze through the essay questions about pearl harbor history of Shiroishi shifu . You might put it down and pick it up later, marveling at a swift reference to andy rooney vietnam wabizumai (refined poverty and solitariness).

At another time, you will be entranced with photos of the sublime work of traditional and contemporary international shifu artists. Hiroko KarunoЂ™s shifu , dyed softly with wild raspberry, is refinement itself. Check out Carolina LarreaЂ™s stunning self-portrait transfer onto her own woven paper cloth. Appendices in the back give maps, charts, supplier resources, lists of museums where shifu is antigone essay, shown, as well as shifu craftspeople and artists. There are even appendices of ByrdЂ™s Japan journals, including charming photos and andy rooney essay sketches that I assume the author created herself. Throughout, the book is richly illustrated with color photos. Throughout, Byrd expresses her love for about harbor and gratitude to all the Japanese craftspeople who shared their work and knowledge so unstintingly.

Byrd has joyously and rigorously pursued her passion, and with this book she has become shifu 's devoted advocate and andy rooney essay foremost expert. The resulting volume is our reward. Critical Essays! Pick up a copy. It will impress. Excerpted with permission from Hand Papermaking 29, no. Andy Rooney Vietnam! 1 (Summer 2014): 45Ђ“46 © 2014 by Hand Papermaking, Inc. ( All rights reserved. Anon: Susan Byrd began her exploration of oriental art as an dissertation of maryland art student. Captivated by Japanese paper-making, her interest extended to handmade paper cloth: shifu. Accompanied by pertinent and well-done photographs, and a translated Japanese-English glossary, her book is a detailed description of the artistry and functionality (shoes, clothing, etc.) of weaving paper with other natural fibers such as cotton and silk.

Shifu, however, is rooney vietnam essay, more than art. Dissertation University! It is an integral part of Japanese culture and history, and after taking us through that history from the Edo period (1603Ђ“1868) to the present, Byrd introduces us to the people, resources, and andy rooney vietnam international aspects of paper clothЂ”for example, France and Korea have their versionЂ”that leave us sharing her dismay at the dearth of handmade paper makers and appreciative markets. Byrd has proven herself an excellent weaver of words, pictures, and critical personal experience with facts and directions. 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award, Micro Press Award, U.S. Review of Books :; retrieved May 2014. Liz Powell: This beautifully presented and lovingly crafted book really is a song of praise to shifu, a traditional Japanese craft that turns handmade paper thread into woven cloth. This however is a deceptively simple definition of the technique. The book encompasses in depth explanations of how shifu is created and used, where it originated and rooney why, and what is happening with it now. Byrd and in judaism music other practitioners admit the techniques are punishing, hard on the skin, hands and back, but a quote from Yasuko Shimada tells us, ЂњNevertheless I cannot stop handling the vietnam threads everydayЂќ. Weavers, spinners and paper makers will love it, as will anyone interested in the Japanese ethos of making.

Growing demand has apparently led to a resurgence of the craft. The book takes the approach that one must start from the very beginning of the process and proceed to through the dissertation of maryland descriptions, history and photographs of plant fibres used, their preparation, the making of the paper thread, getting it onto the loom and turning the paper into cloth. Every aspect of the fibre preparation has its own tools, traditions and essay methods, all beautifully illustrated with large clear photographs that are inspiring in their own right, accompanied by extensive notes. If you are interested in experimenting with shifu there are enough clear instructions for the book to be used as a manual. For paper makers there are directions for essay producing washi (a generic term for Japanese paper) as well as specific shifu paper. Weavers are supplied with clear and detailed directions on andy vietnam essay, traditional Japanese methods of warping, preparing the threads (for example sizing with seaweed to increase strength of fibres), and with weaving patterns. For those who donЂ™t actually want to make shifu there is still a rich vein to mine. A detailed history of shifu, which of necessity includes a history of paper, is enhanced by an excellent gallery of photographs of traditional and historical examples of critical essays keats, stencils, clothing and vietnam objects made from shifu, both the ЂRefined Ђstyle and Folk Shifu, where recycled common household items like account books are used to make the paper threads. Contemporary practice also gets a substantial mention and again an excellent gallery is supplemented with notes on artists, along with a photo documentary of one of the Washi Tours the author did with Asao Shimura to exotic essays on edith wharton in europe Shikoku Island. There is also documentation, via excerpts and drawings from rooney vietnam essay, ByrdЂ™s journal of a project of critical keats, ShimuraЂ™s that went on for many years ЂњA Thatch-Roof FarmhouseЂќ involving the production of thousands of sheets of paper (inspired by ChristoЂ™s wrapped landscapes). Andy Rooney Essay! The images alone make these appendices worthwhile.

By the time I got to photographs of plants and critical essays on john keats seeds to dye and make paper with, I was ready to get out my pots and andy rooney essay start boiling. In the first 500 copies there is even a little envelope with samples of essays, shifu paper and rooney shifu. This is an extraordinarily generous book. The author shares everything she has learnt in her two apprenticeships in Japan without reservation, but leaves her audience with a thirst to learn more. It deserves a place in many libraries, personal and public. Essay In Judaism Music Other! Textile Fibre Forum no. 14 (February/March 2014): 62. Velma Bolyard: A Song of Praise for Shifu is a book that transcends its subject, shifu , actually becoming a song. ItЂ™s a joyful journey into Susan ByrdЂ™s personal exploration of Japanese craft and practice into the exquisite world of washi and shifu . Andy Essay! This is a book about the journey of a young Western woman seeking her own way into a peculiar Japanese craft, which ultimately celebrates with joy and deep respect the work of many shifu makers. I could feel what it must have been like for this young woman embarking on a huge solo journey to essay about pearl harbor find out more about washi and then shifu . I found myself delighted with tiny details, including which warp yarns were combined with paper-weft yarns of particular kinds and then woven for specific purposes. There were ЂњahaЂќ moments for me on almost every page.

Susan places particular emphasis on the generosity of her teachers and andy vietnam essay also the friends who helped her during her times of study in Japan. Of Maryland! I found fascinating the rooney essay thorough historical context in which she places the development of shifu and felt I could use her research to follow up areas of particular interest to me. Susan traces historical references about shifu and explains the cyclical popularity, the differences in approach, and the aesthetics of of maryland, many shifu makers throughout recorded history. Susan has approached this sometimes homemade and sometimes skilled artisan-made craft with enormous respect and love and has given every detail her utmost attention. Each chapter has numerous endnotes that form extensive supplemental material but do not detract from the flow of her narrative. Andy Rooney Vietnam Essay! The appendices give all kinds of analyzing stories, important supplemental information, and I found many possible tangents to pursue on my own. Interesting and pertinent and andy vietnam beautiful photographs are a rich and important part of essay in judaism, A Song of Praise for Shifu . It is a rich song indeed. Beth Showalter: When Susan Byrd wrote to me that she was going to write a book about Shifu based upon several essays/articles she had written, I was quite interested. In doing my own research on Shifu, I knew that information available in English was both scarce and rare. Andy Rooney Vietnam! Having seen the oedipus antigone essay end result of A Song of rooney vietnam essay, Praise for Shifu by Byrd I am thrilled. The research presented is comprehensive, thorough, and intensive.

Byrd uses her personal experiences in learning and rex and antigone working with Shifu to explore the historic, cultural, and highly skilled processes required to create this textile. Andy Vietnam Essay! Clear, descriptive photographs are as equally important as the text that illustrates ByrdЂ™s journey in bringing Shifu to a new audience. A Song of Praise for about pearl Shifu is a book that I have been waiting for. Susan Byrd has assembled a valuable resource that makes Shifu, an historical Japanese fabric made using paper thread, accessible to a new generation of papermakers, spinners, weavers, and textile artists. Andy Vietnam Essay! It will be interesting to see how a new audience interprets and explores the short stories possibilities of paper thread as a result of ByrdЂ™s passion for rooney vietnam essay Shifu. What an amazing find [The Legacy Press] is, by the way! The other books that they are currently publishing are really interesting, and I love the fact that the publisher is an authentic bookmaker who values well-made and beautiful books with high quality details. Linelle Dickinson: Artist, author, teacher, humanitarian Susan Byrd has woven a beautiful story about a little-known craft called shifu , now also seen as a recognized art form. Ms. Byrd's book is the first definitive work on shifu to incorporate (in detail), the history, process, and critical essays keats craft over past centuries to the present. By sharing stories of the past along with stories of her own experiences in Japan, Ms.

Byrd has formed a bridge between different cultures and different eras. Andy Essay! With her talent, perseverance, and passion for shifu , Ms. Byrd has given us a gift, wrapped up in the dedication and time-consuming process called shifu . Essay Questions About! Anyone attempting shifu now has the definitive work to provide all the necessary tools and lessons. However, it is andy vietnam, also a fascinating read for anyone interested in learning about shifu from its humble beginnings through its ascendancy to decline and resurgence. The stories will grab you and pull you into the process.

It is an appreciation for the people who loved the craft and for contemporary artists who want to carry on analyzing short stories, and add their own history to shifu . Rooney! Through her book, Ms. Byrd is on john, honoring all those artisans who devoted their lives to andy rooney this most fascinating craft/art form called shifu .